Lol at DeAndre Jordan.

i’m still confused with what DeAndre Jordan did, to be honest or why he even stated that he was going to commit to play with the Mavs, but know his heart couldn’t leave Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Even though Chris Paul is like that crazy girlfriend, you know at this point of your life/career, you can’t just leave it. He pretty much MADE you, bruh. So it makes sense. Sort of.

The only way I explain this is that Chris Paul had to sing “This I Promise You,” which made DeAndre, Doc, Chris, and JJ cry while Blake was on skype pretending to cry, but he was really thinking, “I gotta play with and for these guys?” Such weirdness, but it made for a very entertaining day on social media (shoutout to Chris Jones for getting me up to date on it, honestly).

That’s all I got.

This video was really really corny. I’m still confused why *NSYNC decided to go into the forest, where bad turtlenecks, and have bubble around. But then again, the late 1990s/early 2000s were a funny, funny time in American History. Song is dope, though.

Also, Prosper Season part 3 is actually coming. Soon. Within the next couple of weeks. Here are the first two blogs. Read them. Catch up.

0 to 100. Real quick. Like DeAndre from the free throw line.

Tis the season.

All Hail Christopher Paul.

Our first great game of the playoffs was last night. Mike Conley and Chris Paul were going back back and forth, but in the end, the point god made the play to win the game and to have the Clippers take a 2-0 lead.

Stay being you, Chris.

Part two of the NBA Playoffs preview: Western Conference

Part 1:

The Western Conference Playoffs. Interesting storylines with each team, and each series. To be completely real, the Western Conference has better overall teams than the Eastern Conference (If you didn’t know this common fact, then I’m gonna pray for you). The East has the best team with the best player in the game (LeBane), but at the same time, I love watching the west teams battle each other. It’s entertaining. Let’s begin.

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