Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are done.

This isn’t surprising.

She’s filing for divorce after the whole domestic dispute.

Chad got released by the Dolphins, lost his reality show, and his marriage is done. All in a weekend’s work.

Hard Knocks is gonna cover this though, so that’ll be interesting to watch.

Smfh Chad

Can’t save em all, Chad.


Chad Johnson arrested.

Smh, Chad

Newly Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Chad Johnson was arrested tonight on #Sadderday for head-butting his newly wife Evelyn Lozada. You know, she’s from that show, Basketball Wives (even though, she wasn’t a wife, she was an ex-wife and took Antoine Walker’s money after divorcing him).

My question is: Was it like this?

Story that I’ve seen on twitter is that Chad found a┬áreceipt in the car over condoms (Really? Condoms?). Here’s the funny thing though, she bought em.

Damn, Evelyn.

Who’d you let pipe, Evelyn?

Now, I’m not down with the whole domestic violence shit because it’s not cool at all.┬áBut this story will make for juicy TV when their new show is comes out. (September 3rd. Vh1. Probably 9 pm EST. Like that plug?)

Chad, just let her go, b.

It’s okay man, nobody will fault you for letting her go.

I think we’ve all learned something that I’ve known for awhile:

Don’t turn a heaux into a housewife.

I mean, we saw it on Desperate Housewives, why cant people just pay attention?


As for Chad’s future with the Dolphins…

I doubt they release him. I don’t even think Chad even meant to headbutt her honestly. Maybe he did. It just seems out of character with him. But hey, what do I know?

Chad, like I said above, let this heaux be. Nobody will get mad at you, at all.