Predictions that’ll be so wrong, they’ll be so right

The beginning of the NFL Season is today with the Denver Broncos hosting the Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens (I thought the Super Bowl team always got a home opener on a Thursday night…… I’m still confused by this).

Yes, finally, the NFL is back into our lives. Even though Roger Goodell is taking the fun out of it with these ridiculous rules about how you can’t celebrate (my boy QB #2 for Texas A&M isn’t pleased for his future), it’s still the NFL. It’s back into our lives as Sundays are finally complete.  In a year of unpredictable events, I managed to give full predictions on everything except for All-Pro teams (Nobody got time to read that).  These are my predictions, and if I don’t pick your team, don’t feel bad. I’m a Jets fan. We stink on purpose. (Not really on purpose, but look at the Jets roster, then look at yours. My point exactly.) But here you go.

AFC Predictions:

AFC West:

1. Denver Broncos

Wes Welker came to Denver and brought “The Patriot Way” to Von Miller, huh?

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles (and his fantasy owners) will love Andy Reid, and captain checkdown’s president Alex Smith.

3. San Diego Chargers

Remember when there was debate about how Phillip Rivers was a top 5 quarterback? Man, man, man.

4. Oakland Raiders

Matt Flynn lost another job to a lightskin quarterback. Smh.

AFC South:

1. Houston Texans

But will they finally get over the “hump?”

2. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck won 11 games with no run game last year, and still lost Rookie of the Year to RG3 because he loses everything to him. See: Heisman 2011.

3. Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson said he’s gonna run for 2,000 yards again. *winks eyes* Okay, Chris.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

“Cecil Shorts is a terrible name.” – My cousin Chauntelle. Terrible name for a terrible team that is playing most of its games in London.

AFC North:

1. Cincinnati Bengals

I didn’t know Marvin Lewis still had a job until I watched Hard Knocks. Andy Dalton, it’s time to you know, yeah. *looks at his wife* I see. Take your time.

2. Baltimore Ravens


3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin should have asked his long lost brother Kevin Sumlin how to stop the read option.

4. Cleveland Browns

Brandon Weeden  isn’t bad, but he’s still my white #grandpa though.

AFC East:

1. New England Patriots

Murders and wild parties from your Tight Ends, while your future Hall of Fame Quarterback changes his hairstyle like the girls who say “new year, new me” every New Year’s. The Patriot Way is so great.

2. Miami Dolphins

People watch Miami games just to see Ryan Tannehill’s wife.

3. New York Jets

No receivers. Aging Defense. Hardly a quarterback. Mark Sanchez went from the golden boy to buttfumbler in a year. #GOAT

4. Buffalo Bills

Stevie Johnson is gonna blame God when the Bills win 4 games this year. Watch.

AFC Playoff Predictions:

1. Houston Texans 2. Denver Broncos 3. Cincinnati Bengals 4. New England Patriots 5. Baltimore Ravens 6. Indianapolis Colts

Winner: Cincinnati Bengals


NFC Predictions:

NFC West:

1. San Francisco 49ers

“I’m convinced Jim Harbaugh has sex with his wife in Khakis, a sweater, and his hat.” – Kyle Madson

2. Seattle Seahawks

The fanbase went from “WE GOT FLYNN” to “RUSSELL WILSON IS THE BEST EVER” in the span of 8 months.

3. St. Louis Rams

Let us pray that Sam Bradford can actually give the ball to Tavon Austin.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Carson Picks Palmer is the 2nd best QB Larry Fitzgerald has played with. Let that sit for a second.

NFC South: 

1. Atlanta Falcons

Matty Lukewarm Ice Ryan has one playoff win. Remember this.

2. New Orleans Saints

Breesus can’t save that defensive problem.

3. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton’s postgame interviews are better than most games on Sundays.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman dressed up like Michael Jackson’s thriller album, and found a way to throw an interception doing it.

NFC North:

1. Green Bay Packers

Aaron, since Ryan Braun was guilty…….. you gonna pay that guy your salary or nah?

2. Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and ran for 2,097 yards the year later because he’s a supercoon.

3. Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler married Kristin Cutler, who had her fans attack me on Twitter because she was on a fake reality show and is never seen with their child. Makes sense.

4. Detroit Lions

Can Calvin Johnson play cornerback and safety, too?

