2018 NBA Playoffs – Part 1 of the First Round

The NBA season has been ridiculous filled with player beef, basketball twitter arguments over who is the Rookie of the Year (I’m with both of them having it because at the end of the day, it is kinda meaningless considering Michael Carter-Williams won it) and Kevin Durant calling most writers “Blog Boyz” because some of them probably can’t even make a layup with their opposite hands, which led to some dudes crying because they took what Durant said personal, which means he was probably right. What a time to be alive (Am I a blog boy? I can shoot with both hands, run an actual offense, shoot a high percentage from three, and dunk a basketball…. somebody get me connected with Kevin Durant). 

The NBA Playoffs aka the NBA’s second SZN begins on Saturday afternoon. I love the playoffs. I grew up a basketball junkie, where the only thing we would do in my household would watch basketball from late October – Mid June every year (Mom, I know you’re reading this. I love you. Please send my golf clubs next week). The playoffs provide a different type of feel. Everything is high from the pressure, the emotions and the intensity.  You see the game’s best players rise up to their best and some falter within it. That’s what makes the playoffs so great.

I have a scale that’s ranked from 1 through 5 in terms of watchability –  1 = I’m not watching this, and 5 = I’ll watch this regardless of where I’m at. Let’s begin with the Eastern Conference. Part two will be the Western Conference. 

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The Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA Championship

The Miami Heat are once again kings of the NBA world as they’ve won back to back titles by defeating the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in game 7. It was ugly(Just like my dude Jared Ruefa and I said it would be back in November), but they got it done in an interesting fashion. I figured this series would be a great one because the Spurs were 4 for 4 in NBA Finals appearances, the Heat won it all last year, and have the game’s best player and the greatest player EVAR in Lebron James. Was I shocked it went 7 games? Yes and No.

Yes because I figured Miami would eventually figure out San Antonio after game 4, and to be honest, they should have. It’s still funny to me how Miami picked and chose what games to play “hard” to win a title. It’s, I don’t know…. crazy to me (And now I’ll be called a hater). I thought Dwyane Union Wade would play outstanding and he did for the most part. Lebron was Lebron in game 6 and 7, which he should have been from games 1-5 (Yup, now I’m gonna be called a hater for sure).

No because the fact that Miami coasted through the playoffs, picking and choosing which games to play hard when they were on the ropes is the reason why I’m not shocked it went 7 games. People will say “Well Lebron likes game 7s (which is true btw.. he’s #1 all time in points averaged in a game 7), and that he doesn’t want to go for the kill early, but instead wait to kill his opponent (which is also true). But still…… the San Antonio Spurs were 1 rebound and free throw away from winning a title in game 6. In fact, Miami fans thought they were gonna lose game 6 when they were walking out the arena to “beat the traffic.”  They were a Tim Duncan jump hook away from tying game 7, and possibly taking it to OT. But of course, I’m nitpicking. All that matters now is that Miami has the title, and they are back to back champions for the first time in their franchise history.

So congrats Miami. Well deserved.

Blog on the Lakers coming soon.


OMG, LOOK WHO’S BACK IN THE NBA FINALS+Predictions sure to go so wrong, that I’ll be so right

This NBA season was one of the most interesting NBA seasons that I’ve seen in awhile.

Why was it?

A lot of things that no one really predicted actually………. happened.

My Los Angeles Lakers traded for Dwight Howard, and the experiment went so wrong, that it kinda went right as I figured it would go. Kevin Durant had a 50/40/90 and didn’t a single 1st place MVP vote. The New York Knicks won the Atlantic Division for the first time since 1994 with the oldest roster in the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers won their first (and only) Pacific Division title. We saw the emergence of Stephen Curry in this 2013 postseason, and we’ve seen the budding stardom of Paul George, and Roy Hibbert. No homo, Roy. I’m just a wannabe media MF, right? (David Stern has just fined me the only $20 in my wallet.)

Plus, this happened in the 2012-13 NBA Season, and it’s probably the funniest thing ever.

Javale McGee had some highlights with his freakish athleticism, but almost taking out Ty Lawson’s season and then the pass, oh Javale.

But now, we’ve reached the conclusion to this NBA season with the NBA Finals beginning on Thursday night. Miami becomes the first team to reach three straight finals from the Eastern Conference since the Chicago Bulls did it from 1996-98 with those guys that you probably haven’t heard little about named Mike, Scottie, and some coach named Phil Jackson (I’ve never really heard of them, have you?) The San Antonio Spurs haven’t been to the NBA Finals since 2007, but here they are. Back in the finals where they are 4 out of 4 in finals appearances. Are you excited?  I think I’m excited. Think is the right word. It could be embarrassing. It could be great.

So who’s gonna win?

Miami is the defending champion, and they are going for back to back titles.

San Antonio is going for their 5th title as a franchise.

Lebron James is the best player in the world, while Tim Duncan is probably the best player in the generation (Sorry, Kobe and Shaq). I’ve been wavering on this pick for a day, and I think I’ve made my decision.

