USC kinda dominated Utah, 38-28.

Woody was eating tonight bruhhhhhh

So USC won.

Spotted Utah 14 points, then when on a 38-14 run (Yeah, I count that bullshit touchdown at the end to make the game closer, haha). But, this is what USC needed. Khaled Holmes struggled early. I mean, the dude just looked lost. But once he got it going, USC rolled.

I think Matt Barkley remembered what we talked about, and that starts with the offensive line. Best game USC had all season. Even with all the penalties.

But listen.

Sure, I’m happy about this win because I think I know how this season will play out, but spotting a good team 14 points WILL NOT work out. Having 10 penalties for over 100 yards WILL NOT win you games. Missing two kicks WILL NOT win you games. But hey, it worked tonight. Mainly because Utah isn’t that good.

Still have a lot of work to improve, but for the first time this season, I feel good after a win. If SC comes out and dominates next week (I’ll be at the game), I expect this season to be like last year.

USC can’t take teams lightly anymore, and hopefully after tonight… they learned that lesson.

Fight on.

Beat the Huskies.

– Shaun


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