NBC, stop trolling us.

The Olympic season is probably the most exciting season in all of sports. I say this because it happens every four years and it’s awesome to see the US dominate all the events (All the EVENTSSSSSSSSSS). On a personal level, the Olympics brings my family a little closer together as we  get hyped for it, and we literally watch every event possible.  From Track and Field, to Swimming, to basketball, and to just rowing, my family gets down and watches it to just root for the US.

But NBC and their coverage has extremely ruined their coverage for me this summer (It’s the summer of Shaun Howard, you can’t ruin it for me).

Yes, Bob Costas, I’m speaking to you

(Side note on Bob Costas: This white dude hasn’t aged at all. I remember when I was 5 years old and he was doing the pre-game stuff for the NBA Finals in the mid 90s. I’m not sure how this white guy hasn’t aged. Is botox that type of shit for White America? I might have to ask sister Marie on this because if this is the case, god bless white women cougars all over the world, b.)

You know why NBC has ruined the olympics?

If you don’t know, I live in the Seattle area, and about an hour away from Canada. When I was younger and NBC was on their tape delay bullshit, my family would watch live events on the Canadian channel, not feeding into the bullshit NBC was giving us 8 hours after a got damn event happened (I’m dead serious, bro).

But now, Since NBC is out here saying that they want to be “the only place to show the Olympics in the US,” we get 15 hour tape delay (I live on the west coast, so it’s double tape delay. So much victory!!) bullshit.

The funny thing about the 2012 Olympics is that it’s not hard to show shit live, NBC.

London is like 12 hours ahead of us (I think) so, if you show some things live……. we see it in the morning and in the afternoon without any problems. But nope, they want to show “Michael Phelps compete in the 100m Butterfly in PRIMETIME” even though most folks already know who won (Phelps).


When ESPN can text me results of events, and Fox Sports can send me emails about events after they happen, and you want to show a Got damn promo about Phelps is going for Gold but only in “primetime,” I think it’s time for you to re-evaluate your Olympic coverage for life. Are ratings that important, NBC?

Seriously, are ratings that important?


I know what people are gonna say.

“Well, Shaun, you can watch it live online. It’s free, and it’s streaming all day.”

Nigga, why can’t they put this shit live on my grandparents TV?  Is it THAT hard to do a live coverage of the Olympics?

This is 2012, not 1992. In 1992, twitter/facebook wasn’t around where you could log in and see results. It’s 2012. Stop living in the got damn past.

That’s why I think NBC should give up their Olympic coverage to the only channel who always trolls us, but they show things live:

The mothership, ESPN.


ESPN spends so much time trolling us, that it’s not funny at all.

But I can tell you one thing:

ESPN wouldn’t show the Olympics on tape delay.

Let’s take this for example for ESPN’s outstanding coverage on oversea events:

ESPN has the British Open (Or as folks call it now, the The Open Championship. So many Zzzz’s to that name honestly, but I’m WIDE AWAKE) and they show their coverage live at 3 am in the morning for us West Coasters who can’t sleep.

ESPN shows things live, they don’t care about ratings (If they did, Jeff Van Gundy wouldn’t be calling NBA Final games)  and it’s the total sports network.

I mean, think about it NBC.

You lost the NBA to ABC/ESPN (which sucks, IMO and that started the downfall of NBC Sports. Especially since they have a football contract with Notre Dame. Lol). Are you afraid to lose the only thing that brings you money to ESPN?

I mean, ESPN and NBC can partner up for the Olympics. ESPN would get most of the viewer share because we shouldn’t see Bob Costas (ALL SCOTT VAN PELT EVERYTHING).

But NBC.

Here’s my message to you.

Stop trolling the United States of America.

Let ESPN take the Olympics from you.

It’ll benefit in the long run.

fuck your thoughts, Bob Costas



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