My NCAA Football 14 Wishlist.

I’ve been playing the NCAA Football series since I was in the 6th grade. Yeah, that’s right. NCAA Football 04 was the first game that I actually saved money and boughtthe game because of the commercials, and because Carson (Palmer) was on the cover.


Ever since then, I’ve bought this game on release, and I usually play it more than I would play Madden because the college game keeps me more entertained.

On the pre-gen (You know, the OG Xbox or Playstation 2), football games were better. I’m not gonna lie. I’d go break out my PS2, and play NCAA Football 07 (The best one other than 11 IMO) and just play it because let’s face it: that game had everything that you should see in a college video game. The only thing that’s missing is just graphics, and plays. Other than that? EA got it right with it.

So, now you’re wondering why I’m writing this.

EA Sports, you won’t read this, and if you do, you won’t give a fuck about my opinion because you know that you’ll steal my money in July, and realize that I’ll fuck my sleep schedule up just to play this game. It’s the life that I live. But do you want to keep your customers? Then, this is where you need my help.

That clip is how I feel EA. I’m Jerry Maguire. You’re Rod Tidwell. You mock me, but at the end of the day, you know what you need to do to improve to get your true importance:


So, EA Sports, here is my wishlist for NCAA Football 14:


Madden 13 is bringing the “infinity” engine to it’s game, which means running moves are fluid and uses physics.  First off, how in the hell did NCAA 13 not get that? EA, you’re behind the fucking times, b. Put that in there. Wanna know why? I’m tired of De’Anthony Thomas, Oregon Duck Running Back, running over linebackers, and the juke moves don’t even fucking work for him. It’s like, EA Sports, do you even watch College Football on Saturdays?  Thomas is 5’9, and 175 pounds. He’s gonna be shifty as hell, and run past niggas. (Trust me, as a USC fan, DAT can run. Ask the Wisconsin coaching staff about him and they’ll tell you.)

Please, improve blocking. Not just run blocking, but pass protection. Memo to you, EA: Slide Protection is a fucking joke. I mean, if I use it, it works 1 out of 4 plays. (If you are counting at home, you only 3 downs to move the chains, smart as fuck EA. I see you.) I mean, Wisconsin has one of the best offensive lines in the country. Big, somewhat fast, and strong. No way they are letting defensive linemen to their quarterback unless the pocket breaks down in real life. On your game, the pocket breaks down too quickly (unless you get sliders, which my pocket is kinda real where the QB doesn’t have all day to throw the ball).

The defense shouldn’t be able to react to every single move that my offensive player makes. For example, I’ll use DAT again as an example.

See that?

We don’t even see this on the new gen games. We did see it on the old PS2/Xbox games. It’s not hard to get this in the game. Since your slogan is EA Sports, It’s in the Game.

Why haven’t we seen composure on the current gen games? Remember this EA?  Where Freshman quarterbacks would instantly be rattled playing in a road game? Yeah, I get that the routes shake and icons don’t show up when it happens against certain teams, but I want this fully back. For week to week in Dynasty mode. I want confidence shaken. If a quarterback throws 2 picks one week, I want his confidence a little bit shaken for the next game. If a running back fumbles once during a game, I want his composure to be shaken. Wanna know why? This happens EVERY weekend, EA.


Fix your goddamn way to User Catch and User Pick. I swear, EA. It’s not hard. I love to user catch jumpballs, and with this total control passing shit that you added (Which was excellent, BTW), it’s almost impossible to user catch. When I attempt to user catch, wanna know what happens when I control the player? He just stops. Looks at the ball. It’s obvious that I’m pressing the “Y” button. And holy hell, user picks are ridiculous. It’s almost like, you don’t want the people who play this game to prosper. It’s funny as fuck.