NFC East:

1. Washington Redskins

RG3 got married to a white girl while having braids. Now, he’s the true #GOAT.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant hit his mom on Mother’s day. What a great son.

3. New York Giants

Eli Manning, that guy sure isn’t elite.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

Too bad they have to play defense too.

NFC Playoff Predictions:

1. San Francisco 49ers 2. Green Bay Packers 3. Atlanta Falcons 4. Washington Redskins 5. Seattle Seahawks 6. New Orleans Saints

Winner:  San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XLVIII winner: 

San Francisco 49ers

When Jim Harbaugh wins the Super Bowl, he’ll proclaim to troll us all with a “who’s got it better than us” chant while it’s 25 degrees outside and the score of the game is 3-0.


Drew Brees.

When he throws for over 5,000 yards again and 48 TDs to push them into the playoffs, you’ll see why.

Comeback player of the year: 

Brian Cushing.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Cush stays healthy this year, and has over 100 tackles.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: 

Tavon Austin.


Defensive Rookie of the Year: 

Ziggy Ansah.

Very raw, but at the same time, he’ll benefit from Suh and Fairley getting double teams.

Defensive Player of the Year:

Richard Sherman.

He talks a big game, but he can back it up too.

Coach of the Year:

Sean Payton.

I went back and forth with this one, but he’s the difference of the Saints being 6-10, and 10-6.

And that’s it. I can’t wait to come back to this in February, laugh about how wrong I was, and write a blog publicly apologizing to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks for not picking them to win it all. Leave a comment if your predictions are different than mine.


Adidas taking another L

I really don’t have a comment for this

I’m keeping this short and sweet because I don’t really have time to talk about how bad these uniforms are to me. I haven’t worn an Adidas shoe since 2005. Ever since I found the Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 in the middle of April, I fell back in love with Nike and haven’t left them. A lot of people tell me all the time how dope Adidas is. This is dope?

Here’s Adidas’ statement(from SB Nation)

PORTLAND, Ore. (February 28, 2013) – adidas today unveils the new eye-catching adizero uniform system for six of its collegiate teams to wear during the 2013 NCAA basketball postseason. The uniforms feature adidas’ most advanced uniform technologies and a limited-edition camouflage print designed to make an impact on the court.

[…] “The adizero uniform system gives players the leading performance technology with a distinctive on-court style,” said Chris McGuire, adidas Director of Sports Marketing. “The NCAA postseason brings together the best teams in the country and these uniforms celebrate the excitement of the game letting players stand out during college basketball’s biggest moments. These programs will wear the most innovative basketball uniforms and footwear to help them elevate their game during the most important time of the year.”

Designed for a bold on-court look and engineered to enhance player performance by improving fit, comfort and mobility, the adizero short sleeve uniform system is made from 60 percent recycled materials and features FORMOTION technology for comfort and maximum mobility during shooting and dribbling. Jersey armhole insets with 360-degree stretch fabric promote free range of motion for the arms and shoulders.

[…] The uniform’s limited-edition design and coloring is created for this season’s NCAA basketball postseason run. The impact camo pattern is designed to let players stand out on college basketball’s biggest stage, while patches on the jersey backs feature school specific detailing to pay homage to team spirit and pride. Teams will suit up in the adizero uniform systems beginning with conference tournament play March 13-17. Fans can pick up team gear at and campus bookstores.

So someone at Adidas thought this was a good idea? Someone out there thinks these short-sleeve uniforms are…….. dope? Someone thinks these shorts are …….. fire? Adidas, who the hell are you speaking to when it comes to your products? You must FIRE, and I mean FIRE whoever came up with this. The sad thing about these short-sleeve uniforms is that in a couple of years, NBA teams will be wearing them. Not just Golden State, but EVERY team in the league.

You couldn’t create a lighter uniform with just a jersey, but you could add it lighter with sleeves added on? Huh?

The funny thing about this whole thing is that Baylor, a team who has 11 losses won’t be in the Big Dance UNLESS they win the Big 12 tournament (Which I doubt). So they’ll be wearing these awful things in the NIT? You notice how Indiana and Michigan who also wear Adidas aren’t getting these “special” uniforms. That’s the smartest thing both of these programs have done in awhile.

I bet none of these teams will make the final four with these uniforms, which will make Adidas look like a damn fool once again. I feel like Adidas is paying homage to the 90s, and talked to Chris Webber about these.


