The Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA Championship

The Miami Heat are once again kings of the NBA world as they’ve won back to back titles by defeating the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in game 7. It was ugly(Just like my dude Jared Ruefa and I said it would be back in November), but they got it done in an interesting fashion. I figured this series would be a great one because the Spurs were 4 for 4 in NBA Finals appearances, the Heat won it all last year, and have the game’s best player and the greatest player EVAR in Lebron James. Was I shocked it went 7 games? Yes and No.

Yes because I figured Miami would eventually figure out San Antonio after game 4, and to be honest, they should have. It’s still funny to me how Miami picked and chose what games to play “hard” to win a title. It’s, I don’t know…. crazy to me (And now I’ll be called a hater). I thought Dwyane Union Wade would play outstanding and he did for the most part. Lebron was Lebron in game 6 and 7, which he should have been from games 1-5 (Yup, now I’m gonna be called a hater for sure).

No because the fact that Miami coasted through the playoffs, picking and choosing which games to play hard when they were on the ropes is the reason why I’m not shocked it went 7 games. People will say “Well Lebron likes game 7s (which is true btw.. he’s #1 all time in points averaged in a game 7), and that he doesn’t want to go for the kill early, but instead wait to kill his opponent (which is also true). But still…… the San Antonio Spurs were 1 rebound and free throw away from winning a title in game 6. In fact, Miami fans thought they were gonna lose game 6 when they were walking out the arena to “beat the traffic.”  They were a Tim Duncan jump hook away from tying game 7, and possibly taking it to OT. But of course, I’m nitpicking. All that matters now is that Miami has the title, and they are back to back champions for the first time in their franchise history.

So congrats Miami. Well deserved.

Blog on the Lakers coming soon.



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