Yo, New York Jets… why?


First and foremost, it might surprise a lot of you, but I am a Jets fan. It’s completely random on why I’m a Jets fan, but I am one. But that is besides the point.

Listen, I wasn’t expecting a winning season this year. In fact, I was thinking at least 6-10 at best. Maybe 7-9. Only because the defense is getting older, and the team is breaking in a new offense. But after today’s embarrassing, and I mean, embarrassing performance, I’m not sure what to think.

When you see your team lose, it sucks. But today was damn disgraceful. I never stop watching games of teams that lose. Shoot, when the Jets sucked, I still watched. But after this performance where the whole team basically laid down, and let the 49ers embarrass them, Nah.

I knew the 49ers would win. In fact, I told Kyle (@madsports8, follow him on twitter, he’s hilarious) that it might could get ugly, but at least I’d thought this team could get into the end zone. But nope. Can’t even move the ball downfield. Can’t stop the run. Turnovers on turnovers on turnovers. I’ll tell you what, the Jets should have lost 100-0. Because that’s what it felt like today. An 100-0 ass-kicking heard around the league. (Yeah, I understand the 49ers have the best defense in the league, but this was a disgrace.)

Wanna know who’s the blame for this? No, it’s not Mark Sanchez (Even though, more and more he’s looking more trashier than ever even though it might not be all of his fault). No, it’s not Rex Ryan. He’s coaching the players that are on the team, and that’s his job, to coach. But it’s Mike Tannenbaum, the GM of the team.


Listen. I understand being a GM in the National Football League is difficult and that the only time I’m a GM is on Madden, which is NOTHING like real life. But this is absurd, Mike.

For all this talk about “playmakers” on offense, you haven’t surrounded a young quarterback with any of them, thus slowly ruining his development, and possibly his career. When the 2nd best receiver on the team is Chaz Schillings, then well… my point proven. Sure, Mark Sanchez hasn’t developed into the guy we all expected (I didn’t really expect much, honestly. Even as a SC fan, he only started one year, and played “okay” in that season), but you gotta get him some youth at receiver and running back. Please. Sure drafting Stephen Hill is fine, but he has the case of the drops. Something that plagued him in the pre-season, and even at Georgia Tech. Not to mention, trading for Tim Tebow when you know you need receiver help, and not getting a running back because you “believe” in Shonn Greene. Yup. Makes sense. I know, I know. Folks think Santonio Holmes is a good receiver. He’s a good #2 receiver in a great offense. He’s NOT a #1. Duh.

Then, on defense…. man listen. This team is getting old. We saw it last year. Their window has closed, but yet, nobody thinks this in the front office. Bart Scott hasn’t made a tackle in 10 years. Antonio Cromartie hasn’t been able to cover anyone since he covered all of females back in 2007. No pass rush for years, and now the team is being exposed without the best corner in the game, Darrelle Revis. Sure, Revis is irreplaceable, but why haven’t you at least looked at getting another option at corner? Do you really believe that Kyle “I get beat then talk shit” Wilson is the answer to the replacing an all-pro?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’ve seen this coming a mile away. I saw this happening two years ago, and tried to block it out of my mind (Even without Tebow, I saw this coming). But today was my worst nightmare, and it’s might get worse for this team. Wanna know why? Because no matter how bad Mark Sanchez plays on Sunday, half the fanbase will clamour for a quarterback change, like Tim Tebow will save the day. Sure, the quarterback problem is the issue, but going from a C- quarterback to a D- quarterback isn’t gonna make things better.

Yall want this on the field? WOOOOOOOORD

Tim Tebow won’t save this team. The Jets don’t have a good enough defense for him to play like crap for 57 minutes, then all of the sudden, he’s God (No pun intended) and the team wins. Nope. In fact, if he’s the starting quarterback, I bet you the Jets go 2-14. That’s how serious it is. The wildcat is a gimmick. Tim Tebow simply is a gimmick, and I will never understand why they went after him. Oh, I know. To steal headlines, and to create controversy when it was simply not needed. If anything, Woody Johnson and Tannenbaum can both get the fuck outta here for this.

