Honey Badger gone; LSU might be dead? Eh.

dumbass negro

Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger, and the self-proclaimed best “defensive playing in the nation” has been kicked off the team. Why?

Nobody knows. It’s some school issue and he violated team rules.

Here’s a quote from LSU’s AD:

The policy is a written policy. It’s like the speed limit, if you are going over the speed limit, you’re breaking the law. He’s been over the speed limit. As in, he’s been over it a lot.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that it was a drug test. Last year, he got suspended for testing positive for weed, and yet, he still made it to NYC for the Heisman Ceremony over USC’s Matt Barkley (Not questioning his play-making skills, he’s excellent, but………).

I thought LSU was gonna struggle anyway with him anyway just because they were breaking in a new QB, and Les Miles’ luck would have ran out eventually because it did in January.

But this?

This is a huge blow.

LSU only has one guy in the defensive backfield who started last year (Eric Reid), and the rest are redshirt freshman. I mean, if you get through all of this with those guys in your back seven…. I’ll give you some credit. But, I just don’t see it now. Next year? Sure. This year? Nah.

Anyway, back to Mathieu.

I’m going to assume that Mathieu will be on an FCS school this year, then will be a 2nd round pick in the NFL due to my personal favorite, “Character” issues.

Nice job Tyrann. See you in April.



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