I’m mad.

This isn’t about #ProsperSeason. This isn’t about sports. I just felt like I needed to get this down somewhere, and of course, I have a blog. If you disagree with my feelings, fine.  I could care less. If you agree with it, fine. I’m good with that too.

I’m mad.

Not about sports. Not about my personal life. But this Trayvon Martin thing has me mad.

When I say mad, I mean it as that I want to do something about it. Most people want to riot. But what’s a riot going to solve? Maybe I’m from the old school because my grandparents raised me on some different values so call me old-fashioned, but violence isn’t the answer to solve problems. Violence is how Martin’s life was ended. Violence is how a lot of lives in this country of ours end.

My question is this: When are we as people going to be better to ourselves? When are we going to rise up, and stop the terrorism in our own country?

Most people won’t understand how I’m feeling, and you know what? Fine. I don’t want you to understand it.  But,  just imagine if this situation happened to a family member or a friend. Would you be mad? Would you want to change how us as people are?  Any child of any race could have died that night, and I, personally would still be upset. Wanna know why? It’s a child. A child. We don’t know what happened that night, and I’m not going to assume. It’s possible George Zimmerman was afraid of Martin. It’s possible Martin said something to set him off. We don’t know, and we’ll never know. But you know what happened? A child is dead because of….. violence.

All I’m saying is this: as people, we need to rise up and be better to each other. Enough of the violence. Enough of the hurt and hatred towards each other. This is America. Not Black America. Not White America. Not Asian America. Not Mexican America. Maybe I’m asking for too much from us as American people. But, damn. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of  these types of crimes in America. I’m tired of watching the news and seeing someone dead.

And no, I didn’t write this because Trayvon Martin was a black male. I know how some people think, and that’s sad.  This is about us as people being better. It’s time to stop the violence.

Just, God. I’m asking you this.

Help us. Help us be better as people because this needs to end. Enough is enough. We have to be better.


Why it’s #ProsperSeason

This really has nothing to do with the NBA, or any type of sport because I’m tired of writing about them right now. Why should I write about Aaron Soprano Hernandez and how hilarious it is to see the “Patriot Way” be ruined, while Tom Brady has no one to throw to? And of course, the never ending drama of the Los Angeles Lakers BEGGING for Dwight Howard to stay (Speaking of Dwight Howard, nobody is talking about how he has 8 baby mamas. He’s gonna need that 110 million dollar max deal contract and then some in the future because child support is NO JOKE. Ask Shawn Kemp and Travis Henry). I’ve done that already. Let’s take some time off for a second.

Let’s take another route and journey. A journey that’s like no other. While you’re reading this, listen to the song. It’ll all make perfect sense. Or maybe don’t listen. It’ll still make sense.

Everyone, this is #ProsperSeason. Yes, #ProsperSeason. Okay, it’s a little repetitive. But this is officially #ProsperSeason.

mlk not chillin

By definition, the word Prosper means:

to become strong and flourishing

The word season means:

a period of the year characterized by or associated with a particular activity or phenomenon

Put them together, and what do you have? #ProsperSeason.

#ProsperSeason means:

Succeeding and attempting to get your flourish on while doing anything in this time of season

Think about it. Look at Aaron Hernandez. He obviously didn’t believe in #ProsperSeason because if he did, he wouldn’t be in this situation in his life. Now look at Lebron. He’s about that #ProsperSeason life. Jay-Z? He’s always in #ProsperSeason mode (cuz he wifed up Beyonce and got her pregnant twice). Amanda Bynes? She doesn’t know the word Prosper means.


Prospering can come at different rates and at different styles. Right now, I’m prospering by just writing a blog on #ProsperSeason, and because well…. yeah nevermind. My dude Jake is having #Prosperity by being the coldest dude on the planet.  (DONT LET THE SKIN COLOR FOOL YOU, MY DUDE IS BLACKER THAN ME… OKAY MAYBE NOT BUT ITS CLOSE). My dude Eric saw his girl over the weekend, and guess what? The homie had his own version of #ProsperSeason.

Yes, I get it. it’s Summer, and that’s an actual season where women wear sundresses(^_^), we all go out the beach, and we do nothing but grill and drink beer coca-cola because this is America. But this summer, the amount of prospering that I’ve seen from EVERYONE around me has been amazing, and maybe it’s true that season is a little made up. Sure, it’s completely random that #ProsperSeason comes in the middle of the Summer. but guess what? #ProsperSeason is HERE to stay.

So this goes out to you, you, youuuuuuuuuuuu (say that in a Justin Timberlake voice). By reading this, you know all about the motto(No Drake) that I’ve been writing about on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. When you do something that’s successful, guess what? You’re living the life of #Prosperity, and that translates to #ProsperSeason.

