College Football is wild, man

I’ll keep this short.

Florida State opened up the college football season by being Florida State and losing to a team that they shouldn’t have. They are like USC- East to me. But Florida State will lose two more games this year anyway because that’s their motto, kids.

LSU’s loss to Florida means nothing because they play in the SEC (Or as I call it, God’s conference). They beat South Carolina, they’ll be back in the top 5.

Florida isn’t a top 4 team, man. But at the same time, you have to respect what they did to LSU’s offense, even though LSU’s offense is BAD.

I’m thinking South Carolina is the best team in the SEC, but I don’t want Alabama fans to kill me, so I’ll be quiet.

Oregon is the best team out west… but USC is slowly coming for them. Don’t let that loss to Stanford fool you; USC is still a good football team.

If LSU and USC lose any more games, November 3rd will be terrible. All hyped up, no substance.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame, Kansas State, and West Virginia are teams that we all need to watch out for. Notre Dame hasn’t given up a defensive touchdown in at least a month, Kansas State loves to ground and pound you with their quarterback Collin Klein, and West Virginia can score with ANYONE with their video game offense.

College Football just became funnier this past weekend, and surely, fireworks will continue.


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