Laker fans, will you relax?


If you didn’t know, I’m a Laker fan. Am I proud to be a Laker fan?  Not even close. I’m one of those Laker fans who’s a fan of the team, and will be completely honest with the team. In fact, I’m like that with all of my teams. As much as I love my teams, I’m a realist and this gets me in trouble with a lot of fans  because  most fans can’t accept the truth when it comes to sports. To some, sports is a life or death situation. If your team doesn’t win, you cry and complain. I know it. I’ve done it at least 3 times this year when USC lost (Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame). Outside of the Jets, Braves, and Mariners, I’m a spoiled ass fan. I’ve seen my teams win titles, and dominate the league. I’ve also seen my teams be horrible, but after a couple of years of rebuilding, they were fine.

As a Laker fan, I get put in a category where folks seem to be entitled to having success with them, and where most of the fanbase is complete ass. I’m not kidding. I hate about 95% of Laker fans because they don’t make sense. Most of them are clueless when it comes to basketball. Laker fans say “Kobe, Kobe, MVP, BEST PLAYER EVAR”while I sit there in laugh.


In fact, when I had my Tumblr about a year ago, a lot of Laker fans were really upset when I told them the Lakers wouldn’t win another title with Kobe Bryant on the team. Even with complete logic around it, they still said “He’s gonna pass Jordan, He’s hungry for 6, He’ll get the job done because he’s the Mamba. MVP! MVP!” Laker fans don’t see things with logic and they aren’t real. Hence why I get in trouble with Laker fans.  If you aren’t realistic about them, you aren’t a fan. I’ve had a host of Laker fans tell me this. In fact, when I said the Lakers messed up when they drafted Darius Morris, and said that he’s not as good as advertised, I got blasted. But hey, it’s part of the business of being a fan of a historically dominant franchise. If you say your thoughts, it’ll go one way or the other. That’s life.

The Lakers are 8-10 right now and lost a tough game in Houston where I believe they were up 13 at one point (I wasn’t watching because honestly, I’m not in the mood to watch these dudes right now). I mean, Kobe probably took too many shots (35), leading to a loss. I mean, I don’t condone him not shooting because at times, they need him too. But to me, they watch him too much instead of playing together as a team. Right now, they aren’t good, but considering the injuries on this team, it really could be worse.  What does this losing record cause in Laker land? OUTRAGE. Most Laker fans (young and old) can’t deal with a team losing at the beginning of the season because they aren’t “used” to it. What do you want from this team? Did you expect this team to be 18-0 right now by playing ONE preseason game together? This isn’t 2k13. This isn’t where you can put together a dope roster on paper and on a video game and make it work. In the game of basketball, it’s all about having team chemistry, and creating chemistry to get the ultimate goal: a championship. Championships aren’t built on paper. Championships are built on the floor.

My dude Micah wrote about how some of these Laker fans were basically idiots for wanting Phil Jackson  instead of Mike D’Antoni like Phil Jackson can save this (In my honest opinion, firing Mike Brown was the biggest scapegoat move I’ve seen in awhile. Do I understand it? Eh. I mean, I feel like the Lakers management overreacted, and they started this chain of events). Remember the last time Phil Jackson was the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers? Remember the last season? Remember the playoffs? Remember how Dallas swept the Lakers in the most hilarious fashion? Remember the Mother’s Day massacre? Like, let’s forget the rings for a second. Phil Jackson is one of the most overrated coaches in NBA History. If you think about it, Phil Jackson isn’t even the best coach of the Lakers franchise. Pat Riley was. If you dig deeper, #23 coached those Chicago Bull teams.

Jackson’s coaching style wouldn’t have worked with this team. Jackson is one of those guys who lets his guys figure it out on the floor, and doesn’t like calling timeouts. With this team, and the lack of chemistry already, especially with Dwight Howard attempting to learn the triangle…. nope. But nah.  Most Laker fans see it as “OMG, Phil! HE HAS RINGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, HE’S THE GREATEST! HE CAN SAVE US!” Nah, Phil couldn’t save this. I don’t even think D’Antoni can save this. He was brought in a situation where the team is old as dirt, they only have 3 athletic guys, and they can’t run. Plus, with Steven Nash out longer with this broken bone in his shin, he probably can’t save this situation right now.

