Dj Khaled, why bro?

You know who I’m slowly starting to get fed up with?

Dj Khaled.

What a lame


For a guy who has a lot of “albums” with a bunch of rappers on them, you actually have to rap on them, not just have a bunch of rappers + Akon around rapping for you.

All Dj Khaled says (I’m not sure if says is the right word because he yells the same thing over and over in every song) “DJ Khaled, WE THE BEST, NIGGA, WE THE BEST.”

Then, he drops in while someone is rapping, and is all like, “Khaled, we the best.”

No comment

First off,

A “rapper” named Sean Puffy P.Diddy Puff Daddy Diddy Combs (I don’t know what he wants to be called anymore. Pretty soon, he’s gonna call himself Ciroc Obama. Oh wait, that lame ass nigga already did that back in 2008. Which was funny, but wack. But back to Khaled.) already has done this back in the mid 90s, and he, unlike you DJ Khaled, made it hot enough where folks like myself will just say “take that take that” for the fun of it while listening to Notorious B.I.G. (RIP biggie, talk to Craig Mack for me in heaven, oh wait, what?)

But now, Mr. Khaled, you’re attempting to steal the swag of a don. Well, Diddy isn’t a don. In fact, like I said before, Diddy is a wack nigga. But Khaled, you’re the wackest nigga ever.

I don’t understand how you can have an album when you don’t even rap on the album.

See, Diddy rapped on his albums. I mean, outside of D.I.D.D.Y. (produced by the god of gods Pharrell), his songs, let alone albums were terrible. The only reason folks listened to Diddy because he dance ridiculously stupid in videos, he created the biggest coonery on television when he did Making The Band, and he’s made all of his artists disappear into Narnia.

Dj Khaled?

You wanna hear DJ Khaled rap?

Just watch this video.


You hear how trash that was?

Don’t let the “yes men” in the room fool you.

Rick Ross was all hyped because he finally heard someone spit worse bars than himself. (When I typed that line, I grunted. 


I had to do some research on that song Mr. Khaled went and “spit” his wack bars, and the song was just as trash as his bars.


Who gave Khaled permission to say Nigga?

I mean, I thought you had to be at least a good enough non-black athlete, rapper, actor, etc within the black community to say this established word.

Last I checked, wack niggas aren’t cool.

How can you claim to have your own songs on your “albums” when your “albums” are a whole bunch of features?

That’s copyright. Wack nigga.

Khaled, I’m trying to help you prosper from not being a wack nigga. In fact, your wackness might have rubbed off on Ross (He was already wack anyway, but he’s terribly wack).

I mean, do you have to say the same things over and over on every song? Pharrell did a whole bunch of hits for Jay-Z and he didn’t come on saying the same shit. Timbaland has been doing this for years, and he doesn’t come on a record saying “TIMBO” on every damn track he happens to produce.

Dj Khaled is basically a wack version of Swizz Beatz. Both are lames, but Swizz is currently piping Alicia Keys, so I’m not even gonna debate this, and therefore, Swizz Beatz can be wack.

A.I. is shocked b

Uncle Joey is telling you to cut it out DJ Khaled.

He’s not the only one though.

As  a fan of music, I’m telling you to cut it out.

Give it up.

Produce the song.

Stop yelling “WE THE BEST.” It’s we’re the best. Or, we are the best, nigga.

I’m just trying to help you Dj.

Wait, what?



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