Keep taking those L’s, Adidas. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Nike, just take over the NBA and all college athletics. For good.


I’ve been away for a bit.

School is picking back up, and I was at the USC/UW game this weekend.

SC is playing “eh” football right now.

Seems to me like Lane Kiffin is playing NOT to lose games instead of winning games.

I mean, it’s fine, but I’m nervous on how they finish.

#10 in the BSC standings, and with games at HOME against #3 Oregon, Arizona State (who could be ranked soon), UCLA (Could get back to the rankings), and #5 Notre Dame…. USC could very well play in the title game still if they win out.

Jets won on Sunday.

Shonn Greene averaged more than 2 yards a carry.

Jets head to New England in a battle for first place. Who would have thought they’d be in first place at this point. The way ESTEBOWPN was speaking, the Jets were dead.

Other than that, I got nothing else.

Probably a blog this week on something random. Who knows.

– Shaun

I’m fed up ESPN.

Before I get started on this, I have to say, I’m very mad at the Grantland site. All I want is for Grantland to be fair in their types of reporting, and their writing, but instead they took out the time to bash Lane Kiffin because he’s an easy target. Yeah, some things they said about Lane was true. But, he’s not the first coach to lose a game on the road. Grantland and their fantastic set of writers haven’t said a word about Bob Stoops not winning “big games” anymore, or the fact that Jimbo Fisher is basically Lane Kiffin of the East Coast. That’s frustrating to me, and a lot of people. If you’re gonna bash one coach, you have to bash the next one.

Dear ESPN-

Man, I remember when it you were credible. Like, back in the 1990’s, you were  a credible sports channel who was the “underdog” like Dan Patrick has stated, but now, I hate to say it, but you’re just average. Average is still good, in a sense. You basically control of all sports, so no matter how much I, like others try to stay away, I can’t.

That being said, it’s hard for me to watch some of your programs. It’s sad because if you proclaim yourself to be “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” then your obvious bias and objections shouldn’t be said nor thrown around all the time. That’s not being the “Worldwide Leader,” that’s being a dictator.

What’s sad about this is that when I was younger, I always wanted to work for ESPN because at the time, it was cool, seemed exciting, and if you studied about sports like I’ve been doing since I was born, it’d be extremely awesome to be on that type of pedestal.

Now, it just seems like instead of being credible, you want to be the TMZ of sports. I know, I know. If I don’t like it, why talk about it, watch it, or write about it. Well, like I said above, You controls every single sport with the exception of the Major League Baseball playoffs, and the National Hockey League. Sure, it’s my fault for not turning away, but in a sports world where things are controlled by one place, where the hell am I gonna go watch highlights or games?

My dude Kyle, (@Madsports8) has said that ESPN has become a place where it’s all casual sports stories. It’s funny how accurate he was stating this. Now, I’m not here to bash you. But, at the same time, everyone is tired about hearing the same recycled stories on Sportscenter. I mean, it’s one thing to like an athlete. We all like certain athletes. But at the same time, there comes a point where you have to get off their jock.

Don’t get me wrong here. There are things that I LOVE on ESPN. The 30 for 30 series is awesome. Pardon the Interruption is awesome. Baseball Tonight is awesome. College Gameday is awesome. But, your love affair with Tim Tebow is downright awful, and it’s a shame. Quite Frankly (No Stephen A.), I’m FED UP.

I mean,  I get it. Tebow is a one of a kind. Christian boy who went to Florida. With Urban Meyer, he won a National title even though you claim he’s won two (He was on the team who did win in 2006, but Chris Leak was the starting quarterback, and honestly, was legit that year). Not to mention, he won the Heisman Trophy in 2007. Which is exclusive, and awesome.

But ever since he’s been in the NFL, he’s the MAIN story and has analysts on his jock 24/7.  Think about it. Most guys are celebrated in sports for being good. Tim Tebow is a glorified bad quarterback who has a popular fanbase. Great person, great human being. In fact, if he wanted to ever preach at a church, I’d be down to go see him. But man, eventually, you’re gonna lose a lot of viewers and followers if you talk about him, or even tweet about him.

Put it like this. In my eyes, your network and company is so upset that Mark Sanchez  is the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. In fact, Tim Tebow HURTS the New York Jets offense more than helps it. But since ESPN has become casual, they want to start controversy and drama when there really isn’t any drama. As a New York Jet fan myself, I’m done with it. When will you learn ESPN?

