Breaking: Russell Westbrook is OUT

A major blow to Oklahoma City, and their title chances (Well Western Conference Champions chances. YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!). Russell Westbrook has a torn meniscus, and is out indefinitely. Sad injury to Westbrook because in his young NBA career, he has never missed a game. 

Oklahoma City is up 2-0 in the series, and game 3 is tomorrow. Personally, I think OKC will be fine in this series, but against the Clippers or Grizzlies? OKC might be, COOKED, and they’ll be going home early, which is sad.

It’s all up to you Reggie Jackson (And Derek Fisher. Bet Sam Presti wishes he had Eric Maynor still, huh?!).


All Hail Christopher Paul.

Our first great game of the playoffs was last night. Mike Conley and Chris Paul were going back back and forth, but in the end, the point god made the play to win the game and to have the Clippers take a 2-0 lead.

Stay being you, Chris.

Part two of the NBA Playoffs preview: Western Conference

Part 1:

The Western Conference Playoffs. Interesting storylines with each team, and each series. To be completely real, the Western Conference has better overall teams than the Eastern Conference (If you didn’t know this common fact, then I’m gonna pray for you). The East has the best team with the best player in the game (LeBane), but at the same time, I love watching the west teams battle each other. It’s entertaining. Let’s begin.

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Part 1: NBA Playoff Preview

When I think of the NBA Playoffs this season, I can’t get the thought of this terrible commercial out of my head:

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