Aubrey vs Meek Mill?

I’m pretty sure this beef is over the fact that Nicki Minaj gave up the goodies to Aubrey after he completely “simped” on the first verse of “Miss Me.” Remember?

I love Nicki Minaj
I told her I’d admit it
I hope one day we get married just to say we f—ing did it
And girl I’m f—ing serious I’m with it if you with it
Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted
Uh, damn, I think you caught me in a moment

Meek Mill decided to spawn off the fact that Aubrey uses ghostwriters, or has a ghostwriter. His series of tweets last night formed me to ponder some thoughts on Twitter because Facebook will find out about this 10 days from now. Personally, I find it funny that people are taking sides here and defending Aubrey and Meek Mill  like both of them are gonna show gratitude towards them for doing so. The crazy thing about the ghostwriter allegation is that they did songs together earlier. I hate to be the person to say this, but just because Meek yells in his raps doesn’t mean that maybe he could be… you know… wrong.

Now, now. I’m not picking sides to this. I do think Aubrey is a far better artist than Meek. Clearly, that’s never been in doubt. Plus, I quote Aubrey all the time and #DraftDay is possibly up there as one of my favorite songs of all-time. It does beg the question: Should we care that Aubrey got accused of this?

I’m confused on the spectrum to why Meek Mill chose a Tuesday in July to decide to tweet about Aubrey Graham. Was it because his Album dropped a couple of weeks ago, and the sales weren’t great? Was it because Aubrey didn’t tweet out the album? Was it because Nicki had beef earlier in the day with Taylor Swift on Twitter over the VMAs?

These are life’s unsolved mysteries. Maybe he (Aubrey) will actually respond to this quickly instead of waiting 2 months to finally come back and say something witty in a song titled 3 AM in Philly, which would make people like me say that he didn’t really write the verse because trolling is so fun.

Whatever happens at the end of this to the people who actually care, the entertainment is amazing. Please, keep it going.

Kanye and Wayne are the same?

This is so contradicting in so many ways

I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t really much about music other than I can tell you what’s pretty good, and what’s pretty bad. In fact, my music opinions can sit and cause riots because folks think I’m completely crazy. On Twitter, since I was born in the early 1990s, my musical opinions don’t really matter. But this is my blog, therefore my opinion will ALWAYS matter, and yours will too. The picture at the beginning of this blog saddens me. It really does. I never thought it’d come to this point in my life where I’d have to dismiss both of these artists completely from my life. Before I say why, let me give you background information.

See that guy on the left? Kanye West used to be one of my favorite rappers ever. I remember when I first heard The College Dropout. 6th grade seems like a long time ago, but that album had something that was different than any other album that I’ve ever heard. At the time, I didn’t really know who Kanye was, but I loved his lyrical flow and the production. His album was different than any other album that dropped, and I instantly became a fan. My 2nd favorite song that Ye dropped ever in his career is “Family Business.” That song is a ghetto version of my family, and it’s crazy to listen to.  Then around Summer 2005, West dropped his best album IMO, Late Registration. Late Registration was a classic, and it’s crazy how we all listened to it at lunch, after school, before basketball practice, and even just walking home. Kanye was on top. According to some, he still is. But it’s not the same.  West dropped his best album in 2005, and to me, he hasn’t been the same on the rest of his albums.

I was once a fan of Lil Wayne. No seriously. I was. Back around the Carter II which came out while I was in 7th grade, dropped, one of my best friends Adam Contreras was rapping a song that was unknown to me. That song was Fireman. I became a big Wayne fan. In fact, one of my favorite songs of all-time is a Wayne song. Wayne at one point to me was probably my favorite rapper.  But, weirdly, after Wayne dropped the Carter III, I kinda didn’t know what to expect from him anymore. I felt slightly betrayed that his album, which was dope production wise, lacked lyrical content.

These two guys, who were at the top of their careers seem to lack the drive that they had once before they were mainstream. Once mainstream, both of these guys went… crazy. When I listen to Lil Wayne rap now, my ears bleed. When I hear Kanye West rap now, I want to donate my ears to a deaf person and never hear anything ever again. Wanna know why? Because these two artists, who come from different backgrounds are the same damn person.

That’s not a typo.

Kanye West and Dwayne Carter are past their primes when it comes to rappers. I always get in debates (I try to avoid them because nobody wins) because I say both of these guys aren’t that good as what they used to be.  Kanye West and Lil Wayne hold these “rants” because for the first time in their life, they aren’t the main attention when it comes to music. Both of them used to be “The Man” on their respective labels, but now attention has shifted to various artists. Big Sean (Like him or not), and Pusha T are probably getting more attention than West, while Drake has taken all the attention away from Wayne. It’s quite simple and obvious. Both of these artists act the way they do for attention, and it’s pathetic. The music that both artists put out are laced with horrible bars, great production, and sadly, they are the same in the way they conduct themselves in public.

Here’s one example on how they are similar.

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NBA 2k13 might have the best soundtrack ever.


A couple of days ago, I wrote about how NBA 2k13 was gonna have the ultimate Don, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter featured in some way on the hit video game.

Now, it’s confirmed that Hov picked out the soundtrack.

• The Hours: “All in the Jungle”
• Too Short: “Blow the Whistle” (Main)
• Eric B. and Rakim: “I Ain’t No Joke”
• Phoenix: “1901”
• Jay-Z: “Pump it Up” (Freestyle)
• Puff Daddy and the Family: “Victory” (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes)
• Daft Punk: “Around the World” (Radio Edit)
• Santigold: “Shove It” (feat. Spank Rock)
• Kanye West: “Amazing”
• Jay-Z: “Run This Town”
• The Dirty Projectors: “Stillness in the Move”
• Nas: “The World is Yours”
• Coldplay: “Viva La Vida”
• Roy Ayers: “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby”
• Justice: “Stress”
• Jay-Z: “The Bounce”
• Kanye West: “We Major” (feat. Nas & Really Doe)
• Mobb Deep: “Shook Ones, Pt. II”
• Meek Mill: “Ima Boss” (Instrumental)
• Kanye West: “Mercy” (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz)
• U2: “Elevation”
• Jay-Z: “On to the Next One”
• Jay-Z: “Public Service Announcement”
• Jay-Z: “H.A.M.” (Instrumental)

Yes, I understand that most of these tracks will be edited.

But, this is a concert on a video game.

Not only will I buy NBA 2k13, I’ll end up not even playing 2k13 and just listen to this soundtrack.