I bet you’re reading this, and you’re laughing. This isn’t a joke, though. I’m not sitting here and writing a blog about this as a joke. Do you think Martin Luther King gave the “I have a Dream” speech for me to write this and mess around? This is the truth of all truths. In fact, if Dr. King was still alive, He’d be proud that we’re having this type of season right now.  #Prosperity is the way of life. Instead of being gloomy and sad while it’s the summer, and not prospering (for whatever reason), go out. Prosper. Live the life that YOU should be living.

Flourish young man

It’s July 3rd. We got two more months of Summer. But that doesn’t mean #ProsperSeason ends. Does the world end because we change seasons? NOAP, not even close. #ProsperSeason is here to stay. Think about it. On every level, we all prosper. For example, I prosper on a daily basis on accident (I didn’t do anything). Okay, well not really (I’m lying).  You think God put us on this earth for all of us to live the struggle life?  Instead of being abrasive, it’s time to be pleasing the opposite sex and other people.

This is our time for #Prosperity. It’s our season. Go out. Live it up. Prosper. Be great. Let the groove get in you.

I’m out.

Why are we doing this, Lakers?

I really got nothing

As the NBA season ended with a thrilling game 7, and then the NBA Draft last Thurday , it’s suddenly time for a new NBA season. What’s new with the new NBA season?! NBA FREE AGENCY!!! YAY! Well, maybe not yay. I mean, if you’re a fan of a team who can prosper with some free agents (Houston, Dallas, Atlanta… well not Atlanta), then you look at it as a blessing. For me? I honestly don’t give a damn what happens with well, you know who.

Last summer, I wrote a blog about how I didn’t give a you know what about Dwight Howard (Very strong language but……. https://shaunhoward.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/why-we-all-myself-included-need-to-calm-down-about-dwight-howard/). And the funny thing is, I still don’t care about Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard had back surgery last summer, and said that he’d come back  when he was healthy. The dude comes back in November. Dwight then complains in February about coming back too soon, how he was hurt, and how he couldn’t feel certain parts of his body because of his surgery.

This all comes after All-NBA shooting guard Kobe Bryant told the media (in a passive-aggressive way I might add) that the Lakers needed to make a “run” now, to get into the playoffs and he kinda singled out Dwight. Later on that week, Dwight’s father comes out and says that the Lakers + their fans are too hard on his son.


It didn’t help that the Lakers went through three coaches, injuries everywhere (the crushing blow was Kobe tearing his Achilles in one of the last games of the season), and they didn’t gel as a team (The funny thing is……. the Lakers actually won 45 games in a season where everyone was injured. If they didn’t start off 17-25, man who knows? Could have won 55 with all of the drama but I’ll sleep to that).

So what’s the point to this?

The Los Angeles Lakers, a once proud franchise who could just point to players and say “This is LA. It’s sunny 340 days a year, and you’ll win titles” is now begging. The Los Angeles Lakers under the late, great Jerry Buss never pleaded for a player to re-sign with the Lakers. The Lakers now look like an organization at a crossroads, and it’s completely obvious that they have NO plan, or NO structure for what they are going to do in the future.

Why are WE doing this Lakers? Why are we putting up billboards begging for this dude to stay in Los Angeles, when it’s pretty clear that this dude doesn’t want to be with the organization? Better yet, why is Magic Johnson joining the begging campaign by sending Dwight a tweet telling him to stay? We sound like Ne-Yo in 2005 when he was begging his “girl” to stay with him (I know you know that song). Why are WE….. thirsty?

If you have to beg and plead with a player to convince him to stay put, then he probably doesn’t want to be around the organization. The Los Angeles Lakers front office, from the billboards, to the begging on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook are disgracing themselves, and becoming the laughing stock of the NBA.

Dwight Howard, like it or not is a big baby (no Glen Davis). He doesn’t want to face criticism. He wants to be loved. He doesn’t want the spotlight. Last season, we all saw it. Granted, Dwight was hurt, and he’s fully “recovered” from back surgery, but even still, what type of player will you get from a guy who’s 28 and came off major back surgery last year? Do you even want to sign this guy for a 5 year contract when he can’t make up his mind if he wants to be with a franchise?

It’s okay to struggle for a season or two, LA. As a franchise, you’ve only missed the playoffs 5 times in their history. It’s fine to make it 6. Kobe isn’t gonna be back until January. The Lakers are an old team in general. You can just lose 45-50 games, get in the lottery, and pray for a top 5 pick to build around, and with the cap space in 2014……….. you’re back to making a play (no, the Lakers will not sign Lebron) to be a contender again.


Los Angeles. Please. I’m gonna beg you to stop begging Dwight Howard to stay. If he doesn’t want to be with you, why force it on him? Lakers, if he leaves, it’s for the best for himself, and for you too. That way, you don’t have to deal with the trade request that he’ll have in December. Stop begging.