Why are we doing this, Lakers?

I really got nothing

As the NBA season ended with a thrilling game 7, and then the NBA Draft last Thurday , it’s suddenly time for a new NBA season. What’s new with the new NBA season?! NBA FREE AGENCY!!! YAY! Well, maybe not yay. I mean, if you’re a fan of a team who can prosper with some free agents (Houston, Dallas, Atlanta… well not Atlanta), then you look at it as a blessing. For me? I honestly don’t give a damn what happens with well, you know who.

Last summer, I wrote a blog about how I didn’t give a you know what about Dwight Howard (Very strong language but……. https://shaunhoward.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/why-we-all-myself-included-need-to-calm-down-about-dwight-howard/). And the funny thing is, I still don’t care about Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard had back surgery last summer, and said that he’d come back  when he was healthy. The dude comes back in November. Dwight then complains in February about coming back too soon, how he was hurt, and how he couldn’t feel certain parts of his body because of his surgery.

This all comes after All-NBA shooting guard Kobe Bryant told the media (in a passive-aggressive way I might add) that the Lakers needed to make a “run” now, to get into the playoffs and he kinda singled out Dwight. Later on that week, Dwight’s father comes out and says that the Lakers + their fans are too hard on his son.


It didn’t help that the Lakers went through three coaches, injuries everywhere (the crushing blow was Kobe tearing his Achilles in one of the last games of the season), and they didn’t gel as a team (The funny thing is……. the Lakers actually won 45 games in a season where everyone was injured. If they didn’t start off 17-25, man who knows? Could have won 55 with all of the drama but I’ll sleep to that).

So what’s the point to this?

The Los Angeles Lakers, a once proud franchise who could just point to players and say “This is LA. It’s sunny 340 days a year, and you’ll win titles” is now begging. The Los Angeles Lakers under the late, great Jerry Buss never pleaded for a player to re-sign with the Lakers. The Lakers now look like an organization at a crossroads, and it’s completely obvious that they have NO plan, or NO structure for what they are going to do in the future.

Why are WE doing this Lakers? Why are we putting up billboards begging for this dude to stay in Los Angeles, when it’s pretty clear that this dude doesn’t want to be with the organization? Better yet, why is Magic Johnson joining the begging campaign by sending Dwight a tweet telling him to stay? We sound like Ne-Yo in 2005 when he was begging his “girl” to stay with him (I know you know that song). Why are WE….. thirsty?

If you have to beg and plead with a player to convince him to stay put, then he probably doesn’t want to be around the organization. The Los Angeles Lakers front office, from the billboards, to the begging on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook are disgracing themselves, and becoming the laughing stock of the NBA.

Dwight Howard, like it or not is a big baby (no Glen Davis). He doesn’t want to face criticism. He wants to be loved. He doesn’t want the spotlight. Last season, we all saw it. Granted, Dwight was hurt, and he’s fully “recovered” from back surgery, but even still, what type of player will you get from a guy who’s 28 and came off major back surgery last year? Do you even want to sign this guy for a 5 year contract when he can’t make up his mind if he wants to be with a franchise?

It’s okay to struggle for a season or two, LA. As a franchise, you’ve only missed the playoffs 5 times in their history. It’s fine to make it 6. Kobe isn’t gonna be back until January. The Lakers are an old team in general. You can just lose 45-50 games, get in the lottery, and pray for a top 5 pick to build around, and with the cap space in 2014……….. you’re back to making a play (no, the Lakers will not sign Lebron) to be a contender again.


Los Angeles. Please. I’m gonna beg you to stop begging Dwight Howard to stay. If he doesn’t want to be with you, why force it on him? Lakers, if he leaves, it’s for the best for himself, and for you too. That way, you don’t have to deal with the trade request that he’ll have in December. Stop begging.

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