We get it, LaVar.

This is the only time I’ll address this because I don’t like giving attention to people who aren’t worthy of giving my attention to which is why on Facebook at least, I don’t start these wars about the Twitter eggs who are in federal office (OOF).

The LaVar Ball train has now peaked. It probably peaked last month. Or maybe two months ago. I don’t know. At first, I was cool with LaVar. To some degree, I still am. I’m cool with a father instilling confidence in all of his kids to be the best of their ability, although I would think his style and methods in doing so are unconventional. I can’t relate to how Lonzo and the other two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo feel about it so I’ll try not to.

Creating your own brand and attempting to do things differently is great. If I had the time, the resources, and the money to do so, I would do it myself.  I support anyone going out there and dreaming about taking on any of the major companies to “change the culture,” as Lonzo Ball himself said in the video yesterday.

Initially, I was gonna write about LaVar Ball and his family this week because I saw a headline about how Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour each turned down an offer to endorse Lonzo, ala sign him to a contract that would allow him to have millions before he signs his first rookie deal this summer. I was gonna write about how ridiculous and stupid LaVar (or the Ball family for that matter) was for trying to make his brand, the Big Baller Brand incorporate with one of those three companies. Then yesterday happened.

I said above that I’m all for creating opportunities, and pushing things forward and being your own entrepreneur. That’s how Nike and Under Armour were created. This… I don’t think this is it, man.

lonzo ball shoes
these look like my Kobe 10s I got for $80 at the Nike outlet

Is the shoe terrible looking? It really isn’t honestly. It’s an off-brand version of the Kobe 10s. It also looks better than the shoes that Stephen Curry wears so, BBB has done something right here. However, the price? $495 for that? That’s not changing the culture. Your brand is not that important to charge a shoe that much.

In the group chat I have with a set of homies, Micah, Shaad, and Kyle, we roasted these shoes for a good bit. Then we realized the fact that we don’t have the slightest clue on who is making their shoes, if the shoe is even comfortable to wear at that price, and the technology on the shoe. It’s just here in the public eye to be laughed at.

This shoe created a stir on my Twitter timeline from people creating memes from the photo above to others defending the price of the shoe stating how regardless, we need to support because we’d buy a pair of Nike basketball shoes at that price. That “it’s okay” for Lonzo to have his own shoe because other athletes, such as Lebron James, and Michael Jordan did.

I rolled my eyes at that. I can’t speak on Jordan because I wasn’t alive and wasn’t thought about in 84,  but I’d bet that lots of people figured he’d be a great NBA player considering he was a known commodity as he left Carolina as a national champion, 2-time All-American, and was the National Player of the Year as a Junior. Nike itself signed him when they were known but still small. We knew of Lebron James since 2002-03 because ESPN showed his High School games and they were glorious.

The last time we saw Lonzo Ball play a basketball game, De’Aaron Fox had Lonzo doing the electric slide on route to a 39 pt game and a Kentucky win over UCLA in the sweet 16. Yes, Lonzo was a player of the year candidate and a 1st team All-American in his lone season at UCLA but he wasn’t on their level as a player.

Also, I’m pretty sure Nike and even Jordan Brand for that matter haven’t charged close to $500 for a pair of basketball shoes, but I digress.

LaVar then tweeted (I didn’t know he had a twitter account) this:


I… I…. yeah. If I buy a pair of shoes for $495, I better be hooping like I’m related to Jesus.




This is where we’re at now. We’re at a point where LaVar took advantage of how the media because of their desire to see the “most ridiculous quotes” and giving that media attention all day. Is it LaVar’s fault that programs such as First Take and Undisputed had him & Lonzo on the air three days after UCLA got bounced in the NCAA Tournament? Absolutely not. Lonzo’s the biggest name in the NBA Draft (I personally don’t even think he’s even close to the best player in the draft). Not because of his play but because of how he’s received media attention.

There was a point where LaVar was on ESPN’s SportsNation every single day for one week in April. That’s not on them. That’s on us for giving his pops all the attention, thus taking it away from Lonzo, the athlete.

