Come on, Pat Haden


Let me get this out the way. I hate Steve Sarkisian. I hated him at USC when he was calling plays with Lane Kiffin. I hated him even more when he was calling the offensive plays by himself. In fact, you know the game that made me hate him more than a person should hate someone? Oregon State in 2008. USC’s offense looked like it’s never played football in the first half. Then, all of the sudden, Sark actually let Mark Sanchez (Pre butt fumble) throw the ball around to get back in the game, then went back to that conservative gameplan. When Sark took an interview and got the UW job in late 2008, I was HYPED and said, “I’ll never have to deal with this dude ever again at USC.”

5 years later, and now I probably have to deal with this dude. Steve Sarkisian is a bad hire. Awful hire for USC. I don’t care like, how people want to spin it. He couldn’t win at Washington. He had his best team in years, and what did he do with his own players? Win 8 games. I get how the Pac-12 North is tough. I get how UW had to rebuild from a program that was 0-12, but you know what? UW has NFL players on its roster, and he recruited better than most. But Sark was being talked about being fired if they didn’t get over the 7 win hump. He wins 8 games and suddenly, he’s a “USC” type of coach? Lol, Pat Haden what?

Oh, that’s just Lane Kiffin and Sark together

Lane Kiffin is thing 1. Hired by former AD Mike Garrett because he wanted to keep recruits at USC, and came off a 7 win season at Tennessee. Steve Sarkisian is thing 2. Hired by Haden after a 8 win season and probably to keep recruits after USC got embarrassed by UCLA on Saturday night. Kiffin and Sark are similar in so many ways except Sark is “likable” by the national media more than Kiffin (for now). I’m trying to figure out what Pat Haden saw in Sarkisian. Was it his wife? Was it the fact that he had USC ties? Was it because UW somewhat improved even though he’s an average coach and not a motivator? What was it? How is this…….. good for the USC program? When Kevin Sumlin took his name out of the race, did Haden really panic? Or when Chris Petersen took his name out, did he just say, “well you know what, Sark really wants it, let’s just give it to him?” Why not let Coach O just test drive the program since the Coli looked like it was back in the Carroll days?

It’s as simple as this:

Pat Haden, like why, dude? Did you fall asleep at the wheel? Not only did you hire Sark, Coach O is gone forever and was “outraged” that he couldn’t get an opportunity, and honestly, even though USC lost to UCLA and was flat as hell during that game, Orgeron won 6 games in conference in a season. Sark didn’t do that at UW in the 5 years he was there. If you didn’t want to hire Coach O, fine. I get that. But Sark? Lol Sark?

I thought we were homies,  Mr. Haden. After this, I gotta play Nothing Was the Same because this is embarrassing.  I feel personally offended that Sark was hired at my favorite team to the point where I don’t even know if I want to be a fan anymore(I’ll probably be a fan but this stinks, man). That’s how real it is. This is a hurtful day in the Shaun Howard life. I don’t deserve this, God. All I wanted was to get out of the Pete Carroll era, and sadly, we’ll never do that. This could have been anybody other than Sark. James Franklin (Not the Mizzou QB) was a better option. Jack Del Rio was a better option. Instead, Haden hires another Kiffin type probably to save recruits. Like, go back to calling Notre Dame games, Haden. Our friendship is ~over~ (I sounded like a teenage girl with that. Blame iTunes, bruh).

Hopefully it works out and I hope I’m wrong. But this looks like RIP to the USC Program for little bit longer than we all expected. So thanks a lot Pat Haden!

USC could have done so much better but instead, it’s gonna be so bad for the next 3-5 years. We’re just going in the direction Notre Dame did.  *sigh*

Fight on, but…….. yeah. College bball blog tomorrow.

Wait, Sark is the next USC coach?

Pat Haden,

Are you…… kidding me?

I can’t even like,

focus to write about this.

But, here’s my reaction when I saw the news.

Where do we go from here, USC?

“trips right bubble screen” 

Psst. USC. Psst. Lane Kiffin.  Psst. Pat Haden.

Being a USC fan for the majority of my life, I can say that I’ve been spoiled. Spoiled of watching great players put on the cardinal and gold, and actually having a head coach who was competent of putting together a decent gameplan, and not being afraid of just playing football and having fun.

When I watch USC now, I get none of that. The sideline isn’t animated. The coach just stands there with his playcard and reads it like it’s a restaurant menu. The games are so boring, I even find myself dozing off. I don’t get it. What the hell happened to us, USC? What happened from 2010 to now, Kiff? Was Matt Barkley THAT big of a difference for you?