Since I mentioned this total control passing logic, why can’t we have different releases for each QB? Matt Barkley doesn’t pass like Tyler Wilson. Landry Jones doesn’t throw like Gino Smith. LSU’s QB’s can’t move the ball past the 50 with their shitty release points.  (LOL, I HAD TO GET THAT IN.) Slow/low, slow/high, slow/medium, fast/low, fast/high, fast/medium. Then, how do QB’s not have a short field/medium/deep ball  throw rating yet? Madden has it, and it’s genius. EA Sports, it’s in the game! (I know I said that already, but man, it’s funny as fuck to me.)

Fix the No-Huddle Offense. Wanna know my biggest pet peeve is with No-Huddle? NOT ALL TEAMS RUN A TWO MINUTE DRILL WITH THE NO-HUDDLE, EA. Yes, it’s popular in college football. But tell me why I have to keep the same personnel on the goddamn field when in real-life, most teams sub? I swear, it’s not a hard thing to fix.

Look how Oklahoma changed up personnel during the first drive. You’re telling me, as a community member that we can’t see this on a video game? Hmm,  I see EA. I see.

Show players get excited man. If my quarterback, say Matt Barkley, throws a touchdown pass, he’s not going to fucking stand around and look clueless. My nigga Matt, does this:


Show some interaction, please. I mean, I want it this to happen. Wanna know why? Because on the low EA, this shit happens every fucking Saturday. I mean, if you haven’t realize this yet. EA Sports, It’s in the game! (I’m sorry, I’ll stop.)


First and foremost, most schools have 85 players on their team. EA, why the FUCK is this stuck at 70? Not every school is like my USC Trojans. Like, come on EA. It’s not hard to bump that up. People have been complaining about that shit for years. It’s kinda funny how you don’t listen to anyone.

Second, Um, EA. Why can’t I double up on numbers for offensive and defensive players? EA, this is 2012. I mean, HELLO. Let’s say I want my star quarterback and my star safety to both wear the #7 (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) in season 8 of my Dynasty. Why can’t I do that? Like…………. this is NOT hard shit to put in a video game.


Third, if we could,  the ability to create a recruiting class would be epic as fuck. I know it’s not a big deal, but look into it. Please and thank you.

Medical Redshirts need to be added to this game. It was on the last gen games, and why hasn’t it made it on this gen? Are yall dumb as fuck? Think about it EA: star running back blows out his knee on the first play of the season. Why the fuck should he lose a season and a year since he didn’t play? WE SEE THESE TYPES OF SITUATIONS EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SEASON, EA. I swear, for your passionate slogan, you haven’t done a single thing to prove that you actually watch things on the field.

The ranking system is a fucking joke. I’ll play this as an example of this game. I’m doing a dynasty with USC, right? I’m #1 in the land, and undefeated. It makes no fucking sense in my dynasty that Michigan State, a team with 2 losses and doesn’t play for the conference title, while the team that beat them, Iowa is 12-1 and ranked #11 and has won the Big 10 conference. Then, not to mention, LSU is 12-1, won the SEC title, and is #3. If this was any type of realistic, USC and LSU would play for the BCS championship. You and I both know this. Fix your shit. (I would complain about what I saw last year about how Alabama was #1 and Arkansas finished #2 in a dynasty, and both of them played for the national title, but….. yeah, enough about that.)

To go along with it, you gotta fix the sim on the studio updates. Yes, Rece Davis is a dope feature. In fact, I like the studio updates, but we gotta be real for a second. Oklahoma isn’t gonna lose to an FCS school. Oregon is gonna beat Arkansas State by 200 on opening day. Michigan will get washed by Alabama. Plus, with the studio updates, it’d be dope as hell if we saw an animation of Rece Davis and some replay version of the game he’s speaking of. Spice it up more. It’s a solid addition, and you MUST expand.

Which also reminds me about how we don’t have neutral site games. Are you fucking serious, EA? Once again, this is 2012. We’re in an era of scheduling neutral games around opening weekend. Like I said before, Alabama/Michigan isn’t in Ann Arbor. It’s in Dallas aka Jerry’s World. Primetime. It’s seriously incredible how it’s 2012 and this isn’t in a video game. Incredible.

