… and you can tell everybody

Colin Kaepernick has been the subject of jokes over the years by the homies and myself for a number of reasons.

  1. In his peak as a quarterback in the NFL, we clowned this dude because we said he  looks like Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants.
  2. He’s always on instagram talking about how the “7torms are coming,” replacing the s with a 7. Dude, no.
  3. His ability to play quarterback has been on the same path like Aubrey Graham’s ability to finally make a quality album. It’s done. Over.

In the midst of the jokes that we’ve had about Kaepernick over the years, I can’t deny that in his absolute peak as a NFL player under Khaki god Jim Harbaugh he was really, really good but polarizing. Some for his ability on the field and his lack of going through progressions which is normal, I guess. Lots of it stemmed from people who couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t your “typical” quarterback in the league. People saw this guy as a thug and called him a douchebag because he wouldn’t wear a suit to press conferences, instead going with a sweater and beats by dre because that was comfortable for him.  Continue reading

I’m tired. 

First off, I forgot I had a WordPress. I haven’t written a blog on here in about a year. Wild. 

Anyway. I guess I came back here because I can’t write this on my tumblr. Not because it’s another blog site but because I use that for personal things. Right now, right here, on this blog site, this is needed. 

It’s been a long week. I’m actually writing this on the bus because I was gonna write this at work but my laptop crashed yet again. That’s besides the point. 

I apologize ahead of time for the language. 

I’m tired. If you’re an American, you should be tired. I just happen to be a black American and it’s double the tired.  It’s the same shit different week. I’m tired of black men being a hashtag, and then tired of how the media makes black men guilty by dying at routine traffic stops. If you call yourself an American, you should be tired of this too. 

I’m tired of people telling me how to feel about this shit. Don’t tell me how to feel about people dying. Don’t tell me to be silent because you want to ignore and be oblivious to it. 

I’m tired of people saying all lives matter because they don’t want to say black people who aren’t entertainers, athletes etc., to matter. That’s not how this works anymore. We get it. Shit, when I get it. Yes, all lives matter. But that can’t happen unless you simply look at the damn picture and see that black lives aren’t being valued at the same rate as everyone else. You’d think with the amount of people who sit and claim that all lives matter, they’d actually stop being hypocrites. 

I’m tired of how law enforcement officials take offense to people being afraid of them. It goes back to the silence. If you know something is wrong, speak up. We have voices for a reason. 

I’m tired of the unnecessary violence this week. It sickens me that those officers lost their lives just like I was sick when two black people are dead this week. These people have families. Kids. It’s disgusting. 

I’m tired of how people want to pick sides over it. Black life matters. We do need law enforcement. That being said, we need to hold these people accountable.  Killing someone for sport is barbaric. Not being charged for public execution and being put on paid leave is outrageous. Heads up, it’s totally okay to say black lives matter and that we need law enforcement. If only law enforcement members wouldn’t be afraid of black people to where pulling your gun out to intimidate us while we’re complying. Which makes me even more tired that these cowards call themselves officers. 

I used to have hope that things would change in America. I used to think that people would look at me as a black man, a person who is just as ambitious, motivated, and eager to take on the world just like everyone else. Turns out, a certain section of America sees me as a threat. A threat to their “perfect” world. That’s the tiring thing of all. 

So what is this generation gonna do? We gonna accept this as the norm and not give a shit until something happens to people who aren’t PoC? Are we gonna accept that we need to value every life like the all lives matter crowd keeps speaking about in their hypocrisy? Are we gonna actually have the conversation about  or is this one of those things where some of y’all won’t give damn about any of this next month? 

Whatever we do, it’ll impact the next generation. And the generation after that. If you want our children  and our children’s children to live in a world where we spew how everyone is equal, then let’s do something. Until then, I’m tired. Be better. Stop being ignorant. 

Aubrey vs Meek Mill?

I’m pretty sure this beef is over the fact that Nicki Minaj gave up the goodies to Aubrey after he completely “simped” on the first verse of “Miss Me.” Remember?

I love Nicki Minaj
I told her I’d admit it
I hope one day we get married just to say we f—ing did it
And girl I’m f—ing serious I’m with it if you with it
Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted
Uh, damn, I think you caught me in a moment

Meek Mill decided to spawn off the fact that Aubrey uses ghostwriters, or has a ghostwriter. His series of tweets last night formed me to ponder some thoughts on Twitter because Facebook will find out about this 10 days from now. Personally, I find it funny that people are taking sides here and defending Aubrey and Meek Mill  like both of them are gonna show gratitude towards them for doing so. The crazy thing about the ghostwriter allegation is that they did songs together earlier. I hate to be the person to say this, but just because Meek yells in his raps doesn’t mean that maybe he could be… you know… wrong.