I’m not knocking the ideas. I think it’s cool to see something different. However, LaVar could have waited years to launch this, thus waiting for his youngest son to at least attempt a pro career. But he put himself and their family brand in front of the ability that his oldest son was about to receive endorsement money from any company of his choosing.

Unlike others, I do want Lonzo and the other kids to succeed. I want them to achieve their goals of being in the NBA. A lot of people have that dream and that vision to get there. Only a select few are able to accomplish it. That being said, forcing an opportunity and attempting to cash a check early often doesn’t end well. Let’s hope LaVar doesn’t blow it here. The Ball family calls themselves “Big Ballers.” Good luck at your prices trying to convince the rest of us that we are also Big Ballers.


USC has new cleats+other news

Hmm, these are dope

According to the 2012 Heisman Winner (his twitter account displayed in the picture), USC will wear these bad boys soon. Could we see them week one? Who knows. All I know is, that USC will most likely wear these cleats.

Most USC fans think that USC is becoming Oregon (More on them if you scroll down), just from these cleats. But, it’s not a big deal. Well, not to me.

In other news and lately developments (aka Shaun will just ramble and not make sense),

College Football  is next Saturday.

All these waiting for a season will finally be over. All the shit talking that SEC Nation has done will probably be increased and it’ll even be more ridiculous than it already is. But College Gameday is coming back.

USC plays Hawaii next Saturday. I’m sure the homie Zack Jerome (http://lostangelesblog.wordpress.com/) will do his hilarious pre-game and post game analysis. And it’ll be even better this year.

The primetime attraction is Bama vs Michigan in Dallas. Of course it’s in Dallas. SEC Nation refuses to play a neutral site game outside the South. I mean, at least Michigan has a big enough following unlike that team with the crazy ass uniforms south from me but north from LA.

Speaking of THAT team, Oregon fans are still talking about how USC went to Autzen and beat them. That happened in November. Nobody really cares anymore. Except for you. An Oregon fan tried to tell me how “Oregon wasn’t on their game, and how Oregon had to play Stanford before, and that it was a trap game, and that USC got lucky.” Blah. Blah. Blah. I’ll address this before the season starts.

Look, Oregon fans.

USC is NOT your rival. Not even close. Won’t ever be. I mean, I get it. You can believe it because ESPN thinks that USC and Oregon are developing a rivalry. Sure, we’ve had some battles over the years, but USC fans really don’t care about yall. If anything, USC fans care more about how shitty #UCLOL is doing, or Notre Dame, than you. I’ll even be honest here. The way those two schools are playing, we might have one rival, and that’s Stanford. Maybe even Cal, but it’s not as deep as it was in the mid-2000s.


Not to mention, USC didn’t get lucky in that game. USC kinda kicked your ass for 3 1/2 quarters. Yeah, we took advantage of your mistakes by your terrible corners, and a trash defense. But that’s what great teams do. They take advantage by watching film and creating a legit gameplan to beat you. Sure, you didn’t play offensively until you actually HAD to, but young defense kinda grew up before our eyes during that game in November. I’ll put it like this Oregon fans: If the refs call a PI on Barks’ throw to Woody that got picked, and Mark Tyler doesn’t fumble… USC puts up 52 points in Autzen. So… all this bullshit about “if we had another 10 minutes, blah blah blah,” you actually had to stop our offense without us making a mistake. But I’m here making excuses on a game that we actually won.

Oh I’m sorry, i’m too busy eating with Robert Woods

Most Oregon fans started watching football in 2007 anyway, so I’ll let them talk reckless and not worry about them.

Wanna know why I don’t care about them?

College Football isn’t serious. It’s fun. USC could lose 1-3 games this year, and this season will still be fun. Wanna know why? The moment you take shit serious, and then, they lose, you’re left with nothing. I’m sleep on this though.


Did I mention that Lane Kiffin is a boss?

Blogs on Bold and the Beautiful, ESPN and Tebow, and how I became a USC fan will be up soon. I promise you.

Other than that, have an excellent #Sadderday.

– Shaun