Ever since Skip Bayless has made himself the “leader” of the Tim Tebow bandwagon, all we’ve heard is about Tebow, and all he does is “win.” Win what, Skip? Last year, Denver backed their ways in the playoffs, took advantage of a Pittsburgh team who was banged up, won because their defense kept Mr. Bathroom off the board long enough. Sure, Tebow threw one great pass to Demaryius Thomas, but yeah, Skip, you’re “all he does is win” movement needed to include Denver’s defense balling up. What about that playoff game against New England where he wet the bed? I don’t think all he did was win there.

The excuses for Tebow that Bayless has is sickening. I understand that Skip is a troll, but it’s outrageous now. Skip Bayless used to be a credible journalist, especially back in the 90’s. But he’s sold himself out for money and his journalistic integrity for one guy. It’s hilarious how Skip worships one of the worst quarterbacks on television and can get viewers to agree with him.  Seriously speaking, First Take might be the worst show on television. Watching First Take is like listening to Dwayne Carter rap horrible bars on a mixtape. Can’t. Do. It.

how ironic

You should be embarrassed about how you conducted yourselves last night on Twitter and in the booth during the Jets/Texans game. Every time Mark Sanchez threw an incomplete pass, or better yet, had two passes tipped that were picked, you had people tweeting, “Is it Tebow Time?” You think I’m kidding?  Look at this.

My god smfh
I see

Just look at that.

The last one actually made my night. Mark Sanchez, the starting quarterback for the team cheers for the Joe McKnight kickoff return for touchdown, but according to a person who works for you, he can’t. It’s because he didn’t cheer like Tim Tebow. You know. Put both arms up, yell something, then pump your fists up after one 10 yard run. Yeah, okay.

That’s just the start. Mike Tirico wanted Tebow to play SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Especially the last play of the game, it was all like, “Why isn’t Tebow in, he can throw it at least 65 yards, and he’s the best athlete on the team.”

I don’t get it. I don’t get how a 4th string quarterback can get so much attention because he throws bounce passes to the turf, attempts to run people over, and is basically used as a gimmick. You  ran segments this summer  about how Tim Tebow was on the punt team. The coverage for one player is straight up embarrassing.

Put it like this, ESPN. You talked about Tim Tebow all last week on Sportscenter on if “he’s the guy” to start for the Jets. Had all of those segments, attempting to create controversy within one football team. No, I’m not excusing Mark Sanchez and his poor play against the San Francisco 49ers. But at the same time, Tim Tebow can do no better on the New York Jets.

You wanna be credible again ESPN? Talk about things other than Tim Tebow. We’re in the postseason for baseball, and yet you spend 5-10 minutes talking about that. College Football is heating up, and even though you’re so worried about the SEC, the race for the National title is legit, and wide open. Plus, the NBA is coming back in less than a month. But yet, instead of talking about these things, you spend so much time focusing on a backup quarterback and a punt protector to create controversy.

ESPN, I hate to tell you, but you’re losing the race, big time. It’s too bad that nobody can challenge your monopoly you’re holding on the sports world because eventually, you’re gonna lose every single viewer because of your lack of credibility.

Become credible again. Stop trying to be TMZ, and bring sports back for the people.

Sincerely, a sports fan


Yo, New York Jets… why?


First and foremost, it might surprise a lot of you, but I am a Jets fan. It’s completely random on why I’m a Jets fan, but I am one. But that is besides the point.

Listen, I wasn’t expecting a winning season this year. In fact, I was thinking at least 6-10 at best. Maybe 7-9. Only because the defense is getting older, and the team is breaking in a new offense. But after today’s embarrassing, and I mean, embarrassing performance, I’m not sure what to think.

When you see your team lose, it sucks. But today was damn disgraceful. I never stop watching games of teams that lose. Shoot, when the Jets sucked, I still watched. But after this performance where the whole team basically laid down, and let the 49ers embarrass them, Nah.

I knew the 49ers would win. In fact, I told Kyle (@madsports8, follow him on twitter, he’s hilarious) that it might could get ugly, but at least I’d thought this team could get into the end zone. But nope. Can’t even move the ball downfield. Can’t stop the run. Turnovers on turnovers on turnovers. I’ll tell you what, the Jets should have lost 100-0. Because that’s what it felt like today. An 100-0 ass-kicking heard around the league. (Yeah, I understand the 49ers have the best defense in the league, but this was a disgrace.)