Now, now. I’m not picking sides to this. I do think Aubrey is a far better artist than Meek. Clearly, that’s never been in doubt. Plus, I quote Aubrey all the time and #DraftDay is possibly up there as one of my favorite songs of all-time. It does beg the question: Should we care that Aubrey got accused of this?

I’m confused on the spectrum to why Meek Mill chose a Tuesday in July to decide to tweet about Aubrey Graham. Was it because his Album dropped a couple of weeks ago, and the sales weren’t great? Was it because Aubrey didn’t tweet out the album? Was it because Nicki had beef earlier in the day with Taylor Swift on Twitter over the VMAs?

These are life’s unsolved mysteries. Maybe he (Aubrey) will actually respond to this quickly instead of waiting 2 months to finally come back and say something witty in a song titled 3 AM in Philly, which would make people like me say that he didn’t really write the verse because trolling is so fun.

Whatever happens at the end of this to the people who actually care, the entertainment is amazing. Please, keep it going.

The SZN part III

the szn


We’re back, but only for a short time — I’m kidding. We’re still here, we’re still active, and we’re in the real 6 (Sorry Aubrey!) with our woes cause you know how that should go. Right? The prosper season series has been around for 2 years. Time flies when you’re prospering. You know how the NFL has had a terrible off-season due to the fact that they say one thing for PR and yet, they still can’t get things right in the eyes of the people? We’re the exact opposite. We never have bad off-seasons because we all don’t attempt to be like Roger Goodell and James Harden (From Lil B, to the picture posted on Twitter leaving Shad Moss to give him advice, then the Kardashian Curse).

I  (kingshaundiz) can say that the season — no matter how difficult life can be because of the struggles for success and drive for fame, is always relevant. I’m here to tell you all that myself, Jake, Chungy, and Eric (E doesn’t have a twitter, smh) created Prosper Season not just for fun, but to uplift everyone with us and around us.

Prosper Season isn’t about how many people you’ve hooked up with (even though that is prosperity in the eyes of some), or how drunk you’ve get on weekends. If that was the clear case, then every single one of us would inspire to be Tyga.  Lots have taken the season in the wrong direction, but we’re here to bring it back to what it was intended and created for. As Jake said in Part II, there’s so much in the world that’s all messed up, and we’re here to uplift, inspire, and motivate everyone including ourselves to be great. That’s the goal.

As we look at the landscape of the rest of the summer, which is probably about 6 weeks for some or maybe longer for others (I personally go back to school in late August) there’s one message for everyone: be the best person you can be. Be great. I know, I know. For some of you, that’s literally impossible to do. Some of you can’t be like kingshaundiz and already be a legend because his greatness is too much for everyone.  We all can’t be like Hollywood Hillyer, have the jersey in the rafters and still be the GOAT.

Okay, in all seriousness, so many of us are worried about the what the next person has or what another is doing. Where is that getting you? We have the answer. Nowhere. Worry about how you can be great. Surround yourself with people who want to SEE you reach your potential as a person. Once you do that, you have nowhere to go, but up. Way up. Feel blessed. 

Jake and I have a year until we get an actual waiver to run for office. Like, being president and VP.  Of the United States (Jake is the founder and president of my own Fan Club which has like 5 people in it).  I’m really not kidding. Here’s the lesson, people: whatever you do the rest of your summer, try to be great. Wait no, not try. Be great.

Prosper. Tis the SZN.

Be on the lookout for more blogs & possibly some other things coming your way soon.

We out.

Lol at DeAndre Jordan.

i’m still confused with what DeAndre Jordan did, to be honest or why he even stated that he was going to commit to play with the Mavs, but know his heart couldn’t leave Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Even though Chris Paul is like that crazy girlfriend, you know at this point of your life/career, you can’t just leave it. He pretty much MADE you, bruh. So it makes sense. Sort of.

The only way I explain this is that Chris Paul had to sing “This I Promise You,” which made DeAndre, Doc, Chris, and JJ cry while Blake was on skype pretending to cry, but he was really thinking, “I gotta play with and for these guys?” Such weirdness, but it made for a very entertaining day on social media (shoutout to Chris Jones for getting me up to date on it, honestly).

That’s all I got.

This video was really really corny. I’m still confused why *NSYNC decided to go into the forest, where bad turtlenecks, and have bubble around. But then again, the late 1990s/early 2000s were a funny, funny time in American History. Song is dope, though.

Also, Prosper Season part 3 is actually coming. Soon. Within the next couple of weeks. Here are the first two blogs. Read them. Catch up.

0 to 100. Real quick. Like DeAndre from the free throw line.

Tis the season.