Speaking of Rex, I don’t think he’s a bad coach. I think he’s put in a situation where his quarterback has regressed because of the lack of offensive playmakers around him, the quarterback hasn’t developed into a solid NFL starter, and the defense has AGED. Rex’s scheme on defense is blitz, blitz, blitz. But it’s tough to do that when you have that when you have no quality pass-rushers, and an aging core of linebackers with the exception of David Harris.

I was talking to folks today about the New York Jets, and if I should overreact or not. It’s gonna be week 5. The Jets are 2-2. 2-0 in their divisional games. Sure, that’s optimism , but when I looked at the schedule, I figured they’d lose to Steelers and Niners. But lose like they way they did? Dropped passes, mis-communications on the offensive line, and lack of stopping the run.

The Jets have Houston next week. Best team in the League right now. Their defense loves to kill quarterbacks with Cushing, Watts, while they have the best running back in the league? Will the Jets improve in stopping the run? Will Mark Sanchez actually do something productive? Will Jet fans continue to chant Tebow, even though he’s worse? Has this team given up on Rex Ryan? Or will they rally around each other through the tough times?

The only answer I have is tune in next Monday night, and you’ll get your answer.

– Shaun

Something random.

Gino Smith threw for 600+ yards today and 8 touchdowns.

In a football game.

West Virginia scored 70 points.

Gave up 63, though.

Smith hasn’t thrown an interception in his last 5 games.

We’ll see what happens after they face the Texas Longhorns in Austin next weekend.



Meanwhile…. the Sports team in my life.

Matt Barkley spoke with the media today.

Hopefully, Matt can get back on track starting next Thursday night in Salt Lake City. I think he will.

The scary thing thing is that USC hasn’t hit their stride as a team yet.

What do I mean by scary? SC is 3-1, lost their road Pac-12 opener where their Offensive line was over-matched by Stanford’s front 7, folks have seemed to jump off the bandwagon. I mean, before the season started, I figured USC would lose a game… just thought it’d be between UW, or Arizona. Not Stanford. But oh well.

The room for error is marginal, and these guys shouldn’t press. Just play football, and have fun.

Hopefully, they do this before it’s too late and it’s mid-November and the Pac-12 South is out of reach.

Caused some backlash in Seattle about my blog.

Even though, I said the refs were bad on both sides.

Coach K thinks reading is good for you

But I digress, I’m just keeping it real.

Pretty soon, Oregon fans will be upset with me and find my blog at this rate. It’s not like I said, “Golden Tate should shut up and not tweet.” or anything along those lines, but I digress.

The Atlanta Braves are in the playoffs.


Exciting time in my life, I guess.

Braves can’t catch the Nationals in the division race, but as long as they get the homefield, they have a shot in the one game playoff. If they somehow win that…. I think this could be a memorable postseason.


The NFL is becoming a Joke.


If you live on the East Coast, and went to sleep last night, boy you missed something HILARIOUS. It all started on Sunday Night where the refs were just awful (even though they didn’t really determine the outcome of the Ravens/Patriots game), and it continued on Monday Night Football with the Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks.

This game was a defensive battle. Comes down to it’s last possession, and well…. just take a look at the video.

Watching this live, I thought it was a pick. It was kinda obvious it was a pick. It was so obvious that Golden Tate got away with a push off on Sam Shields. My grandparents thought it was a touchdown, but once they saw the replay, they shut up quickly and swiftly (and it takes a lot for my grandma to shut up).

Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico were FURIOUS. Especially Jon Gruden. I know he wanted to swear so bad on national television but couldn’t. That’s how mad he was about this. (And no, you Seattle idiots, it wasn’t because he was “rooting” for the Packers. It’s because an interception happened.)


The black ref saw it, and saw Jennings have full control of the ball. I mean, credit Golden Tate for putting his arm in there. But, what the hell are the refs doing and thinking? The white ref puts up touchdown even though he needed to confirm what he saw with the other ref, but they didn’t. He didn’t have the angle at all.

I’m not even mad (and neither should you) that Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, and Golden Tate made comments. They did nothing wrong except be able to take advantage of a terrible call.

