….. Ouch, America.

This is a fore warning. If you’re gonna feel offended by this, i suggest you don’t read. Actually, no. I think you should read this. Maybe you’ll at least attempt to understand where I’m coming from.

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So about the shooting in South Carolina….

I had a blog coming today about it and my thoughts surrounding it.

However, Jon Stewart well…… he covered it all.

I’ll just add this;

This is a serious issue in America. We’re so focused on overseas with ISIS and Al Queda because sadly, we’re too afraid to talk about the issues that have plagued this country for over 100+ years. It breaks my heart to see 9 black people, 9 innocent black people killed in a Church because they were too nice to keep a simple minded, racist little white man out.

This isn’t about mental illness. Don’t feed into the narratives. This was an act of terror. A hate crime. ¬†An act of fear to scare black people not in that community, but possibly across the country. Who knows. It’s a shame that in 2015, the American government is so worried about overseas and their “terrorists,” that they can’t protect the terrorists within this own country.

But that’s it. I’ll get back to the jokes soon. I hope. I promise.