Why can’t teams upgrade their stadiums after a certain point? Let’s say, I’m at a small school right? And my small school is winning games eventually with a small stadium. Why can’t I remodel the stadium, and upgrade it for my growing fanbase? If it’s year 10 in my dynasty, and my squad is a National title contender, why can’t I remodel it? Boise State is the prime example of this.

I feel like the coaching carousels is trash as fuck. Which is sad as hell IMO. Wanna know why? This has to be one of the best features in a dynasty game ever. I mean, shit. But, Make. It. Realistic. Please. Enough with the one year contracts. Mike Leach, and Jim Mora Jr (Fuck that nigga Mora) didn’t sign one year deals with their teams. Especially if they are new coaches to a program. I know you can’t do much because the Sam Keller is a pussy ass bitch and sued you, but at least try. If I go to a new job, why can’t I bring my staff? Instead of the CPU hiring my offensive coordinator, let me bring along my coaching staff.

I would love to see season progression please. Players get better as the season goes along. Me being a USC fan, I’ll use Marqise Lee as a prime example. You gonna tell me that before the season that he would be one of College Football’s best wideouts going into his sophomore year? As the season went along, Lee got better. This ties back to the composure ratings that players would have. It works out perfectly.

There’s much much more,but for now, I’ll leave it at this.


EA Sports, I have a question for you. You have Kirk Herbstreit, who’s well-known to everyone in  your games, why don’t you include his running mate on the Saturday Night Football games?


Listen, I want Brent Musburger on this series until the day he dies. But here’s the kick: For dynasty games, they only record the primetime games.  and possibly ND games (Since ND has their own contract and shit, fuck em). Make it realistic. Can you imagine if you heard this before a big time game?

I get chills when I hear the phrase “you are looking live…..” because it’s game time. We’ve been waiting all day to watch a big game. Create the atmosphere on a video game.

Let Kirk and Brent sit in a booth like a real game, and just record for hours and hours. Days. Months. No scripts. No fake shit. All real. Let them talk about how one player progressed as the season went along, and then speak about his career if he’s still a senior at the school. This happens all the time on Saturdays. Brent and Kirk are the elite of the elite when it comes to broadcasting games for ESPN/ABC. It’s only right you add Brent Musburger to this game for the foreseeable future.

I’m not saying scrap Brad Nessler. Brad Nessler is always on the mothership too. But put Brad Nessler with Todd Blackledge. You know, his real life partner and crime on ESPN. Get Blackledge and Nessler together in the booth and let us experience a real-life college football game. I’m not saying you need to get Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson on this game. NOPE.

Love Verne, fuck Gary Danielson

I don’t want to hear Gary Danielson’s annoying ass in a video game. Ever. But for the gamers, EA. Make this happen. Fuck a disk space when you know that your gamers will enjoy this.

You know how NCAA Basketball 10 was? Where you had the option to choose which broadcast to hear except for in dynasty mode? Make it happen. Now.

Crowd Noise/Fight Songs:

The Crowd noise on this game is awful.

The designer for this game (I don’t know his name, and I don’t think I care enough to know) said that they fixed it. But clearly, if I have to turn up the volume on my TV in order to hear the crowd, that means you didn’t fix the crowd noise. Stop lying to the community who still buys this game. Just stop it. Why doesn’t Alabama/LSU/USC/Oregon/Oklahoma/Texas/Florida State/Michigan/Florida have their fans going nuts every time the visiting team has the ball? It’s clearly loud on Saturdays at the Big House.  It makes no sense to me, at all.

Correct the fight songs problem please.

Tribute to Troy isn’t USC’s fight song. Fight On is, and it has been missing since I’ve moved to the next gen. Truly hilarious.


This needs to be addressed.

Look at Landry Jones here and look at his facemask.