I already said 8-10 wasn’t bad, and in fact…. it’s not as bad as people want to make it. The Lakers have been in most of these games with Darius Morris and Chris Duhon playing major minutes. Imagine that. Chris Duhon is playing major minutes in a NBA game (The crazy thing about the Lakers is that they play hard when they want to, which they were doing under Phil. The Lakers have only played hard in one game this year, and that was against Denver on a Friday night. Other than that, this team doesn’t go hard at times. That’s what you should be overreacting to. If this team plays hard, not about a damn coach).  Pau Gasol is looking older and older by every game, and I do think he needs a change of scenery because he hasn’t played well since the 2011 regular season. The Lakers right now aren’t a good basketball team, and I’m not sure if they’ll be great this year.

From my perspective, you don’t have to be good right now as a team. You’re building for playoff run after the All-Star break. Is it frustrating to watch? Damn right, it’s frustrating. But my god, the outrage over this team being 8-10 with them not playing together in the preseason due to Dwight Howard’s back injury, their starting point guard, their backup point guard out, firing a coach 5 games into a season because of Magic Johnson being a crybaby on ESPN, Howard’s inability to make the easiest shot in the world, and the fact that they really don’t have that much of a bench presence outside of Jodie Meeks and Antwan Jamison. So why the hell are you reacting? THE LAKERS ARE A BELOW AVERAGE BASKETBALL TEAM RIGHT NOW. WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM? This isn’t April. This is December. It hasn’t been a 1/4 of the season yet, and you idiots are already overreacting. I don’t understand it.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations going into this season, well early at least. When they lost the first game, some of you fools were saying how the season is over. In game one. I must be stupid. The NBA season is 82 games long, right ? I just don’t understand the outrage honestly. Maybe it’s because like I said, I didn’t have a lot of expectations early on. I feel like some of you Laker fans are so used to seeing a winning team, you forget when the Lakers struggled. Think about it Laker fans. The Lakers aren’t that good again until 2008. You know, when Kobe won MVP, and where Phil got outcoached by Doc Rivers badly in the NBA finals (You see what I did there?).

To me, this whole Lakers team situation is kinda like the mid-90s. LA has a dominant big man in his prime who can’t make the easiest shot in basketball (A free throw isn’t hard to make).  Some good talent, but not great, and just players who don’t really mesh together. That’s what the Lakers are. Talent galore, but the talent doesn’t fit together. You see Oklahoma City? Oklahoma City has built their team around Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Miami built around the big three (Bron, Bosh, Union). The difference in these teams is that all of those guys (with the exception of Dwyane Wade Union) is that most of these cats are young. Mitch Kupchak is the godfather, yes I know Laker fans. But really, did Mitch do a good job getting younger talent off the bench? Jordan Hill is so EH. Jamison is 36. Outside of Meeks, and Darius Morris (who’s so trash, but that’s for another day), the Lakers are just EH off the bench.

The Lakers are an old basketball team whose run has to be this year, or the end of it could occur. Yes Laker fans. The Lakers reign as a “superteam” could be over by 2014. Think about it.  Kobe is 34 and will be 35, but that’s 85 in basketball years (Grandpa Kobe).  Nash is 38 going on 39, and he signed a 3 year deal (Why? I wish I knew). Gasol is 32 with bad knees. Artest is 33. Dwight Howard is the youngest guy in the starting lineup. He has back problems, and will be a free agent this summer. If Dwight leaves this summer, well, damn Laker fans. I know some of yall will ride the Blake/Deandre/CP3 train with that team in LA, so it’ll be fine. I guess.

Do I think eventually the Lakers will be fine? Of course I do. Anyone with a brain knows that they’ll be a  good basketball team by the end of the season. Once these guys get healthy (Who knows if that’ll ever happen), and they actually get on the court together to build some type of chemistry in a new offensive system, they’ll be fine.

Laker fans. Stop reacting. Stop reaching, and stop acting like spoiled brats. Be happy that Kobe Bryant could have another opportunity to win another title. Be happy that they have the best center in the league, and that they are hanging in there without having key parts playing for them. I know the losing sucks, but my god. Stop bitching because this team is under .500. Stop calling for Phil Jackson. Stop saying Kobe is the best player in the world. Just stop, and actually watch some basketball. It’s not hard to do. It’s a long season where anything could happen. There are 64 games left this season. The Lakers aren’t gonna finish the season going 64-0. But I can promise you this, they’ll be fine when it comes down to the All-Star break. Stop wasting your breath overreacting to them. It’s not worth it anymore.

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– Shaun