Swagga jackin a rival? Huh?

LOL Sark

Being a native of the Seattle Area, I can tell you already that the “Seattle Sports Fan” is the absolute worst sports fan in America. It’s no contest at all.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your team, Seattleites. But, for this sake of this blog, this will come from my perspective.

As a USC fan, the people in Seattle area have continued to attempt to ridicule the performance of the Trojans, and it’s kinda funny to me because I’m not concerned of a team who’s a scrub and will be a scrub for life.

Sure, UW beat USC in 2009 and 2010 (I was there in 2009, and it was a fluke. No Taylor Mays in the secondary, and Matt Barkley didn’t even play. Such a fluke. 2010 was real though, but it wasn’t a “dominant” USC team like past years.) and I’m sure it was awesome to compare yourself to one of the elite programs who was on the end of an era.

The UW Seattle Sports Fan sets high, unrealistic expectations for their season, and always continue to hype up their big time recruits and players to the max (See Jake Locker/Chris Polk/Kasen Williams). Sure, these guys are good players, great players. But there is no need to over hype these guys before they play a down. Trust me, as a fan of an Elite Program (USC is elite, and probably will be for a long long time), you learn to not over hype guys before they play a snap because you don’t know how good they’ll become. They might be full of shit (See Chris Galippo).

UW fans want their program to be USC or Oregon sooooooo bad that they’ll live to compare their status to both of them. I laugh when UW fans say they hate USC. Wanna know why? It’s quite simple. You have Steve Sarkisian, who’s under the same coaching tree as Lane Kiffin (Even though, Lane is a better recruiter who stole Max Browne from Sark’s backyard and possibly a better playcaller.) and you want him to run your program the same way Pete [Carroll]  ran USC. Easy.

Beating USC in 2010 was the best day of his life lmaaaaaaaaao

In the streets, you know what we call that? (I’m not really from the streets, I’m from the suburbs, bro)

We call this…….. Swagger jacking.

Yes, I said it.

You are simply attempting to copy USC’s run of dominance with a program who doesn’t have the right pieces to even be dominant. At least not on defense (UW’s offense is legit. Keith Price could make a run at the heisman if Sark knows what the hell he’s doing. Which I doubt. Because He’s Steve Sarkisian).

But this isn’t about USC and UW. USC isn’t a rival of Washington. In fact, nobody in SoCal would give 10 shits about Steve Sarkisian anymore, and that swagger jacking isn’t even that bad.

So where is this blog heading?

In 2009, three guys from the University of Oregon created a song after Oregon beat the living shit outta my Trojans (It was so bad, that I stood up and applauded Oregon’s performance that night) called “I smell Roses”or as most people called it, “I love my Ducks.”It was so legit, that this group (Supwitchugirl) made national news, and the homie Neil Everett was quoting it before the 2010 Rose Bowl.

So 2010, with Oregon returning most of it’s squad that went and lost the Rose Bowl to Ohio State (I had to take my shot at Oregon, it was too easy. Don’t kill me Duck fans, unlike most USC fans, I actually like you. I like you so much, I’ll probably be a Duck myself.), this group decides to make another song, which was a hit.

Now, it takes a lot to impress me as a music fan, but this song was so catchy that I was singing it. I’m singing it right now as I’m writing it. New year, new track, the return of the quack. So much victory.

Anyway, Supwitchugirl decides to make shirts, which are dope as hell.


Not only were these shirts cool, these three white dudes made liking Oregon kinda cool (Even though most of their fanbase didn’t watch football until 2005 but I’m sleep).

Now what does this shirt have to do with UW and the Seattle Sports fan?

As I’m scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed on a boring night, I see my friend Kathleen (we’ll call her kitty for this blog and it’s purposes) and her friends hanging out at some UW function, which I ignored because I don’t really care. As I scrolled down, I immediately scrolled back up and was like, “wait a minute… I’ve seen that shirt before, but in different colors. But where?” I then just ignored it and went on to play NCAA 13 like a boss.

The next day, I wake up, and I see the same shirt, and then it hits me:

Smh, such swagger jacking to the MAX

How in the hell do you take another school’s idea, and use it as your own to pass to other people?

What in the fuck UW?

Swagger jacking like this isn’t what we were created on earth to do, b.

If you wanted to make a shirt to say “I love my Dawgs,” Cool. I’m not going to stop you. I’m all for it. But if you’re gonna use the same exact font for the damn shirt……………………………. nah, get the fuck outta here b. How do you swagger jack from a rival?

I can understand trying to steal SC’s idea about how to run a program, but swagger jacking like this? Swagger jacking won’t help you win football games. It’ll make you look like a wack nigga, and the University of Washington is officially wack to me.

The Seattle Sports fan is probably the worst sports fan ever. Love a team, fine. Do whatever you want to do. But stop with the swagger jacking. Especially when the team you swagger jack is not only your rival, but they’ll kick your ass by 30 on the football field.

So, UW Seattle Sports Fan.

Fuck you and your thoughts for the remainder of the 2012 year.

You’ll get my respect back after USC beats your ass. Unless you to swagger jack Lane Kiffin’s playbook or something.




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