Thursday Night Football + other things

NFL Style.

Bears vs Packers.

Too early for a must-win, but Green Bay must win this game, or this season could go down the drain. That’s just my opinion.

Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and Brandon Marshall will make it interesting because Green Bay’s defense is very suspect.

If I had to pick, I’m taking Chicago to win tonight.

28-24 in Lambeau.

Other things:

G.O.O.D. Music’s album dropped last night. Cruel Summer is the title.

I’m currently attempting to download it, but the links are slow. Rumor has it, it’s pretty good.

Jim Calhoun retired from the University of Connecticut today.

Interesting how this happens. The Basketball program is currently on probation, can’t make the NCAA Tournament due to nobody on their previous teams going to class, and they really don’t have that much talent. If anything, Calhoun should have retired after somehow winning the national title in 2011. I mean, he did build UCONN up to be a basketball power, and even though he did it and did it kind of dirty, I salute him.


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