Carolina/Duke could be another classic on Saturday

Before I even get started on this blog, I feel the need to get this off my chest about my personal feelings about Duke University in the most bias way possible. If you’re a duke fan, don’t get all pissy and upset what I’m about to say. If you’re in my family, I know you’re overreact hence why I’m going to say this simple fact about Duke.  If you know me personally, you’ll know I say this at least 15 times a year because to me, it’s the only way I can state my feelings about them.

Fuck Duke University. Fuck their floor slapping. Fuck their charges. Fuck Coach K (In all seriousness, I actually like K when he’s not coaching against Carolina), and most importantly, Fuck those nerds who jump and yell they call the Cameron Crazies. You know what’s funny about Duke? Well for one, they lost to Lehigh in the tournament last year. I know, I know Duke fans. You lost. But it’s still pretty funny that one of the most successful programs of all-time loses to a team that NOBODY heard of. If anything, you made them famous. Besides, Carolina lost to Weber State in 1999 in Seattle (I still get sick thinking about this game because it happened in my own backyard). It happens. Stop your whining and deal with the jokes.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that whenever a Duke player makes a great play, they always seem to hug each other. Most teams chest bump, but at Duke, it’s more favorable to give a hug. If these players were hugging each other after winning, say the ACC Tournament, or winning the National Title, I’d understand it. But over one great play? That’s why folks invented the chest bump, fellas.

You’re better than that, K

The funny thing about my Duke slander is that it’s not really “slander.” About 85% of Duke fans that I know are actually dope and it’s a back and forth trash talk. In fact, my cousin Chauntelle is a Duke fan and we talk about Duke all the time (Well not all the time. But you get the picture). She knows how I feel about them, but at the same time, I don’t mind Duke winning games but that being said, I’m not saying I want them to prosper ever, because I don’t. But at the same time, I don’t really sit and root against them unless it happens to help Carolina out (See Duke’s loss against Virginia). Most people hate Duke because they win. I hate Duke because it’s a natural feeling coming because my team is their rival.

If you think about it, Duke has helped college basketball but ruined the way they play a bit.  Why do I say this? It has nothing to do with them winning. It has everything with the charge circle that was implemented in the college game a couple of years ago. Duke players used to sit and take charges underneath the basket. See: Greg Paulus.


Now that I’ve gotten that mini rant out the way, let’s talk about this game on Saturday.

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Very late but………..

Carolina got their ass ran over last night.

Jesus christ, this was just terrible all around.

Weird thing is, I figured it happened.

Indiana right now is the best team in land. Cody Zeller is a beast. Athletic unlike his brother, but he runs the floor just like Tyler. It’s incredible how much his game is so polished. If he’s not a top 5 pick in June, I’d be very very shocked. The two guys that I love on Indiana are Victor Oladipo, and Jordan Hulls. Honestly, for IU to reach their ceiling, these two guys have to bring it every night, and tonight they did. Hulls is that pure white boy point guard who plays hard, shoots well enough, and is a leader. Everyone looks at Zeller as the guy, but if you stop Hulls, you can beat IU. If Hulls gets loose and hits a three or two, IU will easily roll.

Carolina right now is young, and taking bumps early. A lot of them. Reggie Bullock seemed like he didn’t want to join the party tonight. James Michael Mcadoo played soft. Dexter Strickland has to stop shooting jumpshots. The funny thing is, I don’t think this loss was that bad as people will make it. Indiana did stretch this game out as we all expected, but Carolina couldn’t hit good, wide open shots in the 2nd half, while Indiana, playing at home did.

I’m not too concerned about the rankings because it’s November, but if Carolina gets whipped like that in ACC Play (Carolina’s non-conference schedule is fairly easy with the exception of UNLV, but that’s in the Dean Dome), I’ll start to get concerned.

Pre-Thanksgiving recap:


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The best time of the year due to football, basketball, and food. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday (besides my birthday) because of the combination of all three of these things. As a hooper at heart, I can tell you that this week has been excellent. Well sort of.

I said last week that Carolina would lose in Maui on my facebook during the whole “fake outrage” stuff about what I said about Kentucky fans, which wasn’t even the point of my blog at all about Coach Cal and having his cop out for calling out Duke for flopping. But yes, Carolina lost in Maui, and well it wasn’t just a loss. They were embarrassed for about 27 minutes of his ballgame. I’m still stunned how Butler embarrassed my heels like that.


Butler was up 29 points at one point. 29. That’s not a typo, that’s a fact. I mean, credit Carolina for getting this down to 6 with like 1:30 left in the game, but you can’t go down 29 points in a game. You can’t start off a game flat, bored, and assuming a team will lay down for you because of what it says on the front of your jersey (I feel like I’ve written this so many times this year about the USC Trojans. Why won’t these teams come out of a game with effort, intensity, and be great for once? Let me relax before I become THAT fan that I’m not). Butler, granted is a great team with a great coach, but they weren’t 29 points better than Carolina. Their gameplan was excellent: be physical, make Carolina guard, and cut off the lane. As good as Carolina shoots from deep, you have to figure they won’t shoot well all the time. Pick your poison with them. Carolina’s best player James Michael McAdoo (JMM for short) played terrible. McAdoo seemed frustrated early, and just lost at times.  Reggie Bullock seemed passive, which isn’t good. Marcus Paige got tired quickly. Dexter Strickland is shooting too many jumpers, which is NOT his game, and Coach Roy gotta start the big boy in the middle in Joel James.  The silver lining is that this team fought back. It’s not like last year where most of them laid down and quit at Florida State. It started with PJ Hairston, who has seemly found himself this season. Hairston can hoop, and now I think he’s confident in himself now because he’s hitting jump shots. It started with defense, led by Brice Johnson, Leslie McDonald, and Hairston. It also started with them finally waking up and realizing that they are down 29 points. Hopefully these guys and coach Williams learn a valuable lesson: come with energy, and focus to begin the game, not in the last 13 minutes.