Explain to me why this is not in the game. He’s just not the only quarterback wearing this facemask. In fact, a lot of players wear it. Add it. Fuckheads.

Socks. Get rid of the low/medium/high shit. That is soooooooooo 6th grade and it’s lazy.

Nobody wears low socks EA.


If I’m playing with a Nike school, I want Nike socks on the players. Same goes for each brand a team has. Plus, add the elite socks on here. Medium high is the length most players wear. If you actually watched College Football on Saturdays, you’d see it.

Cold Weather gear needs to be included. Add players wearing tights, and a face protector when it’s cold. I mean, the cold weather gear was on the fucking last gen games. I swear, EA. You never get things right. USC played Oregon last year on a cold November night. Most players on both teams had on tights and a head protector. Why hasn’t this been included yet? Shame on you, EA. Shame on you.

Update the cleats please. Yeah, we get it. Most skill players were low cut cleats. But fuck. I want options for these. Most players wear different cleats than others. Then, a big one in my honest opinion: Why isn’t this cleat in the game?


Or this one?


It’s incredible. We’re advanced in technology, and you can’t advance yet.

Florida is one of those schools who wears different colors of cleats. If you can get Oregon’s 10000000000000000 uniforms in a video game, you can easily get this.

Last but not least EA, mouthpieces.

Remember these? 95% of the players wear one. Why haven’t we seen them yet? Yeah, I know. It’s a hassle to put on a video game. Mouth-pieces don’t have to be just strapped on the helmet, though. Most players wear strapless ones, and they take them out on every place anyway. Like Madden did with the concussions and how they wanted to teach safety, you can do the same too. Plus, if you place them in, it makes the game feel real.

I’m not going to address Teambuilder or Road to Glory because I don’t use  Teambuilder, and I don’t play Road to Glory enough for myself to even explain how bad that mode is, and how it’s a waste of space. I’m sleep though.


In conclusion, this is MY wishlist for NCAA Football 14.

EA Sports, I want you to prosper. I want people to say great things about you and your game. I’m tired of people complaining about your game because it’s annoying. I’m still here having some type of hope in you, but it’s obvious that one, you don’t listen to the community at all like take-two does for their games, and two, it’s obvious you don’t pay attention to Saturdays. It’s cool. Count your money. But pretty soon, you won’t have a fanbase, and you’ll lose your stacks.

I’m out.


7 thoughts on “My NCAA Football 14 Wishlist.”

  1. Best review I have ever read about an ea videogame. xbox/ps2 games as far as gameplay kill the current gen ncaa/madden games. ea should be liable for all the broken controllers, consoles and tvs due to their fucking retarded excuse for a game. its seriously like an abusive relationship, we keep getting beat but ea promises it will be different next year…fuck ea. until we walk away they will keep feeding us this garbage and takin it to the bank….fuck ea. oh and none of the videogame magazines will give a true review because ea is a major advertiser of their magazine.. worthless. By the way…fuck ea for my complete thoughts read the original post.

  2. Your my hero man, you said mostly everything and i agree w/everything you said. I want to add to your saying in the OL/DL interactions, they got to be more physical more realistic man there needs to be Tackles taking kick steps when its a pass play, also have a more U-Shaped pocket instead of the guard all up in your face n shit. Goal line stands have to be like a huge fuckin pile of OL/DL/TE/FB/LB/S my ex. Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin GOAL LINE STAND was sickkkk! Perfect ex. the pic you have up there of my nigga TJ n Matt, TJ’S facemask put that in the fucking game. I say that cause i don’t see it in the game now and its the exact same one I wear when I play. HOPE EA SEES THIS GREAT JOB ON THIS BRO.

  3. OH shit i forgot about the towel we should be able to place it anywhere on our waist and the hand warmer should have the option of putting it in the back.

  4. Nailed it! If before reading this I started to make my own list , it’d been eerily similar to yours.

    What’s worse, is that aside from physics, these are all EASY additions that can’t be hidden behind the “1 year only game development cycle”.

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