Keep doing you, QB #2 for Texas A&M


The first week of the College Football season brought excitement from Clemson/Georgia game, to all the upsets that we saw across the country from FCS schools, especially from North Dakota State, and Eastern Washington. However, instead of talking those upsets, and about how great QB #10 for Clemson, QB #5 for Louisville and QB #5, the redshirt freshman for Florida State were over the weekend, America, in particular, a certain 4 letter network is STILL speaking and writing about one man and his actions from Saturday afternoon.

QB #2 for Texas A&M was already a polarizing figure in the National Media. After being crowned as one of the best Quarterbacks of our generation by several people after his ridiculous freshman season where he won the Heisman Trophy, and led the SEC in rushing (That’s not a typo at all), and was proclaimed #JohnnyFootball without playing a single game. Now, after a long college football off-season, the same people who crowned him as one of the game’s best players are the ones who want him to fall on his face.

Sure, QB #2 hasn’t made it easy for himself. From partying all off-season (which was well, hilariously dope to me), to hanging out in New Orleans at the Super Bowl, and taking pictures with Justin Timberlake, to hanging out in Miami at the LIV with Rick Ross and Drake, or being seen with several athletes such as Lebron, Chris Paul, and James Harden or my favorite rumor about QB #2, that he “took” money from signing autographs even though the people who “paid” him wouldn’t speak to the NCAA because well, it’s the NCAA. Folks wanted him suspended for pretty much doing nothing, but since he’s been having too much fun, it’s a problem. When it’s revealed that he’s suspended for a half, folks thought the Anti-Christ came and the “fake” outrage happened.

Then on Saturday, QB #2 did nothing to help ease the drama and the perception of what people think of him. My dude came in the 2nd half, led A&M on 4 straight scoring drives, threw 3 TDs on 8 attempts, and looked better than he did last year. But instead of saying, “wow, he looked good,” the comments turned into, “I can’t believe he’s celebrating like that after throwing touchdowns” or “he’s such an spoiled brat, look how he’s celebrating” or my favorite one from Mark May,”He’s not a leader and I bet his teammates don’t respect the way he acts or plays.”

shaun howard swagger
I really got nothing from that

QB #2 does his patented money celebration, and in fact, he’s been doing it since last season, but now it’s a problem? Now he’s defying the law for celebrating a touchdown pass? Now he’s not a leader because of this?

So when the 4 letter network’s favorite stepchild and the favorite player of everyone in America, you know, the one who got cut by the New England Patriots because he’s not a quarterback, and former Heisman winner himself from the University of Florida gator chopped in an Oklahoma Sooners’ player in the National Title Game back in 2009, it was said that he was “excited, and a gamer, and look how great of a leader he is.” But when #2 does his little celebration, it’s a problem? Right. Got it.

How about QB #10 for Clemson for doing the same exact thing #2 did after his first TD against Georgia? People said it wasn’t a problem or that he was immature, but it represented “swag” and having fun. Why can’t #2 have fun? Is because we shouldn’t want him to have fun anymore?


Better yet, QB #2 talks trash back to Rice players after throwing his 3rd and final touchdown on the afternoon, then points to the scoreboard to get the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and taken out the game by his own coach.  He’s not the first person to get an unsportsmanlike penalty, and guess what everyone? He sure won’t be the last one. But since he got one just for pointing to the scoreboard, he’s not a leader? What? His teammates hate his actions? Huh? How do we know?

I would have done the same tho

The funny thing is, we talk about how athletes need to have fun, and have a little bit of swagger and arrogance. We’re mad because he has too much? QB #2 reminds me of the mid 80s-early 90s Miami football teams. A lot of confidence, very arrogant, but also very very talented, and we love to hate those types of players because they aren’t the “norm” to how society wants them to act.

So why do you want him to fail? Because the mainstream media built this guy up so he can fall? Because he had too much fun in the off-season hanging out with celebrities? Because the NCAA is a dumb organization and never get things right? Because he’s cocky, even though he’s been like this for 2 years now? Should we want Nick Saban to “teach” A&M a lesson on September 15th? (I personally think Alabama has all the pressure on them in that game but I don’t know football.)

QB #2 isn’t concerned about people hating on him. In fact, we should WANT him to live a little bit, but according to some, he’s already lived too much. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Shouldn’t we want our athletes to talk trash and to be brash instead of not saying anything? Listen, keep doing you, QB #2. You’re one of the reasons why we watch games, and talk about college football. Don’t change your ways because other people don’t want you to have fun playing this game.

In the words of me (look how arrogant that was), #Prosper, QB #2. I’ll be rooting for you.


8 thoughts on “Keep doing you, QB #2 for Texas A&M”

      1. It’s a distraction for….. who? Him? The team? The media is making it a distraction when it’s completely nothing. Right now, we’re both making it a distraction for even talking about him. If he’s an ass for being cocky, then I’m an ass for doing the same on the hardwood. Simple as that.

  1. If he does something on the field that causes a distraction for his team and they lose as a direct result then yes, you’re right sean. Other than that the only one distracted by him is 4-letter network

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