Team USA wins gold! Let’s celebrate!


Early this morning, Team USA won the gold medal over the Spain team, 107-100.

Kevin Durant led all scorers with 30 points, while Bron had 19.

This game was close, but Chris Paul controlled it in the 2nd half. He won’t get credit, but Paul single-handedly won this game for Team USA with timely shots, pressure defense, and having assists.

Lebron James is the first player since Jordan in 92 to win Regular Season MVP, a NBA title, Finals MVP and an Olympic Gold in the same year. He’s kinda good, if you haven’t noticed.

Anthony Davis (I actually forgot his name for a minute. I call him “Brow” not to mock him, but he has a terrible looking unibrow that is his brand) wins a Gold Medal, Player of the Year, and a National title in the same year. Without playing a game. I want to say Christian Lattener is the last guy to do this, but I’m not really sure.

Coach K will probably go down as the best coach ever. I mean, even as a Carolina fan, I can’t deny how great of a coach he is. Sure, he coaches at Duke, and they lost to Lehigh (Which, eh, this Duke team wasn’t even that good this year IMO, he coached them up to win 25 games), Coach K is the greatest.

As for coaching Team USA in 2016?

I would think Doc Rivers, Doug Collins, and Gregg Popovich would get the calls early. As of right  now, and watching the interview after game with Doc Rivers,  the way Doc was sounding, he wants that job, with Doug Collins on his staff. Rumor has it, folks want John Calipari for the job, but I doubt that’ll happen just because he coached for the Dominican Republic team.

But yeah, this is it for basketball.

Won’t see it until October/November. Which sucks, but at the same time… this NBA season should be interesting.




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