USC = #1 in the AP POLL


As I was writing my wishlist blog, news came out that MY USC Trojans are #1 in the AP Poll.

The USC Trojans are #1 in the AP POLL.


Now, I know polls don’t mean shit, and it’s a preseason poll, but my team, who has been on a two year bowl ban, and has 15 less guys than EVERYONE in the country is #1 in the country in the best poll (No seriously, the AP Poll is better, and it’s not because it favors USC today, it’s because the media votes better than the fucking coaches).

USC hasn’t been #1 in the country since I was a junior in high school. I’m about to be a junior in college, and as LFK (Lane Fucking Kiffin) would say “the clouds are gone.”  It’s sky blue here. When I found out, I went outside and ran around in excitement. But now, as it’s hitting me. I’m tearing up man. The emotion of this is great. Go ahead and make fun of me, but shit man, when the NCAA attempts to slow down your favorite team, you literally have to “Fight On.”

Later on, as the season goes along, I’ll probably write a blog about Matt Barkley and his importance to my life even though I’ve never met him and will probably never meet him.

But right now, I’m excited.

USC is finally back. I know, I know. I said in my Lane Kiffin blog that we’d be in the “top 1,” but this is awesome.

Fight On, guys.



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