Wanna know who’s the blame for this? No, it’s not Mark Sanchez (Even though, more and more he’s looking more trashier than ever even though it might not be all of his fault). No, it’s not Rex Ryan. He’s coaching the players that are on the team, and that’s his job, to coach. But it’s Mike Tannenbaum, the GM of the team.


Listen. I understand being a GM in the National Football League is difficult and that the only time I’m a GM is on Madden, which is NOTHING like real life. But this is absurd, Mike.

For all this talk about “playmakers” on offense, you haven’t surrounded a young quarterback with any of them, thus slowly ruining his development, and possibly his career. When the 2nd best receiver on the team is Chaz Schillings, then well… my point proven. Sure, Mark Sanchez hasn’t developed into the guy we all expected (I didn’t really expect much, honestly. Even as a SC fan, he only started one year, and played “okay” in that season), but you gotta get him some youth at receiver and running back. Please. Sure drafting Stephen Hill is fine, but he has the case of the drops. Something that plagued him in the pre-season, and even at Georgia Tech. Not to mention, trading for Tim Tebow when you know you need receiver help, and not getting a running back because you “believe” in Shonn Greene. Yup. Makes sense. I know, I know. Folks think Santonio Holmes is a good receiver. He’s a good #2 receiver in a great offense. He’s NOT a #1. Duh.

Then, on defense…. man listen. This team is getting old. We saw it last year. Their window has closed, but yet, nobody thinks this in the front office. Bart Scott hasn’t made a tackle in 10 years. Antonio Cromartie hasn’t been able to cover anyone since he covered all of females back in 2007. No pass rush for years, and now the team is being exposed without the best corner in the game, Darrelle Revis. Sure, Revis is irreplaceable, but why haven’t you at least looked at getting another option at corner? Do you really believe that Kyle “I get beat then talk shit” Wilson is the answer to the replacing an all-pro?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’ve seen this coming a mile away. I saw this happening two years ago, and tried to block it out of my mind (Even without Tebow, I saw this coming). But today was my worst nightmare, and it’s might get worse for this team. Wanna know why? Because no matter how bad Mark Sanchez plays on Sunday, half the fanbase will clamour for a quarterback change, like Tim Tebow will save the day. Sure, the quarterback problem is the issue, but going from a C- quarterback to a D- quarterback isn’t gonna make things better.

Yall want this on the field? WOOOOOOOORD

Tim Tebow won’t save this team. The Jets don’t have a good enough defense for him to play like crap for 57 minutes, then all of the sudden, he’s God (No pun intended) and the team wins. Nope. In fact, if he’s the starting quarterback, I bet you the Jets go 2-14. That’s how serious it is. The wildcat is a gimmick. Tim Tebow simply is a gimmick, and I will never understand why they went after him. Oh, I know. To steal headlines, and to create controversy when it was simply not needed. If anything, Woody Johnson and Tannenbaum can both get the fuck outta here for this.

Speaking of Rex, I don’t think he’s a bad coach. I think he’s put in a situation where his quarterback has regressed because of the lack of offensive playmakers around him, the quarterback hasn’t developed into a solid NFL starter, and the defense has AGED. Rex’s scheme on defense is blitz, blitz, blitz. But it’s tough to do that when you have that when you have no quality pass-rushers, and an aging core of linebackers with the exception of David Harris.

I was talking to folks today about the New York Jets, and if I should overreact or not. It’s gonna be week 5. The Jets are 2-2. 2-0 in their divisional games. Sure, that’s optimism , but when I looked at the schedule, I figured they’d lose to Steelers and Niners. But lose like they way they did? Dropped passes, mis-communications on the offensive line, and lack of stopping the run.

The Jets have Houston next week. Best team in the League right now. Their defense loves to kill quarterbacks with Cushing, Watts, while they have the best running back in the league? Will the Jets improve in stopping the run? Will Mark Sanchez actually do something productive? Will Jet fans continue to chant Tebow, even though he’s worse? Has this team given up on Rex Ryan? Or will they rally around each other through the tough times?

The only answer I have is tune in next Monday night, and you’ll get your answer.

– Shaun