Breaking down the Peanuts gang

I was watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” a couple of weeks ago with my grandma, and I was just laughing because in all honestly, the Peanuts characters are hilarious. It’s funny how these were made back in the 1960s, and yet these are CLASSICS with true meaning. Not a lot of cartoons have this, where they tell a story and you can get a meaning from it. Peanuts did that which in my eyes, it’s the greatest cartoon ever.

It got me thinking late last week when I was talking to sister Ree, and the homie Micah. What was the true meaning of Charlie Brown and these characters? What was Charles Schulz really thinking when he created these characters? Sure, Schulz had his own idea on these characters, but were these ideas true?

Let’s break down the main characters.

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Weekend wrap-up.

Great weekend from all sides.

I’m not gonna go into depth but USC won against Arizona State.

It was ugly, as the homie Barkley threw 3 ints, but had 3 touchdowns. Marqise Lee is trying to go to New York City with his performances, but it seems to me that Lane is phasing out Robert Woods which is sad to me. I like Rob. I know Marqise is a better talent, but Woods is also good, if not a better route runner and a smarter player. USC’s defense played well. The defensive line brought it after a two week absence. UCLA this week. For the Pac-12 south title at the Rose Bowl. 12 pm kickoff. USC wins this game, Autzen calls in two weeks, and Notre Dame is in a week.


The Lakers fired Mike Brown on friday, and hired Mike D’Antoni tonight. I still don’t think Mike Brown was the problem, but I guess they wanted to win now. Which is funny because they were considering Phil Jackson. I’m not gonna go into specifics into this because I wasn’t so hot on Phil Jackson coming back. I’ll let my dude Micah handle that this week sometime.

Relationship is great. Just taking it day by day.

Also, thanks to all the Veterans out there who served this country and protected our freedom.

It’s monday.

Charlie Brown blog should be done and posted later on today.

President Barack Obama reelected

Go on, Berry

I’m gonna put this in basketball terms here.

Mitt Romney in my eyes was Danny Ainge.

Barack Obama was Michael Jordan.

It was never in doubt that Jordan was gonna win, but Ainge was frustrating for Jordan, and made him earn everything.

(If you’re really smart, you’ll understand why I used this┬ácomparison)

That’s how this presidential race was.

But hey, it’s over, right?

Now, you don’t have to see stupid ads anymore.

Oh, btw.

Instead of saying how much you “hate” (you don’t hate him, you are just stupid and lost) Obama, why don’t you try to get America back on top and pray for your leader?

It’s not hard, people.

Blog on the cartoon Peanuts coming soon.

– Shaun

Fight On.

We pLAy to win.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s game against Oregon.

Can USC  put a complete game together?

Will Lane Kiffin let this team actually play to win?

Oregon is no slouch, but the key to beating them is stopping the run. You stop the run, stay in your lanes, and its a ballgame.

But who knows about this USC team.

My white nigga Barkley (Matt read the blog, he’s the homie) has struggled this year. I’m not sure why he’s forcing the ball downfield and getting picked off, but against this defense, you can’t do this.

Put it like this; USC has had 8 turnovers in their 2 losses this year. Now, credit Stanford and Arizona for winning, but at the same time, USC has beaten its self more times than any USC team I’ve seen.

Hopefully, they play hard.

And hopefully, SC wins.

– Shaun