Lane Kiffin was quoted as being an “offensive mastermind” that throws the ball down the field, and is aggressive. That’s not Lane Kiffin now. Lane Kiffin now is a guy who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Watching USC games now and watching his idea of an offense is like watching the Two Girls and One Cup video. Disgusting. Ugly. Pathetic. People act like we as USC fans should WANT to make excuses for Kiffin to get his head out of his butt. The two excuses that make me laugh are “well, we’re still down 10 scholarships, we have no depth in certain areas” and “These guys don’t have game experience, he’s just trying to ease them in.”


Do you realize that when you make an excuse for Lane Kiffin, a small child in Africa dies a slow and painful death due to starvation? Yeah, USC is still on probation and that’s up after next season. But my goodness, 7 points on one of the worst teams in college football? Then that whole, “ease in the quarterback” talk…….. Do people believe that? Do you really believe that the sanctions are preventing USC to score more than 7 points? Do you really believe the sanctions are preventing USC to actually look like a College Football team? Let’s just save ourselves here.

Lane Kiffin is one of the worst coaches in College Football.  In fact, it’s gotten so bad that the crowd that stayed to see USC lose in the most embarrassing way chanted “Fire Kiffin” so loud that I heard it on my grandparents TV and I started chanting it too.

Listen, I used to like Kiffin after that whole 2011 season. In fact, I defended Kiffin twice last year on this blog, but now? Nothing has changed with his playcalling, and him. It’s all drama all the time, and it’s embarrassing. Kiffin took a team with pretty good talent last year and had them lose 6 games, and had them look dead in a bowl game where he pretty much proved how much of a joke he was. Pat Haden, I’m SURE you remember that.

Kiffin told reporters that he was going to close practices because that’s what the other top programs in the country do. They close practices. Well guess what, good white brother? Fine. Close practices, but when we see the games, it makes everyone wonder, “what does this team work on? Do all they do is work on perfecting the bubble screen?” Closing practices is one thing. Closing practices to hide… what? This is USC 2013. Everyone knows how to prepare for bubble screens and running back dives.

Kiffin then said that he “didn’t” know who the starting quarterback was, and that both guys would “play” in the first two games of the season (He finally picked one in Cody Kessler an hour ago, which should have been named back in August for his morale). Then last week, he said that he “told” the team who was going to be the starting quarterback, but he wouldn’t tell the media because he didn’t want the story to be on them. Guess what, Kiffin? THEY PLAY AT USC! THE STORY WILL ALWAYS BE ON THEM, YOU IDIOT!!!!!

At the time, people thought this was a brilliant idea. Me? I sat in confusion. Lane Kiffin, this “offensive mastermind” was creating another sense of drama that wasn’t needed. If he says to the media, “this is my starting quarterback” instead of playing these stupid Jedi mind tricks on everyone, including your team.


Now here’s the aftermath of this. Kessler started the game on Saturday night against Washington State, but the “offensive mastermind” decided to play the game on the “safe” side because the defense was playing out of their minds. Fine. But guess what? Playing it safe to 7 points? 54 yards passing between 2 quarterbacks? USC has gone from an elite program to a joke in the span of two seasons.  USC has Marqise Lee, arguably the best receiver in the country, and he has 7 catches for 27 yards against one of the worst secondaries in College Football. People are like, “Well Kessler threw a pick 6.” He threw a pick 6 because the WSU DB knew a slant was coming because it was so predictable.

Psst. Lane.

I was going to give this guy another chance. I was. I thought things were going to change after that disastrous Sun Bowl. But sadly, once again, I was wrong.  Kiffin has failed to develop both quarterbacks, and probably has ruined their confidence all in a nutshell because he lacks the confidence in both of them to call plays that allow both guys to show that they can throw the ball down the field. People say that football is a “team” game. Yeah, it is. And the team lost on Saturday night. But guess what? When a defense holds a team to just 3 points, you should expect to win every time.

It’s gotten to the point in my head that USC could win out (Not happening by the way, they’ll lose at least 5 more), and I’d still want him out. Something has to change. People say that “you don’t know football if you’re blaming Kiffin for this, he’s a scapegoat.” Well I guess I don’t know football because when I look at USC now, I see a program that’s about to suffer even more because their coach simply is clueless when it comes to football, and clueless when it comes to calling plays.

So Pat Haden, are you listening to your boosters? Did you hear the student section chant how they want him gone? Where do we go from here? Do we go from bad football to worse football? Are we gonna see more games of a quarterback throwing 20 bubble screens?

When I watch other teams on Saturdays, I see these true freshman quarterbacks throw the ball and have confidence, and it makes me wonder, “Why can’t USC do that?” Kiffin has two redshirt sophomores, who’ve sat and waited their time, but he doesn’t have any type of confidence in them. So guess what? Kiffin not only lost me as a supporter and trying to right the ship, he’s lost all hopes I’ve had of him actually getting his act together.

#FireKiffin #FightOn #LetsScoreMoreThan7PointsOnSaturdayCluelessKiffin

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