Long days.

Be aware that I’m half sleep, and this might look ugly.

It’s been a long ass day.

When I mean long, I mean, everything just went by slow.

Plus, it doesn’t help that school begins for me tomorrow morning.

I might pass out in my geology class most likely.

But hey, Winter Break was worth the extra hours staying up, not doing anything…. right?

I’m just glad that I’m with my roommates again.

It’s really like old times around here.

Jokes on jokes on jokes.

In a sense, I probably missed my roomies more than most of my friends when I went back home for break.


I don’t understand females.

Well, I don’t understand this female.

I think she knows that I know so she’s avoiding me like I have swine flu. (If that makes sense.)

I mean, I’m straight with it. I’ll still be friends with you and all that shit, but damn.

It’s not hard to either A) text somebody back or B) just say you don’t want me texting you.

But I digress.


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