(Check out Golden Tate’s interview. It’s worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srExwonf53I)

If you live in Seattle (Like myself, not a fan of Seahawks and I don’t really carry the characteristics of the typical Seattle sports fan which is blaming the refs(lol) as the #1 problem instead of your team’s performance on the field…), go ahead and claim this “win.” I guess. Yeah, I was rooting for the hometeam, but you gotta be objective too. You can’t sit here and say the refs were bad, then 15 minutes later, be all on their jock because it benefited your teams’ outcome.

But, here’s my example about the typical “Seattle Sports Fan.” The refs were automatically being blamed before the game was over even though Green Bay held the ball for almost all the 2nd half.

lmao smh

But wow, the mood suddenly changed within 15 minutes huh?


The refs aren’t the blame?

Listen, I understand you’re excited about stealing a game especially when you claim that the Super Bowl was stolen from you, in which… it really wasn’t. I’m not taking away your joy. Seattle earned this W.  But this is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Well, worst than bad. This is awful. Then, let’s not play the typical “if this happened to them, would you get mad” game. First and foremost, this is PATHETIC. Either way this ended, we’d ALL be FED UP and tired of it. Just stop.

(Calen, if you read this, my bad for taking your tweets without asking you, but it fits the bill on this one. You’re still the homie but come on bruh, this is outrageous and YOU know it. )

Anyway, this play caused at least a couple of hours of comedy last night on Twitter. I’ve never seen players and fans from around the league be single-handedly fed up with the replacement refs, Roger Goodell, and the NFL in general. It all started when Green Bay players took to twitter, and ripped the Commissioner to the point where I was crying laughing. Well not crying, but laughing to the point where I wouldn’t stop.

oh jesus

Then, from other NFL Stars:

Drew just mad he’s 0-3
uh oh

Is this what Roger Goddell wants?

I even left out Clay Matthews tweeting the line to Goodell’s office. I know he’s hiding out right now just lowkey living while his league is somewhat falling apart. I mean, he could put a stop to this, but he won’t. Wanna know why?

People are still gonna watch on Thursday’s, Sunday’s, and Monday’s. It’s what we’re trained to do as people in America. Watch football. He knows that no matter how terrible the officials are (the irony is that these refs did a great job until the 4th quarter). He knows that we’re gonna tweet about how terrible they are, write on facebook about how bad they are, make memes about how bad they are, etc. He doesn’t care. Wanna know why?

See, Roger Goodell is like Geoffrey, and the fans are like Will. At first, we’re dancing with Goodell, applauding the league and watching our favorite teams play, but then, we all need a Carlton in our life to make us stop dancing, and cut the music off and tell him how we really feel.

Look, Goodell. I understand you don’t give a you know what about this. Or maybe you do, who knows. But all I know is, as a fan of the game, this is getting outrageous and straight embarrassing.  It’s a sad sight when the most popular league in America is becoming a joke, but this is what it’s become.

The sad thing about this is that this controversy is that it takes away from a great game, and a dominant effort from the Seattle Seahawks defense. Sure, Green Bay didn’t play “well” and only scored 12 points, but you can’t discredit a guy for making a game-winning play by screwing up the game.

Refs are bad at all levels in A LOT of sports. But in the NFL, the real refs know the rules at least. They at least would have discussed what they saw, and then made a decision, instead of making one on the fly, which was the wrong call. The fact that they reviewed it, and they still were wrong… TERRIBLE.

Yeah, this outcome won’t affect Green Bay’s playoff chances, but this is pathetic to watch. If we’re gonna sit at night and watch this type of football being played with the refs being terrible, then I might just stop watching.

As a fan, it’s hard for me to deal with this anymore. I don’t know about you, but when I saw this all unfold, I felt like the integrity of the game that we all love was dying.

No more Sunday/Monday football (Thursday Nights are for the College kids like myself anyway) for me. I can’t watch this anymore unless Goodell gets the refs back. Like, this week or

I never thought I’d say this, but the NFL is a got damn joke now. And it’s sad that Goodell is just letting this occur under his watch.

– Shaun