Let’s just lose off a hail mary, huh?

I came back to wordpress for this. Sickening that it took me since May to blog but you know what? This needs to be said.

That was the most embarrassing way to ever lose a football game. I can’t even describe what I just saw on a TV screen. It’s not like I expected USC to you know, win a title this year. I’ve been one of the few people who said back in August that SC should win at least 8-9 games given their schedule. I’m not expecting much. It’s a young football team. A lot of freshman playing key roles, so my expectations are clearly, and I mean CLEARLY low given a first year coaching staff, and lack of depth.


It’s hilarious to me that USC can’t defend a simple Hail Mary. Matter of fact, these dudes haven’t defended anything in the secondary all year. Don’t they practice on covering? When you go against Nelson Aglohor, JuJu Smith, Darreus Rogers, and George Farmer, you should be able to at least ATTEMPT to cover someone. So many USC games that I’ve seen with that ending. 2007 Stanford. 2009 Washington. 2009 Arizona. 2010 Washington. 2012 Stanford. 2012 Arizona. 2012 Notre Dame. 2013 Washington State. I was with my friend Grace, and I told her, “watch USC blow this in hilarious fashion because that’s what they do in these types of situations.” And what do you know? These dudes are LOST when it comes to defending the pass in the secondary.

Credit Arizona State for winning this game, but USC gave this game away by their pathetic, paper mache defense. Who coaches these defensive backs? Matter of fact, how did Jaylen Strong run a simple post route down the middle of the field without ANYONE touching him, then, and then, NOBODY jumps to even defend the ball. Are you dudes serious? Cause what I just saw, nope. Nah. I’m not having it with yall.

A lot of you fools are gonna sit and blame Sark for this. Even though I was never for the hire, this really isn’t all on him. Yes, the offense looks like R.Kelly’s doo-doo at certain times, but they scored 34 points on a bad night. How many teams can say that? That says a lot about them as an offensive unit. Sure, USC’s offense could have put up close to 40, but when you score 34 points in a game, you should expect to win.

I’m fed up right now. Not embarrassed. Fed up.

How does NOBODY jump on a hail mary? How Sway?

Just sickening how these developments. Crazy how USC could be 5-0 at best, and sitting pretty seeing how everybody lost today. Even 4-1 would be nice. But nope. 3-2 after losing on a hail mary because nobody knows how to defend it. Sickening. Embarrassing.

I’m out.

Fight On.