Enough about conference pride & other things

what do you mean the jig is up?

The NCAA Tournament is starting back up as the sweet 16 kicks off tonight. As a Carolina fan, this week has been hilarious to hear the importance about conferences and the extra importance for a conference to show their dominance in the NCAA Tournament. The ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) was the best conference this year in college basketball in my personal and experts opinions.

The best conference in college basketball has 1 team left in the NCAAs, which happens to be…. North Carolina. Last year around this time, the ACC had their own version of the elite 8, and placed two teams in the Final Four who happened to play each other (North Carolina and Syracuse) in the national semi-final.

The ACC’s “failure” in this years NCAA tournament has been mocked by fans from other conferences which has been funny. I’m all about jokes and memes. That’s what keeps myself going. Is it a good look that 8 other teams from the best conference in college basketball got eliminated on the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Of course it’s not. Was the ACC probably a little overrated, but still better than let’s say….. the Pac-12 conference as a whole? Absolutely (I’m a west coaster at heart but the three teams left from the P12 that were highly ranked from late January to March couldn’t save how mediocre it was).

Watching Louisville lose to Michigan (I predicted this on my bracket), and witnessing Grayson Allen shoot brick after brick on Sunday made me smile. Seeing Florida take out Virginia’s ridiculous brand of basketball was beautiful. Watching Florida State get blown out against Xavier (Another upset I picked) cracked me up.

Conference pride is overrated. Those same teams’ fanbases that I just clowned were rooting against Carolina against Arkansas, which would have left zero teams from the best conference in the tournament. I saw Duke fans on my Twitter Timeline openly rooting for Arkansas, posting pictures and getting the crying faces ready until the 12-0 (with a little luck and blessings) over 3 minutes happened. If you want to root for your teams’ conference, have fun with it. I won’t judge you. Okay, that’s a lie. I will judge you just a tad. However, you damn sure know that you wouldn’t do that in the regular season, and deep down, you know damn well you only want your team to win.

It’s the NCAA tournament. It’s a single elimination tournament where the wackiest things are possible. That’s why it’s March Madness.

Other things & Predictions;

If your East region is close to perfect, you need to play the lottery immediately. Go run to the nearest 7-11 and buy a lottery ticket. Now. Villanova broke everybody’s brackets yet again (depending on how far you had them this year or last year). Duke was never really back although Gary Parrish, Seth Davis, Jay Bilas, and Jay Williams were BEGGING for the committee to give them a 1 seed after a 4 game stretch (it was impressive) instead of looking at how up and down their season was.

UCLA/Kentucky will be the game of the weekend no matter what happens during the regional finals. Think about this. Two of college basketball’s historical programs. Lonzo Ball. Aaron Fox. Malik Monk. Aaron Holiday. BRYCE!! Alford. Isaiah Briscoe. BAM! Tj Leaf. Remember those names until that random white kid for Kentucky who plays the stretch 4 has 35 pts and goes 10/15 from three.

Which Joel Berry II will Carolina see? The good Joel where I yell around rooms screaming “That’s my lightskin ______ (you can guess what word goes there)!” or the one where I sit and cringe at how poorly he’s playing? We’ll find out tomorrow night.

Will Purdue’s size give Kansas problems? Will it matter since Kansas has the best guards in the country? Tonight’s game will be interesting. Mismatches everywhere. Watch out for Purdue.

The Northwestern kid who was crying over and over on national TV is one shining moment material. We all know it. Bless up to his new internet fame. I hope he capitalizes on it and Ellen has him on soon.

East “this bracket is yolo” regional prediction:

Wisconsin is somehow gonna find itself in Phoenix, huh?

West “WE IN THE YAY AREA” regional prediction:

Either Gonzaga loses today, or gets to the final four for the first time ever in program history. I’ll say they reach Phoenix over Arizona although my bracket has Arizona, and that West Virginia press is tough.

Midwest “the Kansas Jayhawks home games” regional prediction:

Rock Chalk, right? Or will Swanigan/Brooks/Walton lead the upset over the new Vegas favorites?

South “RINGZZZZZZZZZZZZZ & HELLO FRIENDS”┬áregional prediction:

EIther the ceiling will be the roof or the jig will be higher than the ceiling and I might go MIA for a couple of days. I’m kidding (I’m really not kidding).

That’s that. Watch these games. Root for whoever. Who cares about your conference. College Basketball is ending soon.