The NBA Finals began last night and just like the NBA playoffs this year, it was another blowout, this time with the Golden State Warriors getting the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the paint (literally and figuratively). Game 1 was close for a bit until the Golden State (more like Stephen Curry) 3rd quarter eruption occurred, leaving folks to wonder if this will even be a series (It most definitely will) and leaving people to wonder if the Golden State Warriors have ruined the NBA with the addition of Kevin Durant (They haven’t).

Game 2 is on Sunday. The hot take machines have been rolling since the game was over on a pull-up three from 30 feet by Stephen Curry in the 3rd quarter. Here are mine, but in blog form.

Winner: Kevin Durant

Last night was the first time that I realized that Warriors signed Kevin Durant during free agency 11 months ago. Wanna know how great Durant was? Russell Westbrook snapchatted himself watching a movie in the middle of the game. The petty, Russ. I understand. Durant was the best player in Oracle last night. Dunks. Driving layups. Pull up jumpers. Threes. Defense. This is why Durant left Oklahoma City.

People have forgotten that Durant is the game’s second best player, but now we’re seeing his skills on the game’s main stage. As great as Russell Westbrook is as a basketball player, Durant might not have been in this position with him as Durant’s #2 guy. Keep calling Durant a bitch or a snake for leaving Oklahoma City, though. You would have done the same as him if you got tired of watching your point guard jack up terrible shots and commit ridiculous turnovers late in games with little to no spacing on the floor.

Loser: Cleveland’s others

Earl Smith III played like he was hungover on henny. Kyle Korver can’t guard. Deron Williams just looks old. Tristian Thompson looks like he’s ready to get married to a Kardashian. Obviously, game 2 will be different. Everyone knows this. If the others don’t show up, then this series will end quicker than Nicki Minaj’s relevance to the music industry.

Winner: Nike

Nike has LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving in the NBA Finals. Two of those three are in the top 3 overall basketball talents in the NBA. Durant also just had his KDX come out last night. Mark Parker somewhere laughing and watching the money pile up.

Loser: Klay Thompson’s jump shot

Remember when Klay Thompson could hit a jump shot? Luckily, Thompson is a really great defender or he’d be unplayable. 3-16, 6 points for a guy who is more capable than that on the offensive end. I’m still holding out hope we have one of those Klay Thompson shooting displays but maybe it won’t matter this postseason. Somebody find Klay Thompson an Instagram model soon, man. For his sake.

Winner: LeBron James

Lebron is playing in his 8th NBA Finals (7th straight), and has zero expectations to even win this year, according to some. If the Cavs win the NBA finals, the Jordan/Lebron conversations will continue and would have legitimacy.   If the Cavs lose, the Jordan/Lebron conversations will still continue and somehow, a team that has 3 all-stars and the stans that have claimed Kyrie > Wardell will backtrack from those comments and claim that Cleveland isn’t a great team. Truly, the King himself.

Loser: LeBron James

James’ stat line looks decent on paper. 28 points, 15 rebounds, and 8 assists and you would think that Cleveland probably kept this game competitive.  However, his game high 8 turnovers cannot be ignored. If you watched the game (This was the first full NBA game I watched in months, btw), James had little to no impact on how it went after the 1st half.  He was probably the 3rd best player on the floor last night. Obviously, LeBron will adjust. Me thinks that he’s not gonna be able to guard Kevin Durant, though.

Winner: Mike Brown

Mike Brown is really undefeated coaching the Warriors. He’s also collecting paychecks from the Cleveland Cavaliers organization as well as my Lakers. Talk about the finesse. Can’t get mad at it. Brown might coach this team (there’s a rumor that Steve Kerr is going to coach game 2) to a title. 2017 is weird.

Loser: The guy on Twitter who said that Cleveland should play a 2-3 zone to counter with the Warriors.  Wait, what?

But the biggest winner of the night in my estimation is…..Rihanna.

Rihanna sat courtside, bowed to Lebron and somehow talked trash to Kevin Durant who then proceeded to hit a couple of jumpers and look at her. Jeff Van Gundy was showing the thirst early on, too.

God bless.

Game 2 on Sunday.

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