….. Ouch, America.

This is a fore warning. If you’re gonna feel offended by this, i suggest you don’t read. Actually, no. I think you should read this. Maybe you’ll at least attempt to understand where I’m coming from.


Donald Trump really is going to be the 45th president. The guy who’s offended every single minority group, claimed to grab women by the pussy because he’s a “star,” a man who has no political ties, said that our current president wasn’t born in America because he was born in Hawaii (like me), said that Mexicans were rapists, called for a Muslim ban, hasn’t released his taxes, mocked a disabled journalist, plays friendly with Russia, stands on trial for fraud in a few weeks is going to be the leader of this country. The worst of all of this is that his running mate wants to eliminate gays by conversion therapy. Bruh. What the Fuck, man. *rubs eyes* What the hell did we do, America? We’re really gonna go from Barack Obama to this? Am I still dreaming?

Hillary Clinton blew a 3-1 lead in the election and lost Golden State Warriors style mainly because democrats didn’t vote for her. Wild. No seriously. The turnout compared to the last two elections were wild. Granted, I was not excited to vote but yet I did. I understand if you weren’t. I’m not coming at you for it because the beauty of this country is that we’re allowed that right. The fact of the matter is, more people in swing states voted for Trump. It is what it is now.

It’s only been 2 days and Trump supporters are celebrating this victory by showing off their bigotry and racism, taking it up a notch. I’ve seen videos of cars marked with the words “Trump! fuck you nigger.” Read stories about how Muslim women have had their hijab pulled off of them in public or even better, I’ve seen stories about how women have been openly groped in public. How fucking embarrassing, America. I’ve said all along to a lot of people that his supporters ate up the fact that his slogan “Make America Great Again” was a metaphor to make america great again for them, not all of us.  From what I’m seeing here, sadly, I’m being proved right.

So now, today on November 10th, I’m being told right now that I need to “respect” Donald Trump because he’s gonna be president. Listen. That dude doesn’t even respect my existence. Respect is earned, not given (Word to Lebron James). The moment Donald Trump notices that everybody outside of white men and women exist in this country of ours, then we can begin to feel some respect. However, it’s hard to respect someone who has the KKK throwing parades for him being elected, and it’s not being denounced by him or his people. Freedom of speech only works when YOU’RE able to be openly racist and get away with it. Right?

In fact, more people are more upset about people having peaceful protests across the country than the fact than what I just said above. It’s truly fascinating to me. However, it proving that all along that America is full of shit when it comes to the treatment of minorities. The United States of America, for all its great things has terrible issues when it comes to progression. Progression is something that people don’t want to see because people are afraid of it. When the rest of the country is attempting to move forward,  a certain fraction of America is upset because “that’s not their america.”

People are more mad at people still protesting instead of ever being mad about the shit Trump has said about… everyone. People aren’t protesting the result. People are protesting the fact that human rights afforded to them could be gone. People are protesting because we don’t have a voice anymore. Our voice as a minority is gone because of various hate groups. Troubling. Disturbing. New America. No wait, Old America. 1940s America meets 2016.

I was talking to my grandparents about this election, and for 16 months, they couldn’t believe the shit that would come out of Trump’s mouth and that people would openly cheer for it. My grandparents have seen everything in the world. They were born during Jim Crow. Lived through the Civil Rights Movement.  The pain in my grandma’s voice on Tuesday night is something that I can’t even comprehend. This is a person that’s survived cancer, survived a major stroke last year and got better within a month. She had more pain in her voice Tuesday night than she did while going through any of that stuff.

Personally, I grew up in a bubble for the majority of my life. Although racism is everywhere, I feel like compared to the minorities I met at George Mason, I never had stories of outright racism like they did. I never experienced it like them. My encounters dealing with racism as some told me were just simple. That being said, I know right from wrong. As a black man living in this current state, racism hasn’t gone away. Sexism hasn’t gone away. Misogynist views haven’t gone away. They were like a fruit waiting to be picked off a tree, ready to be eaten by the wrong person.

Trump saw an opportunity of people who always said this shit in private, and made it okay  to spew it out in public. Then, if you don’t like it, they say you’re just too “PC” and that they’re the oppressed ones because their views on everyone and everything different than them is wrong.

Which begs the question, why can’t America be great for yanno, everyone?

I’ll answer my own question. America can’t be great for everyone because only half of us want change and growth for future generations. It’s hard to unite as these people continue to claim unless we’re all on the same page. Sadly, that’s gonna take longer than any of us want. It starts in the education system. It starts with getting out of your bubble and learning something different.

To minorities out there, listen.

This isn’t the time to live your life in fear. Fuck that. Don’t let these racist folks make you feel uncomfortable. Embrace your heritage. Fight for what you believe in. Never be silent. Keep marching. Become even more active and donate your time and money. This isn’t the end of us. We’re gonna be a problem and we MUST let them and everyone know this. They’re gonna set up roadblocks. Let them continue to show off their ignorance and hatred for each of us. We gotta come together. Fuck it.

To people who oppose Donald Trump who aren’t minorities, listen.

Fight with us. Don’t drop the ball and sit back. You wanna be somebody? Lead with your actions. If that’s not your thing, then please be quiet and stand in the corner. If you think everything he’s said has been extremely outrageous, prove it. Donate your time within the various communities, hop out of your damn bubble and be the change you claim you want to see.

If you actually agree with Donald Trump’s rhetoric:

This is tough for me to state, but I really hope and pray that you get out your own bubble and comfort zone to realize that there is more than just you. You’re most likely afforded privilege. That being said, have some damn empathy. Your candidate has offended people. Your candidate has people terrified here. Chanting “build a wall” or “lock her up,” then telling others that we need to respect that isn’t gonna sit over well. Just know that. Be better people. It’s not hard. Well maybe it is for you. Only God knows.

We live in a country full of unknowns.  An unknown future for our children(hypothetically speaking, here. I don’t have kids, duh). An unknown world for our relations with other countries. This is what we voted for, and quite honestly, this is what we deserve as people because if we were smarter and not given this guy this much attention to begin with…. yeah exactly. At the end of this, I really hope all of us (myself included) get out of the bubble we live and realize that the America we all live in is a different than someone else. Make changes. Be active. Make your voice known. Get educated. Defeat Ignorance.

Maybe that’s too simple. It’s gonna be a weird ass 4 years. Buckle up.

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