Notre Dame/USC this weekend. Notre Dame is #1 in the country and USC is unranked. If you had this back in August, I salute you. I figured Notre Dame would be good, but I didn’t figure this good. Freshman quarterback, great defense led by Manti Teo, and a coaching staff that has this program being relevant again. USC on the other hand………………..


Like I said on Saturday, this USC team is NOT a four loss team. If they lose this weekend, they aren’t even a five loss team. Coaching has been hilarious this season, and on Saturday, I’m curious to see what Kiffin will do. I have a lot of faith in Max Wittek though. A lot of faith. Max is 6’4, 245, and has a stronger arm than the homie of the blog, Matt Barkley. Put it like this, Max said this on ESPN Radio yesterday:

If he wants to air it out, let’s air it out,” Wittek said of Kiffin. “If he wants to pound it on the ground, let’s do that. I’m gonna go out there, I’m gonna play within myself, within the system, and we’re gonna win this ballgame.

Max Wittek has confidence, and I love it. Love love it. Wittek has nothing to lose, and is confident in himself, and this team. I expect Wittek to have a decent game, and having guys like Robert Woods and Marqise Lee should help out the cause. Notre Dame fans, here’s something you need to see:

Don’t let Max Wittek beat you. Please Notre Dame, don’t let it happen or you’ll be made fun of forever in this rivalry. You’re #1 in the land. Max’s first start. Don’t let Maxwell Wittek beat you down in the Coli. DONT LET IT HAPPEN.

Something random, some guy named Jack Taylor scored 138 points on 102 shots and 71 shots from three.

Yeah….. we aren’t celebrating that here.

Have a great thanksgiving, everyone.



Andrew Bynum……………………. and other things.

Bro.. lmaoooooo

Andrew Bynum got traded from the Los Angeles Lakers and well…………. yeah. Let’s just say that Andrew doesn’t really care about life anymore. Sad, isn’t it? That Andrew Bynum doesn’t really care about life no more. Bynum is supposed to be out 5 more weeks, but the way his knees are, he might be out longer. Like Greg Oden style. Mitch Kupchak, thank you for stealing #TheWhite Howard. The Lakers could have this problem child on their roster, and imagine the storylines if he was. Last year was bad enough when Andrew Bynum said “YOLO” and shot a three pointer. It was also bad how he was laughing after losing game 2 in the Western Conference Semis. It was bad when he said closeout games were easy, then proceeded to shoot a decent 5-8 from the field, and having 16 points, but having failure to play defense on Javele McGee in crunch time. Amazing. We’re very lucky here, Laker fans. As bad as most of you are, you have to admit that Andrew Bynum and his “potential” is basically gone. Be happy we got it in his last year in LA. As for Sixer fans……….


Carolina basketball is tonight, and I think I’m gonna do a time lapse blog on the game. I have to finish up some last minute homework, but it should be over by tonight (8 PM tip out west). Carolina has issues. Marcus Paige, who’s a freshman point guard isn’t ready to score yet. (He’s better than people think, and better than a team who’s in the top..  let me chill before folks get uneasy). Lack of shooting from the wings, and undersized. But, James Michael McAdoo is ballin out of his mind right now, which I expect. Carolina’s defense hasn’t been bad this year. In fact, it’s been good enough right now even though they haven’t played anyone.


Do I think Carolina will lose? I don’t think so, but it’ll be close. Paige’s first road game comes at a good time because it’s early in the season (and with trips to Indiana, and other ACC venues, this is good), and it’s a measuring stick game to see what type of team Carolina has this year.  Long Beach State only scored 44 points on USC, and USC is decent at hoops, they don’t have the type of athletes that Carolina has. We’ll see though. Should be interesting.

Speaking of USC. Big game tomorrow. They PLAY for the bell tomorrow against UCLA in a game that means the direction USC football could head in the next 2-3 years. If USC wins this game, it’ll save their season which has been somewhat of a disappointment. I mean, Marqise Lee has established himself as the best player in college football but, there are some bad things too. The homie Matt Barkley has played average, which isn’t a knock to him, but he’s made throws this season that he hasn’t made since his freshman year. Lane Kiffin phased out Robert Woods, which pisses me off (#FreeRobertWoods) than his X’s and O’s this year. Kiffin is the dude. He did go 10-2 last year, but this team is better than its 7-3 record, and even he knows that. The defense, which ended the season last year ballin’, has been very average this year, a sign that Monte Kiffin needs to retire and USC needs a new scheme.

If USC loses to UCLA tomorrow afternoon, a lot of things will change in the USC Program. Yeah, the sanctions are gonna be there for another couple of years, but still. I’m not saying the younger Kiffin needs to be let go (two losses were on him), but at least think about changing the scheme on defense. If USC loses tomorrow, their run of dominance is over in the city is over. I mean, face it USC fans: With the scholarship reductions and sanctions, it’ll be a tough hill to climb for SC if they lose, and possibly get some recruits next year in the area.

Enjoy the weekend slate of football and basketball everyone.

I know I will.