Bracket update

Hey guys!

I forgot to update this, but I changed some stuff on my bracket. Instead of Michigan State winning it all, I have Ohio State.

Half the first round was sluggish for me. Went 11/16 as I switched from Colorado State to Mizzou (That’s called Shaun overthinking things), New Mexico showing up flat, and Davidson blowing a big lead. I picked South Dakota State because I don’t think Michigan is that good. I still don’t think they are. Pittsburgh was the only team that hurt me the most. I had them in the sweet 16, and them showing up uninspired early in the morning cost me a chance at points.

If anything, we almost saw Gonzaga lose today, which would have been hilarious to me. Why? Gonzaga does deserve their one seed, but at the same time, it’d be funny if they were the one program who lost to a 16 seed.

But that’s that.

I’ll update tomorrow night after the games!

– Shaun

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