I think top to bottom, the Spurs have the better roster. But they don’t have the best player in the league. Period. The funny thing that I’ve occurred is that Miami shows up when they want to show up. It’s like Erik Spoelstra has to beg his team to play hard for the full 48 every game, and then when they are on the ropes, they are like, “Ah, might as well just show up and play hard.” That’s what Miami will do around game 5 when the series is 2-2. Dwyane Wade, the 2nd best shooting guard of all-time will have a pulse. Lebron James, who’s already better than #23 in the Chicago Bulls uniform will have a quiet 30 and 9, and Chris Bosh will just do what he does: 7 pts, 5 rebounds. Almario Chalmers will have a problem with Tony Parker to where Norris Cole will have to lock him down, and Bosh might have some problems with Tim Duncan. I think Danny Green will make Dwyane Wade have fits, but then again since Wade is that great, he’ll figure it out when he eventually wants to play.

The series lies in the hands of Tiago Splitter, and that’s saying a lot. Splitter could cause matchup problems with length, and rebounding since Miami plays this small ball style. The Spurs play smart, and they don’t turn the ball over. Even then………… I still don’t know how long this series can go. The Spurs don’t match up well with Miami at all, and that’s a shame. But, I think this series can go the distance. The distance as in 6. As in games. As in Lebron James will have another finals MVP, but Dwyane Wade will get all the glory in game 6 when he puts up 30 pts, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists since he’s the 2nd best shooting guard ever (If he really does that, everyone is gonna praise Dwyane like he hasn’t played like burnt cornbread all postseason long, but since he’s top 2 all-time, he’s allowed to do this!)

Plus, Lebron had the better dance moves with Will.I.Am than Tony Parker.

You know I’m right. You know it.

Btw, did you see Flo-Rida and Justin Bieber at the game last night? I mean if you didn’t, you didn’t miss much.


I forgot all about Flo-Rida (Can we just call that dude Florida instead of Flo-Rida? That sounds so lame, bruh). The fact that he’s wearing that big of a “Jesus” piece makes me cringe, but then it makes me laugh how he didn’t jumped. If he were Yung Berg, not only does he get jumped, the people who robbed him will take pictures with the piece. On the other hand, Justin Bieber is the white version of Lil Wayne with a mix of Kanye West. Bieber was just reppin’ the Lakers about 9 months ago. Since they had a terrible season in “Laker” years, he’s out here reppin the Miami Heat. Do you forever, Justin Bieber. All homo (Stern doubled the fine, and now I’m officially broke).

But that is besides the point.

Miami. 6 games. NBA Champs.


Kanye and Wayne are the same?

This is so contradicting in so many ways

I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t really much about music other than I can tell you what’s pretty good, and what’s pretty bad. In fact, my music opinions can sit and cause riots because folks think I’m completely crazy. On Twitter, since I was born in the early 1990s, my musical opinions don’t really matter. But this is my blog, therefore my opinion will ALWAYS matter, and yours will too. The picture at the beginning of this blog saddens me. It really does. I never thought it’d come to this point in my life where I’d have to dismiss both of these artists completely from my life. Before I say why, let me give you background information.

See that guy on the left? Kanye West used to be one of my favorite rappers ever. I remember when I first heard The College Dropout. 6th grade seems like a long time ago, but that album had something that was different than any other album that I’ve ever heard. At the time, I didn’t really know who Kanye was, but I loved his lyrical flow and the production. His album was different than any other album that dropped, and I instantly became a fan. My 2nd favorite song that Ye dropped ever in his career is “Family Business.” That song is a ghetto version of my family, and it’s crazy to listen to.  Then around Summer 2005, West dropped his best album IMO, Late Registration. Late Registration was a classic, and it’s crazy how we all listened to it at lunch, after school, before basketball practice, and even just walking home. Kanye was on top. According to some, he still is. But it’s not the same.  West dropped his best album in 2005, and to me, he hasn’t been the same on the rest of his albums.

I was once a fan of Lil Wayne. No seriously. I was. Back around the Carter II which came out while I was in 7th grade, dropped, one of my best friends Adam Contreras was rapping a song that was unknown to me. That song was Fireman. I became a big Wayne fan. In fact, one of my favorite songs of all-time is a Wayne song. Wayne at one point to me was probably my favorite rapper.  But, weirdly, after Wayne dropped the Carter III, I kinda didn’t know what to expect from him anymore. I felt slightly betrayed that his album, which was dope production wise, lacked lyrical content.

These two guys, who were at the top of their careers seem to lack the drive that they had once before they were mainstream. Once mainstream, both of these guys went… crazy. When I listen to Lil Wayne rap now, my ears bleed. When I hear Kanye West rap now, I want to donate my ears to a deaf person and never hear anything ever again. Wanna know why? Because these two artists, who come from different backgrounds are the same damn person.

That’s not a typo.

Kanye West and Dwayne Carter are past their primes when it comes to rappers. I always get in debates (I try to avoid them because nobody wins) because I say both of these guys aren’t that good as what they used to be.  Kanye West and Lil Wayne hold these “rants” because for the first time in their life, they aren’t the main attention when it comes to music. Both of them used to be “The Man” on their respective labels, but now attention has shifted to various artists. Big Sean (Like him or not), and Pusha T are probably getting more attention than West, while Drake has taken all the attention away from Wayne. It’s quite simple and obvious. Both of these artists act the way they do for attention, and it’s pathetic. The music that both artists put out are laced with horrible bars, great production, and sadly, they are the same in the way they conduct themselves in public.

Here’s one example on how they are similar.

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