Tomorrow, it’s finally March.

March 1st is tomorrow.

I repeat, March 1st is tomorrow.

March = basketball. Basketball, and more basketball.

But it’s the end of Black History Month.

A month that I hate.

See, being black, everyone assumes that I like that shit.


Hate it.

Anyway, what’s the point of this blog?

This year might of been the worst black history month of all-time.

Black people don’t want to prosper.

Maybe because I’m on twitter all the time, but the foolery I see from black people scares me.

Did Martin Luther King Jr. really get beat down for us to be like this?

There is no way a month can be this bad as February was. Black people took so  many L’s.

Think about it:

Beating each other up for shoes. Ugly ones at best.

Dressing up their babies as a pepsi bottle.

Jaheim and his purple suit.

Nicki Minaj’s terrible and I mean, terrible performance at the Grammy’s.

Lil Wayne.

Chris Brown.

Whitney Houston dies suddenly.

Lebron James decides to just stop being aggressive in the 4th quarter with 15 seconds of an All=Star Game, let alone causing his stans to once again, attack folks (not me, I don’t care) who thinks the game didn’t matter (when obviously it did since he was trying to win the game for the EAST with his performance) and that others were at fault (Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Dwyane Wade, etc).

Then this:

No words.

I was gonna speak about Joe Budden,

but why talk about someone who hasn’t really been relevant since 2003 and probably makes the same amount of money as myself which is…. 3 dollars an hour?

#KoldGame Joe, #KoldGame.

So, yes.

Tomorrow is March 1st.

Black people, let’s prosper for the rest of the year, please and thank you.

Bron, that means you too.

I want you to prosper also.

But if you don’t,

it’s okay.

Your stans will blame Chris Bosh.