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curry, bron and two assholes
two of these folks are currently my presidents

Let me address this early. This is primarily a sports blog with some other things (ProsperSeason4 is coming next year), and I do try to stick to sports. I’m not this political science major and thank god I’m not. However, I do have a voice and I believe that it should be heard. This is my third time writing about Donald Trump. Once in November, last month and now this one.

Most of this is humorous because why wouldn’t it be? I try not to pay him attention but it’s like a bad movie that’s supposed to be this love story but turns into a comedy film in the middle of it (Everything, Everything. Watch it drunk. It’s funnier). He should be proud since provides great material for everyone to joke about – until we realize this isn’t a joke.

If you’re already annoyed by this, you can stop reading here and sub me on Facebook because you’re so tired of everybody talking about the reality television show titled America. It’ll only make you get uncomfortable from here.

Trump is back at it again. Being in the backyard of this shitshow (my grandma used this term while we had two of our weekly phone conversations. Also do NOT tell her I wrote that cause she’ll hit yall with the fake news) is fascinating. Everyday, I wake up and wonder what will occur next. My professors this semester have told me that I’m supposed to be “objective” towards both sides and not be bias. Yeah, no. Not with this administration and not with this dude in office because his actions have allowed others to embolden themselves to say, act, and treat people like myself in ways that should not excepted.

Donald Trump is a bigot.
Donald Trump is douchebag.

Donald Trump is the worst president in our lifetime and it hasn’t been a full year yet (it feels like 7, though). ESPN’s Jemele Hill was correct in her comments which is why 45 and his lead backup dancer Sarah Huckabee Sanders had their feelings hurt over it. Charlottesville was the prime example of his beliefs and what he thinks about people who do not look or behave like him.

Colin Kaepernick (not sure if you heard about this guy before…) was the subject to heroism and criticism with his protest last year of peacefully kneeling as the National Anthem played before NFL games. As a black man knowing the stigma that somehow we “scare” police officers to put 5 or more bullets down our spine just to kill us, then realizing that instead of the officer being put on trial, YOU get put on trial by death.  The officer then cries in court saying how they “feared for their life,” and the jury gets them off cause the real victim is buried and can’t defend himself. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Unless you’re the boy from Lizzle McGuire who lathered his hair twice before repeating.

Silent protests aren’t new in America. Protests in general aren’t new in America. Hell, if people actually paid attention in history class, they’d know this. Most have this belief in “patriotism” and they saw him as not being a patriot because of his beliefs. Odd. If you protest peacefully, it’s a problem. If you riot, you’re a thug (which is a code word). Can’t win either way.

This conversation turned into how Kaepernick hated the troops (not true), how he was Un-American (definitely not true), and that he has no respect for America (I laugh at that one every time). The same people who scream this either have confederate flags in their basement, laugh at homeless veterans when they walk past them on the street or scream how everybody is too “PC.”

Now, Kaepernick is out of football as he’s currently being blackballed by the NFL. How do we know this? Yalls man said this in a speech in March and doubled down on it on Friday at a “Look at Me, I’m such a loser” rally. Calling athletes “sons of bitches” for using their First Amendment is a joke and yet, it’s funny to see the people who scream “liberals are so soft” defend the biggest crybaby on the planet. Trump’s ego is so fragile right now, even Kim Jung Un is cracking jokes as he’s ready to fire up the nukes.

Friday Afternoon, Two-time NBA MVP and the lightskin gawd, Stephen Curry had a interview on ESPN’s The Jump and said that he wouldn’t go to the white house mainly because Trump isn’t for his beliefs. We’ve had athletes not attend the white house before. Hell, MAGA’s (and my fantasy) favorite quarterback didn’t go when Obama was in office and even this year with Trump. This was expected from Curry because he called Trump an “ass” back in February.

After Trump got done watching Fox and Friends on Saturday morning because that’s where he gets his news and nicknames from, he sent a tweet about Curry and the Warriors saying they were uninvited to a party they definitely weren’t going to. Weird, right? But that’s who he is. I’m amazed daily at how fragile this dude is when he gets criticized like he didn’t do the same to President Obama on social media creating these lame rumors about “birtherism” and how Obama “played” too much golf (the irony is wild).

Lebron James called Trump a bum (i’m buying a lebron jersey cause he might be my 2nd favorite player behind lightskin gawd now) on Twitter minutes after Trump tweeted his mini rant. Later in the day, Warriors coach Steve Kerr threw shade at Trump, which wasn’t new. You’ll find it funnier if you noticed that Trump did not throw a shot at Steve Kerr (yet). I think I know the reason why.

