USC fans confuse me.

The USC Trojans are 10-2, a fringe top ten team heading into a bye week after beating their crosstown rivals on Saturday night.   USC clinched a spot in the Pac-12 Championship Game already by winning the south division two Saturday afternoons ago  in a weird game in the place where The Chainsmokers claimed their ex had roommates from in that one song (We ain’t ever getting older).

USC should* win the Pac-12 championship. . As a fan, I say should because conference title games are tricky, but USC is playing the best in one of the worst conferences right now, and they have the best roster, although Stanford and Washington State could give problems.

This season, a lot of USC fans have made me angrier than I should be.  I for one predicted 10-2 or 11-1 (show tweet) in January because when I saw the schedule, I saw at least two losses at most because of the bye week, and the placement of how USC had to travel to Pullman on a Friday night, then play Notre Dame in South Bend as they would come off a bye week after playing a physical Utah team. It was obvious. Shit happens.

The word “fan” is short for “fanatic.” USC fans whine more than any other fanbase in college athletics. Here’s a team that’s 10-2, yes. Playing their best ball as of late, and yet – these fans think that everybody should be fired. Why should everybody be fired on the staff for? Because they aren’t going to reach the playoff? That’s why Clay Helton should be fired?

I know. I complain a lot about USC (I haven’t this season as much because unlike you guys, I’m actually happy with how they’ve played this season outside of the Notre Dame game). This is outrageous and over the top.

USC isn’t a perfect team. Nobody in college football is, though. USC has flaws on offense and that starts with the golden boy quarterback (although the golden boy has been really good as of late). Word.

USC takes lapses off in games. Okay. Clay Helton is still green as a coach, same with Tee Martin as offensive coordinator. Cool.

That means we need to fire a coaching staff that has been successful in the 2+ years Helton has been head coach?

USC has won games ugly this year. It’s been strange but it reminds me of the Pete Carroll seasons, too. You know, the days these guys want so badly. It’s weird because when I was 16, I would act the same way most of these fans do. Spoiled. Can’t understand how great winning actually is. The ugly, comeback wins that USC has had would not have happened when Kiffin or Sarkisian were coaching.

Remember 2014 and the meltdowns that occurred that season. I do. I remember staying up late watching the Utah game and seeing Sark and his legion fold under pressure.

Remember 2012 and how USC lost a game to Arizona and Kiffin blamed Matt Barkley’s incompletion pass in Tucson (Kiffin played the blink 182 song and beat it to death there)  just because his face screamed PANIC? Remember losing the Mexico Sun Bowl on New Year’s Eve?

Lane Kiffin praying for a miracle
Yall wanna go back to this?!??!?

I think we need to examine the state of the program right now, and how good we really have it.

Why are you so angry over this team, and coaching staff? Are you angry over a winning record because they didn’t beat a team 45-0 on Saturday? Are you mad at they lost two games to take themselves out of playoff contention, then mad at that people won’t place them into consideration for it? I’m struggling to see where there is a problem.

USC starts games off slow, sure. As the game goes along, they play better. Pete’s teams – the guy you all clamor for still has his teams play the same way in their peak.

ronald jones ii colorado
(Nov. 10, 2017 – Source: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images North America

It’d be one thing if USC was 5-4, struggling to win the south when they clearly have the best talent. But when everybody in the conference cannibalized each other yet again, there’s no need to complain. Yes, I love national championships. It’s been ages since USC has gotten one.

That being said, we can agree that program is back to contending for championships, right? This is the first time in almost 9 years USC has put themselves with the opportunity to win the conference. The last time they won this conference, it was still the Pac-10.

Pete’s mantra was “Own the Rose Bowl.” He always stated about how it was important to win the conference and get to the Rose Bowl. Yeah, I know. Pasadena is hosting the playoff game so USC won’t be there this season. But what’s wrong with a possible trip to Arizona?


Look man, all I’m saying is – enjoy this shit. 10-2 with no bye weeks until Thanksgiving week is really a great season. 

If they go 11-2, win the conference title and end up in a New Year’s Day six bowl game, why are we as a fanbase supposedly to be mad? I know Clay wasn’t yalls first choice. He definitely wasn’t mine. But you know what? He beat my first choice in Seattle last year. Helton’s isn’t perfect, but outside of Nick Saban, who really is?

Whether some of you like it or not, the program has improved this year. Last year, they were 9-3 and got into the Rose Bowl due to Washington drumming Colorado in the conference title game. Now? They control their own destiny. 

Be patient. Calm down. Drink a beer. The national championship seasons will come. Fight On.   



some quiet weekend, huh?

curry, bron and two assholes
two of these folks are currently my presidents

Let me address this early. This is primarily a sports blog with some other things (ProsperSeason4 is coming next year), and I do try to stick to sports. I’m not this political science major and thank god I’m not. However, I do have a voice and I believe that it should be heard. This is my third time writing about Donald Trump. Once in November, last month and now this one.

