I’m mad.

This isn’t about #ProsperSeason. This isn’t about sports. I just felt like I needed to get this down somewhere, and of course, I have a blog. If you disagree with my feelings, fine.  I could care less. If you agree with it, fine. I’m good with that too.

I’m mad.

Not about sports. Not about my personal life. But this Trayvon Martin thing has me mad.

When I say mad, I mean it as that I want to do something about it. Most people want to riot. But what’s a riot going to solve? Maybe I’m from the old school because my grandparents raised me on some different values so call me old-fashioned, but violence isn’t the answer to solve problems. Violence is how Martin’s life was ended. Violence is how a lot of lives in this country of ours end.

My question is this: When are we as people going to be better to ourselves? When are we going to rise up, and stop the terrorism in our own country?

Most people won’t understand how I’m feeling, and you know what? Fine. I don’t want you to understand it.  But,  just imagine if this situation happened to a family member or a friend. Would you be mad? Would you want to change how us as people are?  Any child of any race could have died that night, and I, personally would still be upset. Wanna know why? It’s a child. A child. We don’t know what happened that night, and I’m not going to assume. It’s possible George Zimmerman was afraid of Martin. It’s possible Martin said something to set him off. We don’t know, and we’ll never know. But you know what happened? A child is dead because of….. violence.

All I’m saying is this: as people, we need to rise up and be better to each other. Enough of the violence. Enough of the hurt and hatred towards each other. This is America. Not Black America. Not White America. Not Asian America. Not Mexican America. Maybe I’m asking for too much from us as American people. But, damn. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of  these types of crimes in America. I’m tired of watching the news and seeing someone dead.

And no, I didn’t write this because Trayvon Martin was a black male. I know how some people think, and that’s sad.  This is about us as people being better. It’s time to stop the violence.

Just, God. I’m asking you this.

Help us. Help us be better as people because this needs to end. Enough is enough. We have to be better.



Meanwhile…. the Sports team in my life.

Matt Barkley spoke with the media today.

Hopefully, Matt can get back on track starting next Thursday night in Salt Lake City. I think he will.

The scary thing thing is that USC hasn’t hit their stride as a team yet.

What do I mean by scary? SC is 3-1, lost their road Pac-12 opener where their Offensive line was over-matched by Stanford’s front 7, folks have seemed to jump off the bandwagon. I mean, before the season started, I figured USC would lose a game… just thought it’d be between UW, or Arizona. Not Stanford. But oh well.

The room for error is marginal, and these guys shouldn’t press. Just play football, and have fun.

Hopefully, they do this before it’s too late and it’s mid-November and the Pac-12 South is out of reach.

Caused some backlash in Seattle about my blog.

Even though, I said the refs were bad on both sides.

Coach K thinks reading is good for you

But I digress, I’m just keeping it real.

Pretty soon, Oregon fans will be upset with me and find my blog at this rate. It’s not like I said, “Golden Tate should shut up and not tweet.” or anything along those lines, but I digress.

The Atlanta Braves are in the playoffs.


Exciting time in my life, I guess.

Braves can’t catch the Nationals in the division race, but as long as they get the homefield, they have a shot in the one game playoff. If they somehow win that…. I think this could be a memorable postseason.