It’s been awhile.

I’ve been busy with school these past couple of weeks.

Too much work and not enough time to do anything else. 

I said I wasn’t gonna talk about sports on here, but I might as well just get my two cents on the national title game in College Football.

I’ll break that game down, well some of it (I only saw part of it) in another post tonight, or maybe tomorrow.



Long days.

Be aware that I’m half sleep, and this might look ugly.

It’s been a long ass day.

When I mean long, I mean, everything just went by slow.

Plus, it doesn’t help that school begins for me tomorrow morning.

I might pass out in my geology class most likely.

But hey, Winter Break was worth the extra hours staying up, not doing anything…. right?

I’m just glad that I’m with my roommates again.

It’s really like old times around here.

Jokes on jokes on jokes.

In a sense, I probably missed my roomies more than most of my friends when I went back home for break.


I don’t understand females.

Well, I don’t understand this female.

I think she knows that I know so she’s avoiding me like I have swine flu. (If that makes sense.)

I mean, I’m straight with it. I’ll still be friends with you and all that shit, but damn.

It’s not hard to either A) text somebody back or B) just say you don’t want me texting you.

But I digress.



What an interesting day where I had room to actually do activities!  (Stepbrothers reference if you have NO idea what I mean.) 

It kinda sucked at first because I had to say goodbye to my best friend, and it’s weird because Jared and I didn’t really become real real close until about freshman year. But when I need something in life, just someone to talk to, whether it’s about life, or sports, or just anything, he’s always there for me.

And now, he’s gone. For a couple of months. Like, I’ve talked to Jared everyday for the past 3 years. Of all of the friends I have in the world, he’s probably the closest one I’ll have for life. 

Anyway, After going to see him, I decided to hit up the gym to shoot some hoops. Playing basketball in a gym is a real peaceful place for me just to clear my head about this stupid ass girl situation, and other things. 

I really wish I was 6’2 in high school. Like, being somewhat tall seeing how I was a small 5’11 kid for all my four years. I mean, If I were 6’2 as a sophomore or junior in high school, I’d be playing college basketball right now. 

Real talk. 

I’m not even saying that because I think I’m good or shit, but damn, I think I can play with anybody. 

Most guys love playing with me. 


Because they call me the #PointGod

Yes, you read that right. 


Make or miss, I usually push the tempo, throw long passes, and guys get layups…. except for the last game we played, which was a loss.

This white dude, god blessed him, missed 3 straight layups after I fed him, then I somehow missed the game-winner with the ball going halfway down, then some dude hits a jumper on the white dude. 

I’ve never been so frustrated in a game in my life, but it’s all right.

It’s for fun. 

But after that, 

watched some of the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl on a day where College Football truly shined. 

As a USC fan, I know we’re on probation, but I love the sport. 

But even after having a good day,

I can’t get my mind off of this girl.

It sucks that she likes another guy who’s in a relationship, and she happens not to tell me, but I guess that’s how the ball works. 


I mean, it’s one of those things where things happen, but oh well. I just wish she would of told me instead of me having some type of feelings for her.

But that’s the way the game works.

One of these days, 

something might go right for me.