Most of this is humorous because why wouldn’t it be? I try not to pay him attention but it’s like a bad movie that’s supposed to be this love story but turns into a comedy film in the middle of it (Everything, Everything. Watch it drunk. It’s funnier). He should be proud since provides great material for everyone to joke about – until we realize this isn’t a joke.

If you’re already annoyed by this, you can stop reading here and sub me on Facebook because you’re so tired of everybody talking about the reality television show titled America. It’ll only make you get uncomfortable from here.

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Kyrie’s Petty SZN.

Kyrie Irving is a petty genius.

Yes, you read that correctly. Contrary to everybody’s opinion from social media, I like Kyrie Irving. Even though he only played 3 games at Duke, he still went to Duke (smh). His shoes are dope. His one trick pony of being a consistent scorer at the NBA level is at a god-level. Irving’s ability to score the basketball and create shots for himself is at a level that not a lot of NBA players have, especially when his jersey is not tucked in (Kyrie not having his jersey tucked in is on the levels of hoodie Melo).

Is he the best point guard in the NBA? Hell nah. I don’t believe he’s in the top 5 (Curry, Paul, Westbrook, Wall, Lowry are mine. Fight me, please) at that position as his ability to impact others so far in his career is not what it should be, but that’s okay.

Kyrie Irving is absolutely fed up and I’m here for it. Irving went on First Take yesterday and had one of the most interesting interviews I’ve seen. It was like watching myself answer questions when my family members ask if I’m in a relationship. I have no idea why he went on national television to hardly talk, but trolling Stephen A. and Max Kellerman is A-OK with me. Smith asked Irving if he talked to Lebron about his trade request, and Irving said “no” in the most blunt version I’ve hear from an athlete. He then went on and controlled the entire conversation as it’s clearly obvious that Irving was tired of playing basketball with Lebron James.

After the Warriors dominated the Cavaliers in the finals (it was not as close as Richard Jefferson stated, although game 3 was a classic), a lot of news reports jumped out about Kyrie, his abilities, and his role on the Cavs. He was seen as a great number 2 guy with an all-time great and perhaps, he felt overlooked. Requesting a trade is one thing. Kyrie’s favorite player growing up was retired shooting guard #8/#24 who did this in the 2007 off-season. Doing it after 3 straight NBA finals while winning a title and hitting the biggest jumpshot in Cleveland Cavaliers history was strange to most fans. I however, understand where Kyrie Irving is coming from.

James’ uncertainty to his future in Cleveland due to him signing with the Lonzo Ball Lakers next season seems like reasons that Irving claiming that he wanted to take his “own path” and to “grow as a player,” which is understandable and agreeable. Irving yesterday seemed at peace with him being as the newest member of the Celtics.

Most sport fans hate that NBA players have control of their legacies. Most of us grew up in an era where one great player just stayed with the same team for 15 to 20 years (Kobe, Dirk, Duncan) and retired there not realizing that organizations have the ability to trade and cut whoever they want to (loyality is overrated, btw). The current trend is that some players often leave their markets to go win championships (Lebron, KD) because most of us harp on the fact that it’s all about “ringzzzz” (which is not true, btw) and legacies.

Irving DID NOT need to inform James of his decision to be traded. I bet you Lebron was not going to inform him that he would be leaving to join the Lonzo Lakers next year leaving Irving, who signed an extension days before Lebron decided to write how he was “coming home” again in 2014. Personally, I believe that people are making this a big deal because he left Lebron and most likely a trip to the NBA Finals to lose to the death star Warriors in either 4 or 5 games.

James is seen as this great teammate (and he is cause he got James Jones paid for 7 straight years to sit on the bench) but for a player like Kyrie who also needs the ball in his hands to also be productive, this makes sense. Irving said he wants to be a “point guard” again. Irving wanted a new change of scenery, which leads me to ask… “what happened between the end of the NBA Finals and before Kyrie’s china trip with Nike?” Is it a personal? Who knows.

I am 100% here for savage and condescending Kyrie Irving. Who cares about the end result of his career or legacy? He’s 25 years old, and already has a title under his belt. Will it work out in Boston? Who knows, let alone who cares? I can tell you that taking a risk and lucking up becoming a member of a legendary franchise in this trade is a win for him, and a win for the NBA’s petty warz.

Opening night. Cavs vs Celtics. PETTY IRVING. I can’t wait.



…Stanford is “soft.” + memories of the infamous 2006 Rose Bowl

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog that was titled, “I think USC is back.” I meant every word in that blog knowing that USC’s schedule is one of the toughest but given how great Sam Darnold finished last season and knowing the returning starters on defense. I figured USC could make a playoff run, although the schedule is tricky and the lack of having a bye week could mean being worn down by November.

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I think USC is back. No I’m serious.


To some, I’m the resident USC Trojans football fan. This whole “actually being a fan” of a team for longer than 1 year is weird to some. Being a USC fan the last 7 years has been stressful. Probation. Lane Kiffin. Steve Sarkisian. It was like Pat Haden had zero clue how to be a competent Athletic Director. Now? Everything is all roses (you see what I did there).

