Yo, New York Jets… why?


First and foremost, it might surprise a lot of you, but I am a Jets fan. It’s completely random on why I’m a Jets fan, but I am one. But that is besides the point.

Listen, I wasn’t expecting a winning season this year. In fact, I was thinking at least 6-10 at best. Maybe 7-9. Only because the defense is getting older, and the team is breaking in a new offense. But after today’s embarrassing, and I mean, embarrassing performance, I’m not sure what to think.

When you see your team lose, it sucks. But today was damn disgraceful. I never stop watching games of teams that lose. Shoot, when the Jets sucked, I still watched. But after this performance where the whole team basically laid down, and let the 49ers embarrass them, Nah.

I knew the 49ers would win. In fact, I told Kyle (@madsports8, follow him on twitter, he’s hilarious) that it might could get ugly, but at least I’d thought this team could get into the end zone. But nope. Can’t even move the ball downfield. Can’t stop the run. Turnovers on turnovers on turnovers. I’ll tell you what, the Jets should have lost 100-0. Because that’s what it felt like today. An 100-0 ass-kicking heard around the league. (Yeah, I understand the 49ers have the best defense in the league, but this was a disgrace.)

Wanna know who’s the blame for this? No, it’s not Mark Sanchez (Even though, more and more he’s looking more trashier than ever even though it might not be all of his fault). No, it’s not Rex Ryan. He’s coaching the players that are on the team, and that’s his job, to coach. But it’s Mike Tannenbaum, the GM of the team.


Listen. I understand being a GM in the National Football League is difficult and that the only time I’m a GM is on Madden, which is NOTHING like real life. But this is absurd, Mike.

For all this talk about “playmakers” on offense, you haven’t surrounded a young quarterback with any of them, thus slowly ruining his development, and possibly his career. When the 2nd best receiver on the team is Chaz Schillings, then well… my point proven. Sure, Mark Sanchez hasn’t developed into the guy we all expected (I didn’t really expect much, honestly. Even as a SC fan, he only started one year, and played “okay” in that season), but you gotta get him some youth at receiver and running back. Please. Sure drafting Stephen Hill is fine, but he has the case of the drops. Something that plagued him in the pre-season, and even at Georgia Tech. Not to mention, trading for Tim Tebow when you know you need receiver help, and not getting a running back because you “believe” in Shonn Greene. Yup. Makes sense. I know, I know. Folks think Santonio Holmes is a good receiver. He’s a good #2 receiver in a great offense. He’s NOT a #1. Duh.

Then, on defense…. man listen. This team is getting old. We saw it last year. Their window has closed, but yet, nobody thinks this in the front office. Bart Scott hasn’t made a tackle in 10 years. Antonio Cromartie hasn’t been able to cover anyone since he covered all of females back in 2007. No pass rush for years, and now the team is being exposed without the best corner in the game, Darrelle Revis. Sure, Revis is irreplaceable, but why haven’t you at least looked at getting another option at corner? Do you really believe that Kyle “I get beat then talk shit” Wilson is the answer to the replacing an all-pro?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’ve seen this coming a mile away. I saw this happening two years ago, and tried to block it out of my mind (Even without Tebow, I saw this coming). But today was my worst nightmare, and it’s might get worse for this team. Wanna know why? Because no matter how bad Mark Sanchez plays on Sunday, half the fanbase will clamour for a quarterback change, like Tim Tebow will save the day. Sure, the quarterback problem is the issue, but going from a C- quarterback to a D- quarterback isn’t gonna make things better.

Yall want this on the field? WOOOOOOOORD

Tim Tebow won’t save this team. The Jets don’t have a good enough defense for him to play like crap for 57 minutes, then all of the sudden, he’s God (No pun intended) and the team wins. Nope. In fact, if he’s the starting quarterback, I bet you the Jets go 2-14. That’s how serious it is. The wildcat is a gimmick. Tim Tebow simply is a gimmick, and I will never understand why they went after him. Oh, I know. To steal headlines, and to create controversy when it was simply not needed. If anything, Woody Johnson and Tannenbaum can both get the fuck outta here for this.

Speaking of Rex, I don’t think he’s a bad coach. I think he’s put in a situation where his quarterback has regressed because of the lack of offensive playmakers around him, the quarterback hasn’t developed into a solid NFL starter, and the defense has AGED. Rex’s scheme on defense is blitz, blitz, blitz. But it’s tough to do that when you have that when you have no quality pass-rushers, and an aging core of linebackers with the exception of David Harris.

I was talking to folks today about the New York Jets, and if I should overreact or not. It’s gonna be week 5. The Jets are 2-2. 2-0 in their divisional games. Sure, that’s optimism , but when I looked at the schedule, I figured they’d lose to Steelers and Niners. But lose like they way they did? Dropped passes, mis-communications on the offensive line, and lack of stopping the run.

The Jets have Houston next week. Best team in the League right now. Their defense loves to kill quarterbacks with Cushing, Watts, while they have the best running back in the league? Will the Jets improve in stopping the run? Will Mark Sanchez actually do something productive? Will Jet fans continue to chant Tebow, even though he’s worse? Has this team given up on Rex Ryan? Or will they rally around each other through the tough times?

The only answer I have is tune in next Monday night, and you’ll get your answer.

– Shaun

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