Tis the SZN as told by Jake

In June of 2013, Jake and I wrote the prosper season blog while it was 2 am, and just hanging out, doing hoodrat things. The idea came because both of us were prospering, and I couldn’t stop saying the word, “Prosper.”  So both of us figured that we should create something not just for us, but for the people. In the words of Jalen Rose:

But people have asked me if the season or SZN is dead. Is it dead? No, It’s not dead. In fact, it’s taking on a new life. The homie, and my brother (Not blood brothers but close enough) Jake decided to chop it up and tell everyone what Prosper Season is.

sherman prosper season

Prosper season can be whatever you want it to be—an entity, an idea, something tactile or something you shake your head about, but it is not dead. You see, when @kingshaundiz and I laid the foundation for prosper season originally over a year ago, we found ourselves at the zenith of (what we thought was) prosperity because we thought we’d successfully put the females we adored on the pedestals they so gratefully deserved. Unfortunately, therein lies the crux of our problem: we built prosper season one-dimensional, its sole purpose to reflect how happy we were with our situations regarding the aforementioned significant others. Yet we are—and ultimately always will be—hopeless romantics at heart. In the end, nice guys never finish first. Ever.

After many back-and-forth debates on whether we should eliminate #SZN altogether or somehow resurrect it had us questioning if the framework we’d ultimately created could last.

With time to digest all that had transpired and a fresh perspective, we realized of course it can.

Because we used philandering to build this façade for prosper season that jaded the purest sense of its meaning. Any personal success, small or large, is merely the metaphorical tip of the ice burg that is prosperity; the mass beneath the surface is the genuine happiness that stems from the bottom of your gut and works its way up through your lungs and your heart and out to the tips of your extremities, the genuine happiness that makes you feel like a million bucks if for no other reason than it’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you can’t believe you’ve been given another chance to go chase those dreams that suddenly seem attainable because you were capable of doing so all along.

With all the madness in the world—racism, terrorism, violence, lying, cheating, etc—we created prosper season, not to annoy anyone, not to incite sighs or eye-rolling, and certainly not to perpetuate the “hook up” or “yolo” or “only god can judge me” culture that has tried—but not succeeded—to victimize perhaps the few good men there are left, but to invite people to join a movement that preaches something people can believe in. Live in this moment with us, Tomorrow isn’t promised today. You will not get a finer opportunity than right now to be great.

Go live. Go love. Go laugh.

Family over everything.

Yours Truly,