The beginning of last season was tough. I remember when USC blew a 4th quarter lead to Utah. I told my boy Jake that I was “done.” No seriously, I was over it. The last 3 years have been nothing but blown leads and potential. My USC breakdowns on Facebook have been a sight to behold. Everybody rushes to Facebook to see if I’ve had a mental breakdown or if I’m just there to brag (I know the folks in Seattle want my head after Darnold and Co went to Husky Stadium and ruined their perfect season). It’s an honor to rant about Clay Helton every Saturday and banter with everyone, honestly. I should probably relax this year. But I won’t… unless my mom tells me to.

The last time USC played an actual football game was January 2nd. I was there in the USC endzone at the Rose Bowl watching Sam Darnold become a legend while seeing Trace Mcsorley throw one of the worst passes of all-time, then watching former kicker Matt Boermeester (what an idiot, man) kick the game-winner. It all happened in the span of 15 minutes. Riveting to watch. Rose Bowl wins are fun (It was USC’s 25th rose bowl win in 32 appearances). Being there was amazing. Listening to conquest play for 20 minutes straight with tears in your eyes knowing that your squad might be back is sensational. It’s been a long road for the USC program. Shoutout to Paul Dee.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California

Flash forward to 8 months. The USC hype has been really…. strange. It began when I was in LAX the day after the Darnold Miracle. I had a USC shirt on and this random guy comes up to me saying “So National Title next year?” I laughed it off because in my head, I’m thinking “dude, USC just scored 17 unanswered 12 hours ago, let’s enjoy this,” but it being 8 month ago, it’s wild. I forgot how it feels to actually be excited for a season to unfold. The last time I was very excited for a USC football season was back in 2008. Oddly enough, that was the last time I thought USC could also win the entire thing (Oregon State smh). That was when Mark Sanchez wasn’t known for the butt fumble and when Sarkisian was known as this hot commodity because of his “offensive mind.”

Everybody already knows about Sam Darnold. However, I expect Rojo 2.0. (salute to the original ROJO, Ronald Johnson) to break out and have a monster season due to everybody focusing on Sam. The defense will be led by Preseason All-Americans Cameron Smith and Iman “Biggie” Marshall. I expect the defense to be a hell of a lot better than it was last year being that its in the 2nd year of a system.  It’s a beautiful thing to see all of the talent (youth and veterans) come together.


But back to the hype. I hate how my team is being hyped. Not in this “I think we’re gonna fail” hype. But in the “holy ****, are they that good?” type of hype. It’s funny because 10 years ago, I would be “hell yeah, we’re good and better than you.” After the probation and the loss of scholarships, I forgot what this feels like. Them having the possibility of being this good is weird, but yet, it feels right.

I’ve been reading this stuff about Darnold and I’m nervous for him. Three offensive lineman are gone (two were All-Conference and All-Americans). Other than Deontay Burnett and Daniel Imatorbhebhe, most of these guys are talented but haven’t played a down yet. Maybe he’ll struggle a bit this year. He’s only started in 10 games. He’s really great. Trust me. I’ve seen the arm talent in person and it’s ridiculous. However, let’s temper the expectations with him. That includes myself too. Luckily in these interviews that I read and hear him speak, he doesn’t seem fazed by it. He seems ready for the spotlight.


I keep it to a unbiased perspective when it comes to USC. Last year, I thought they’d go 8-4. They went 10-3 and won the Rose Bowl. I was close enough. If they didn’t start 1-3, they probably would have won the Pac-10+2 and play in the playoff, given how difficult their schedule was. This year, without a bye week, it gets tricky. Injuries could pile up and they could be done by November. September is a tough stretch with 3 ranked opponents (Stanford, Texas, Washington State) and a very tough Western Michigan squad. I don’t include Cal because the University of California hasn’t beaten a USC team since I was in the 6th grade (That was Matt Leinart’s 3rd or 4th start, I believe). I still don’t know if Clay Helton is a good coach, but I feel better about him calling the shots more than I did last year at this time.

APTOPIX Rose Bowl Football
Southern California wide receiver Deontay Burnett catches a touchdown pass in front of Penn State safety Marcus Allen during the second half of the Rose Bowl NCAA college football game Monday, Jan. 2, 2017, in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Am I nervous as a fan? Hell yeah, I am. I really think this could be the year but the schedule does this team no favors. Nice job, Larry Scott. I’ll say it here though; if USC goes undefeated in September, there is a great chance that they’ll be in the Pac-10+2 title game. They could be back in Pasadena for the playoff game January 1st and I’ll most likely be in attendance (maybe my mom will pay for my ticket this time…kidding, kidding) again.

daniel imambee whatever his last name is

I’m so excited to see this squad play all fall. It’ll be a fun season, at least I hope so. I think USC is back. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks. I believe in Sam. I believe in Clay Helton. I believe in Tee. I believe in Clancy. What a difference a year makes. The optimism is high. Prove that you’re back. Win the conference. Get back to Pasadena. FTFO. Beat the Broncos.