Matthew Leinart Barkley? That’s what NFL guys are saying.

Matt not even mad

NFL execs aren’t pleased with Matt Barkley. And we haven’t even played a game yet in the 2012 College Football.

Here’s a couple of quotes:

From what I looked at last year, he does not have a big arm. He was surrounded by a lot of high-quality players.


He has some accuracy to his ball, but he did not have a lot of velocity. I think his arm strength is average. They have a good offensive line and a good tight end and he throws the ball on time and got better last year. He can start in the league. I just don’t think he is a franchise-type guy.

Here’s the funny thing about the first quote:

USC’s offense was only Matt Barkley and Robert Woods for the first 5 games of the season. Sure, Marqise Lee is gonna be a first round pick next year, but he didn’t emerge until the California game. The running game didn’t emerge until the same game, actually.

Sure, Matt doesn’t have a strong arm, but it’s strong enough. Dude is one of the most accurate passes in the game right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Matt play for about 5 years, but he’s a franchise type of guy. If he gets blessed to be in the right situation, he could be a stud.

Matt giving yall the death stare

If anything, he’ll hear this type of criticism all season long. It’s just cute when folks will over analyze every pass he throws this season.

Ahh well.

4 days until Hawaii.

– Shaun


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