James Harden, MAAAAAN

Bearded one

James Harden is having a rough summer.

When I mean rough, I mean, not making a shot in the NBA Finals, losing a lot of money in the process, and being the butt of the jokes on Twitter. I try to stay out of Athlete slander on twitter because at the end of the day, they make more money than me. (You know, I’ve been blocked by at least 15 athletes, the most famous one being quarterback Mark Sanchez. Which is funny because one, I’m a USC fan. Two, I like the Jets, and three, it was over a underage girl he piped. That’s not my fault, at all.)

But after this play, James Harden is officially having the worst summer of his life.

I mean, at least don’t do the splits, James.

Is it that bad of a summer?

Being on a gold medal basketball team? (In arrogant fashion, I predict that we’ll win gold with no problems)

James, I’m disappointed right now.

No niggas from Nigeria should be doing this to us. I don’t care if Tony Skinn played for George Mason. I don’t care if he played in the final four on a miracle run that was awesome to watch in 2006. You are James Harden. 6th man of the Year. You’re going to make the NBA All-Star team next year. You don’t get crossed up that bad to do the splits.

Nigga…………. smh

And cut that damn beard James, it’s wack, nigga.

– Shaun


Mr. Harden takes to twitter to speak about this.


Blaming the floor and shoes?

LOL, shave the beard. Just do it.


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