Trump then doubled down on Twitter and said every NFL player who protests should be “fired.” Donald Trump thinks America is a terrible television show that was once on NBC that had a washed up celebrity on it hosting in the middle 2000s who said a person was fired for not “satisfying” a business task. Wait, that was him.

You still reading this? I’m shocked. Uncomfortable? Excellent.

Trump’s language and attitude is out of this world. He’s literally the grandpa that my dude Kyle told me he has in Southern Georgia where you never know what will come out of his mouth next (shoutout to mama Madson). If this is his best idea of making America great, who right now feels great? The KKK? White Supremacists? Nazis? People who still wave the confederate flag?

The scariest thing of all? Trump calling grown men “sons of bitches” was the most normal thing that’s came out of his mouth.

It’s funny in a sad way that his behavior and rhetoric continues to be defended by some. Trump is a terrible president and human being. Nothing in office has gotten done other than his ability to literally get Nazis to sing songs in his name and for him to say “they’re nice people too.” He said it, folks. Defending and wishing Trump will change at this point is like being a New York Knicks fan. You have this false hope that you’re gonna make the playoffs and then it all falls apart in hilarious ways (shoutout to Melo being freed).

Here’s what infuriates me the most. The NFL and its owners have turned the “flag protest” into a Trump protest. Um, no. That’s not what it is about. It had NOTHING to do with this administration and him in the first place. People forget that the reason Kaepernick did it because of his beliefs in racial inequality and police bruality while risking his career for it.

However, if it took a divisive president who has a vocabulary of a eight year old child to strike up NFL, NBA and even a MLB player(s) (Bruce Maxwell) to do act on it (NBA players have been outspoken the most, btw), then, i mean okay. Good, I guess.

Where has the NFL been at when it was addressed by a player last year? Why are they now to say they’re for “unity,” when the guy who started it is being blackballed? It took Trump to call out owners for them to finally scream unity but they turned a blind eye as he made despicable comments about everybody else beginning in 2015. Money talks.

Here’s the thing – even if you disagree with Kaepernick’s original stance (I don’t know why you would disagree about how police brutality but whatever to fit YOUR narrative), having the “president” on his phone acting like he’s a twitter honey expressing his views how he “hates” players exercising their freedom of speech is an issue.

If you’re upset with professional athletes using their platform to exercise their freedom of speech because they make “too much money” and “money protects them from it (which is very false)” because you are still stuck on the national anthem and a piece of cloth, then that’s really unfortunate.

If you’re upset about athletes who have millions of dollars and also donate their money and time to communities because that’s how they choose to use their platform, then maybe you should talk to poor people in the communities and help them. Get off your privilege horse and be better.

I asked this question before and I’ll ask it again – that flag does represent all of us in America, right? Not just one group? Unless the Migos or Future created a new flag or national anthem, I’m positive that it is supposed to represent everyone, not just one fragment of society.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – this is not normal. The United States of America, supposedly the “greatest” country ever is looking like Mo Speights’ ability to rebound – trash. Now before you fools tell me I should leave, just know that one, that’s the stupidest retort I’ve heard. Two, if you want me to leave – pay for my plane ticket.

Asking for change doesn’t mean individuals hate the country. I can’t stress it enough. I love America and yet, I can ask for it to be better. It’s not hard to do. Unless you weren’t listening cause you were too busy stuck on the national anthem and a flag (it would be better if quavo sang the anthem), Kaepernick stated this 14 months ago.

The beauty of this country is that all of us have the right to express ourselves. However, when one such as Trump continues to disrespect minorities or even others because they are exercising their First Amendment rights like he does daily, then the backlash, outrage and outright disrespect will continue and it will get worse for him.

Previously stated, this is the third time since November I have written about this guy. Obviously, I know that my opinion won’t reach him or his base (Twitter fame hasn’t gotten me places yet) because they are too busy still saying “but Barack Obama” or “Well crooked Hillary” said this.  It gets old to see memes that have little to no truth to them being shared on Facebook. If you have an internet connection, you could at least follow actual accounts with blue checks by them. I won’t lie to you, I’m tired of hypocrisy.

Maybe Donald should “stick to politics” like how Sanders (and Trump on Twitter) told Hill to “stick to sports” last week.

YG had the anthem. Some should have listened while Jake, Eric, Chris and I blasted that song throughout Bellevue, Washington a million times last summer. Think about what side of history you wanna see. Reverting back to the 1940s and 1950s is embarrassing and should be unacceptable for all of us.

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